Monday, August 31, 2009

Barnhill Bird Dog Club

The Barnhill Bird Dog Club ran a prairie trial near Timberlake SD, The All Age and All Age Derby have been completed so far. Here are the placements in those stakes.

All Age Derby

1st Blackhawk's Dot PF Keith Hickham

2nd Pete PM Owned by Mac Winningham handled by Jim Michaletz

3rd Southwind's Jetset Drifter SF Owned by Mike Eades handled by Jim Michaletz

All Age

1st Dent PM Owned by Michaletz/Winningham handled by Michaletz

2nd Dot PF Brad Harter

Open Shooting Dog and Shooting Dog Derby will run Tommorrow.

Dakota Sask OSD Championship Draws 30 shooting dogs and 13 derbies.

Running will begin on Sunday Sept 6th at 7:30 am from the Bill Holtan Farm North of Kensal, ND

1) Gypsy’s Elhew Hannah PF Williams
Attitude’s Tornado PF Manns
2) Ace Freehley PM Kinkelaar
Ole Knutson PM Dack
3) Mom’s Apple Pie PF Williams
Doc’s Sixgun PM Beeler
4) Jayhawk PM Kinkelaar
Hytest Spymaster SM Tande
5) Hot Topic PF Kinkelaar
Quicksilver Quickfire PM Beeler
6) Nella’s Runnin Tab PM Kinkelaar
Hawthorne Big Shooter PM Tande
7) Four River’s Commander PM Kinkelaar
Hawthorn Bo Jack PM Tande
8) Street Sense PM Williams
Billy Jackson SM Dack
9) Merrihill’s Dakota PF Kinkelaar
Comeback Dally RSF Williams
10) Merrihill’s Carolina PF Kinkelaar
Knockout Rose PF Williams
11) Four River’s Covergirl PF Kinkelaar
Noon’s Citation PM Beeler
12) Elhew Hannabell PF Kinkelaar
Butch Cassidy SM Holtan
13) Offlee Amazin PM Kinkelaar
Mesaba Iron PM Dack
14) Dogwood Meg PF Kinkelaar
Hawthorn Kate PF Tande
15) Fibbers Molly McGee PF Kinkelaar
Burrow’s Primeline PM Williams

Sunday, August 30, 2009

All American Shooting Dog Championship

The All American Shooting Dog Championship drew 62 dog in the Championship along with 15 in the companion derby. The trial will begin Monday morning August 31st at the Stewart Ranch south of Carson, ND.

