Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Trials will be starting soon

The Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog and Montana Open Shooting Championships may be the first but there are many trials that will take place in the Northern States and a few Provinces in Canada in August and Sept.

Look for the results here on Field Trial Central.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

2008 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invtational Video-A Reveiw

I just finished the video of the 2008 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational CH video. I am very impressed with the quality of the work understanding how difficult it is to get footage of bird dogs in action especially considering the fact that the trial takes place in the woods. It is definitely a must in the bird dog lovers and field trialers collection.

The 2008 GNC Invitational Video's have arrived.They are by far Ryan's best effort to date.They are 30 dollars with a large portion being donated to the Izaak Holtan Scholarship Fund and the rest going to the William Harden Foster Award.If interested in purchasing one send check made out to :WHFoster Award,96 Chasehill Rd.Ashaway RI,02804.Once check is recieved we will mail out video.There will only be a limited number of videoes available so get them before they are gone.......John Stolgitis, Treasurer WH Foster Award

Your order will be appreciated by the Foster Award, The Scholarship Fund and yourself.

Bill Holtan

Synopsis of AFTCA Annual Meeting

The Trustees of the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc. met in Pittsburgh, PA, Saturday, June 6. The following is a symposis of the meeting. A full copy of the minutes can be obtained at this office when they have been completed.

Various committee reports were delivered. The Secretary Search Committee to find a replacement for the secretary which will be selected at the next annual meeting has been expanded to all officers (adding Jim Crouse, Preston Trimble and Torben Hansen) in addition to Mike Peretto, John Milton and Michael Shears. President Peretto gave an update on what the committee had done thus far including the notices printed in the American Field.

John Milton gave the financial report stating that the organization was in good stable financial securities and had shown an increase in a tough financial market. Secretary Hunt reported for the Print Project program that the first of Eli Richardson's paintings, "There Go the Birds" was complete and that all prints were still available.

Jim Crouse updated the group on the Bass Pro Clinics in connection with out corporate agreement with them. He asked for volunteers to conduct seminars for the up coming year. Frank LaNasa gave the insurance report stating that we were able to reduce our premiums by 10% for the upcoming year and all our carriers were sound financially.

The question was raised as to the definition of "immediate family" in the case of co-owned. A motion made that the Board should be petitioned in some cases and was to be dealth with on face value of the situation. This rule passed.

The first item of new business was the motion to approve models of the Garmin dog recovery unit. The rule was changed to read "All components and collar attached to the dog's neck shall weigh no more then 9oz. ****A list of rules regarding use will be printed at the end of this synposis.

Dr. Pat McInteer made a motion as follows: The judges and reporter of a major field trial whih overlaps another trial, in which such judge or reporter wishes to compete,may be held out of the drawing untile that trial being judged is completed. Twenty four hours of travel time may be allowed after completion of the trial being judged. This ruling is not mandatory and the decision as to whether to follow this procedure rests solely with the field trial drawing committee (president and secretary). This motion passed.

A peteiton was received from Dr. Aubry Morgan and Barbel Fetkoter, Arcanum Kennels, wherby Barbel be considered a member of the immediate family. The motion was passed.

Region 1 Trustee, Eli Richardson, presented evidence that Richard Frisella, Peace Dale, RI, had accepted a check for handling a dog co-owned by him and someone other than his immedicate family. The Trustees voted that he had violated his amateur status and must wait a period of three years before he reapply for reinstatement. The date the check was accepted was May 3, 2008. All amateur wins subsequent to that date will be null and void.

Region 6 has not had enough clubs (51) for the last three years to warrant three Trustees. They petitioned the Board for a two year extension to try to bring the number of clubs back in line to justify the third Trustee. This extension was granted.

The requests for Twentieth Century Fund grants was presented. A total of requests amounted to $60,207. The total to be awarded waas $20,000. The list of grants included in the motion for acceptance is listed below

In the open meeting after a recap of the Trustees meeting Secretary Hunt gave a few words in behalf of Dr. Jack Huffman, the retiring Trustee from Region 6, and presented President Peretto with appreciation for his efforts and presented him with a plaque.

The following Trustees wer elected; Eli Richardson, Region 1; Gary Winall, Region 3; Jim Crouse Region 4; Stan Howton, Region 5, David Williams, Region 6; and Frank Lansas, Region 19.

In the following Trustees executive session the slate of officers was presented as follow: John Milton, Jr., President; Preston Trimble, 1VP; Jim Crouse, 2nd VP, Torben Hansen, 3VP and Linda Hunt, secretary-treasurer.

****Please be apprised that the Garmin Astro is not approved in Canada where it is illegal to sell it or use it. Its unapproved output (5 watts) interferes with channels not approved for civilian use. Fines for individuals are $25,00, with possible additional confiscation of property including automobiles.

Twentieth Century Funds Grants were approved as follows:
Continental Amateur $2,000
Clarksville P&S Club 500
Northwest Field Assn 1,000
Ames Amateur 1,000
Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit 1,000
Holler Point Field Trial 1,000
Withlacoochee Field Trial Club 500
English Setter Club of America 1,000
North Carlina Field Trial Assn 1,000
Field Trial Sportsmans Assn 2,500
Assn of Virginia Field Trial Clubs 500
Georgia Field Trial Assn 2,000
Volunteer State Field Trial Club 1,000
Alabama Field Trial Club 500
Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club 1,000
Ontario Bird Dog & Conservation 1,000
Field Trial Clubs of Illinois 2,000
Iowa Brittany Club 500

****Dog recovery unit rules.

1. AFTCA Approved-Only recovery devices approved by the AFTCA will be allowed for use at Pointing Dog events. The collar and receiver must be used as received from the manufacturer. No modifications may be made to the collar other than a name tag may be added. The collar must have a flat sufrace againstthe dog's neck.

2. No receivers carried by the handler and scout-The handler and scout may not carry a receiver. If they choose to bring their receivers on course, they must give the receivers to the judges or someone the judges have selected to carry the receivers.

3. Receivers in the gallery must be turned off-All receivers carried in the gallery, including those in the judge's possession must be turned off. No one in the gallery shall track the dogs while the dogs are under judgment.

4. No "outside" communications-No one shall comminicate in any manner with the handler, scout, judges or gallery and information obtained through the use of a recovery device while the dogs are under judgment.

5. A dog's receiver may only be used once the dog is no longer under judgment-A dog's receiver shall only be activated once judgment has concluded. If the dogs is gone at time, the dog is still under judgment until the judges indicate otherwise or the handler requests the recovery unit.

6. Dogs lost from previous braces-If a dog is lost from a previous brace, the handler or the designee may use the receiver during the next brace solely for the purpose of locating their dog. Once the dog is located they must immediately turn off the receiver. They must not communicate any infomration they obtain through the use of their reciever concerning the dogs currently under judgment.

7. The use of a recovery collar is an elective by the handler and it is the handler's responsibility to furnish the device. The running of a stake shall not be held up due to lack of a recovery device.

8. Two collar rule-A dog may wear no more than two collars. All collars shall be worn on the dog's neck. If the handler elects to use a recovery collar, it shall remain on the dog during the entire time the dog is under judgment.

9. The use of a recovery derice is at the descretion of the host club.

10. The judge may, at their discretion, have the option to select the receiver frequency.

11. All components, including the collar, shall not exceed nine (9) ounces.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AFTCA Approves the Garmin for use in Amatuer Field Trials

According to reports coming out of the AFTCA Annual Meeting, the trustees have approved the Garmin Astro for use in Field Trials. The exact rules and regs will come out in the upcoming months.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New blog for news from the Field Trial World

This new site will be a home to up to the minute news with results from the major trials and championships around the country. We will be looking for and posting results from Major circuit All Age and Shooting Dog Championships, Regional and National Amateur Championships All Age, Shooting Dog and Walking, Grouse Trial Championships along with walking Championships from US Complete, NBHA and ABHA. We would welcome and post results from any other classics or National Championship qualifiers too. This is a site that will depend on the help and contributions of The Field Trial community.

Anything from just the placements to a full writeup with pictures will be welcomed. There is so much happening in the field trial world on a daily basis starting with the prairie trials the site should be able to keep updated often.

Thanks for you interest and please email me with any suggestions.

Bill Holtan