Running Order

1 Masterhawk PM Dean Lord
1 Elhew Hannabell PF S Kinkelaar

2 Cassique's Low Rider PM Doug Ray
2 Hilton Stinson PF C Morton

3 Crouch's Serendipity PF Doug Ray
3 Ace Freely PM S Kinkelaar

4 Barbaro SM Doug Ray
4 Hawthorn Big Shooter PM Jim Tande

5 Ochlocknee Kawk PM C Morton
5 Hardup Road Jessie PF Doug Ray

6 Sunnyhill Hawk PM Walthall
6 Bridges Lake Pat PF Ray

7 Cassique's Bohicket PM Ray
7 Hytest Spymaster SM Jim Tande

8 Doca's Sixgun PF Scott Beeler
8 Dogwood Meg PF Shawn Kinkelaar

9 Fibber's Molly McGee PF Shawn Kinkelaar
9 Smarty Smith SM D Ray

10 Street Sense PM Jason Williams
10 Tenacious Tucker SM Larry Brutger

11 Four Rivers Commander PM Shawn Kinkelaar
11 Appalachian Belle PF JC Turner

12 Hot Topic PF Shawn Kinkelaar
12 Ground Control PM C Morton

13 Noon's Citation PM Scott Beeler
13 Four River's Covergirl PF Shawn Kinkelaar

14 Lindsey PF Dean Lord
14 Clyde PM D Ray

15 Ridge Creek Jake SM Larry Brutger
15 Hawthorn Kate PF Jim Tande

16 Merrihill Carolina PF Shawn Kinkelaar
16 Blachhawk Breeze PF Dean Lord

17 Jayhawk PM Bob Walthall
17 Nella's Running Tab PM Shawn Kinkelaar

18 Hawthorn BoJack PM Jim Tande
18 Leo's Anna SF D Ray

19 A Tarheel Andy PM JC Turner
19 Big Hawk PM Dean Lord

20 Iguana Patch PM JC Turner
20 Angus PM D Ray

21 Starhawk PF Walthall
21 A Tarheel Covergirl PF JC Turner

22 A Tarheel Sweetlick PF JC Turner
22 Offlee Amazin PM Shawn Kinkelaar

23 Blackwiley PM Dean Lord
23 Go For Broke SM Doug Ray

24 Rock Acre Blackbelt PM Dean Lord
24 Dream Hawk PF Shawn Kinkelaar

25 Knockout Rose PF Jason Williams
25 My Mustang Sally PF Doug Ray

26 Merrihill Dakota PF Shawn Kinkelaar
26 Mule Creek Priceless SM Dean Lord

27 Comeback Dally RSF Jason Williams
27 Affirm SM Doug Ray

28 Windtalker SM Doug Ray
28 Gypsy's Elhew Hannah PF Jason Williams

29 Quick Marksmans Sportster PM JC Turner
29 Mom's Apple Pie PF Jason Williams

30 Blackhawk Tex PM Dean Lord
30 Burrow's Primeline PM Jason Williams

31 Crimson Hawk PM Dean Lord
31 Quicksilver Quickfire PM Scott Beeler

Derby Running Order

1 Dixie PF Shawn Kinkelaar
1 Beeler's Souful Strut PM Beeler

2 June PF Shawn Kinkelaar
2 Bullet PF JC Turner

3 Butch PM Shawn Kinkelaar
3 Ruby PF Williams

4 Bo PM Shawn Kinkelaar
4 Tuffy RSF Williams

5 Dottie PF Shawn Kinkelaar
5 Sir PF Napier

6 Sunny PM Morton
6 Deuce PM Shawn Kinkelaar

7 Ridge Creek Cody SM Larry Brutger
7 Trixy SF Williams3

8 Dude PM Shawn Kinkelaar

Saturday, August 29, 2009

US Chicken Championship Conludes

Strut, pointer male handled by Tommy Davis was named champion at the US Chicken Championship near Kennebec, SD. Richie Robertson handled the runner up Just N Time. The Derby Concluded also. My reports there are not as clear although I do know that Scott Jordan handled the winner, Sean Derrig handled the 2nd place dog, Erin's Whiskey River.

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship

Hawthorn Kate Pointer female emerged as the winner in the Montana Open SD Championship for her very proud handler, Jim Tande. Kate is co-owned by Jim Tande and Dan Miller this is kates second championship to go along with a couple of runner up championships. Shawn Kinkelaar handled Nella's Running Tab to the runner up spot based on a six find performance in this prestigious wild bird trial.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All American Championship

Reports are in from Kennebec SD. Sources report Billy Wayne Morton handled Mac's Memphis May to the top spot the reports are still a bit fuzzy but I believe that the trainer from the Abigail Plantation handled the runner up.

The US Chicken Championship got kicked off this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Region 14 ASD CH Concludes.

Reports I have received from Circle Montana, the site of the 2009 Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, are that Herd Hills Queen Mary handled by John Neeley was named champion and last years champion, Bridges Lake Pat was named runner up for handler Tim Moore, this was a large field of competitors which saw 65 dogs drawn for this great trial.

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship

The Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship drew 43 dogs in the Championship and will start after lunch on Tues 8/25/09. The Region 14 will conclude just before lunch on Tuesday the 25th. Don't have running orders as they drew them at the bar in Circle last night and communication was fuzzy at best.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

The Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship starts today officially kicking off the 2009-2010 field trial season. They had the drawing last night night and drew 65 dogs. This large field has caused the Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship starting date to be pushed back one day.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Group of Field Trial HOF Inductees

Reports have surfaced around the web, and now has been confirmed on The American Field Web site that the new inductees have been selected.


Calico's Thrillogy

War Storm


John Ray Kimbrell

Dr. A. Hunter Wilcox

This will most likely cause lots of banter and fodder for discussion around the country as once again the popular vote did not significantly affect the actual election by the committee. These were no doubt great dogs and are men who gave much to the sport and most likely very deserving, but when only 2 of each category get in each year the words will most likely fly. It will be interesting to sit back and watch it happen.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It seems I started in this sport of field trialing I have heard tell of its impending doom. I have many times heard how the participants are all old and there are no newcomers. I remember looking around and thinking they may be right as most of the participants are older than me. Now I look around at most trials and there are some older (most of those were there when I started) but there are surely some younger and those that are about my same age. So some new people surely have come and some stayed since I first started.

I started pondering this while listing the upcoming Field Trial Championships for the upcoming season on this site. There appears to be plenty of opportunities for people to run in trials all over this country whether it be walking shooting dog, cover dog, shooting dog or all age and either open or amateur stakes.

It is my belief that the reasons that most of our participants are older have more to do with the fact that the older we get the mosre time and money we have to spend on such endeavors.

It looks to me as though this great sport is alive and well and fixing to thrive for another great season.

That's all from here on the farm today!