Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Central Alberta Pointer and Setter Club

Strut's Rambling Man, pointer male, owned by Rick Steen and handled by Mike Jordan in Rick's absence, won the Central Alberta Pointer & Setter Club's inaugural Alberta Prairie All Age Classic. Cole had two good finds, that took a penetrating effort in the bluffs, and a strong ground race. Light Rail, pointer female, takes runner up honors. Handled by Shannon Nygard and scouted by her owner, Tom Nygard, she ran a big race that included wonderful handling as well as covering the hunting objectives.

The Alberta Prairie Shooting Dog Classic was won by High Powered Gasoline, pointer female, owned and handled by Ron Bender. Suzie's single find in a tight draw and fine ground pattern for the hour cemented the victory. Runner up honors went to Lone Mountain Magique, setter female owned and handled by Sean Kelly.

This was the first running of the Central Alberta Pointer and Setter Club's Alberta Prairie All Age Classic, as well as the Alberta Prairie Shooting Dog Classic. Coordinators, Paul Falkowski and Sig Guggenmoos are to be congratulated for a job well done under adverse conditions. The reported shortage of birds in Central Alberta was put to rest with several good pieces of dog work as well as many birds being ridden up by members of the gallery. The dogs had a more difficult time, however, as the wind was howling (30 - 50 mph) and the grounds were dry. We had a wind/rain storm Saturday night. Regardless of the weather a good time was had by all .

submitted by Tom Nygard

Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Amateur Grouse CH

Meredith, MI

51 entries

Winner HiFives Wrangler    PF  Dave Hawk handler

RU       Dun Roven's Explorer    SF Sean McKellip

Saturday, September 26, 2009

National Pheasant Shooting Dog CH

50 Dogs Entered

CH  Phillip's High Line    PM    Luke Eisenhart
RU  Hifalutin                PM     Mike Tracy 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Idaho Trials

Everton Derby Classic:
1st - Cilla - Bill Owens
2nd - Sunny - Kim Sampson
3rd - Trouble - Bill Owens

Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship:
Winner - Fly Boy - Emmett Burns
RU -  Rowdy - David Noell

Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship;
Winner - Buck - Dennis and Bonny Hidalgo
RU - Jake - Jim Leddington

Sorry I don't have registered names.   

New England Open Grouse Championship

Winner Long Gone Buckwheat   SM   Owner Handler   Lloyd Murray

RU    Lilly Hill Stash  SM   Owner Doug Lilly  Handler Dave Hughes



Broomhill, Man.—The concluding stakes at Broomhill, Manitoba were wrapped up by September 19, concluding the Canadian prairie program.

The John S. Gates Memorial Derby drew eight dogs. The winner was Neely’s Hot Pepper, pointer female owned and handled by John Neely of Albany, Ga. Runner-up was Quickmarksman’s Fortune, pointer male owned by Larry S. Earls of Blacksburg, S. C., and handled by Hunter Gates.

The Pelican Open All-Age had 26 dogs. First was Rester’s Perfect Storm, pointer male owned by Jack Harang of Metarie, La., and handled by Robin Gates. Second was In the Shadow, pointer male owned by Carl Bowman of Louisville, Ky., and handled by Robin Gates. Named to third was Distant Shadow, owned by Jed Dempsey of Palm City, Fla., and Tom Nygard of Bozeman, Mont., and handled by Robin Gates.

There were eight in the Pelican Derby. First was Quickmarksman’s Fortune, owned by Larry Earls, handled by Hunter Gates. Second was Shadow’s Perfection, owned and handled by John Neely, and third was Neely’s NewYork, also owned and handled by John Neely.

The weather during the John S. Gates Derby and the Pelican trials was very warm, but birds continued to be plentiful.

— Chris Mathan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

National Prairie Chicken Championship Derby Shooting Dog 2009

National Prairie Chicken Championship
Derby Shooting Dog

1 Duke P/M Daniels
Hart's Delight P/F Hart
2 Teddy P/M Ihrke
Jack S/M Lanasa
3 Fibbers Little Man P/M Hart
Moss Hill's Maverick P/M Champagne
4 Spring Pond's Autumn Grace S/F Hart
Erin's Huck Finn P/M Lutynski
5 Master Edition P/F Hart
Dot P/F Lanasa
6 Heard Hill's Bailey P/M Champagne
A-Rod P/M Hennes
7 Wirthall Dali S/F Hall
Gunshot P/M Tande
8 Bootbay Billy S/M Hart
Sam P/M Daniels
9 Moss Hill's Tom P/M Champagne
Erin's Jewel P/F Lutynski
10 Aspen's Fibulation P/F Hart
Ready Money P/M Pombrio
11 Peanuts P/F Waite
Missy P/F Lanasa
12 Bullet P/M Schaefer
Colonel Crush S/M Hart
13 Picking Time P/M Tande
Oak Grove Pacemaker P/M Hart
14 Skydancer Big Time S/M Lutynski
Jimmy P/M Lanasa
15 Edge Burning Kate P/F Hart

National Prairie Chicken Open Shooting Dog Championship

National Prairie Chicken Championship
Open Shooting Dog

1 Duke P/M Daniels
Bittersweet Deluxe P/M Gellhaus
2 Elhew Hannibel P/F Kinklaar
Oakgrove Gingersnap P/F Hart
3 Dixie P/F Daniels
GF Buckshot S/M Dunbar
4 Erin's HuckFinn P/M Lutynski
Duke's Bella Dancer P/F Gellhaus
5 Fibbrilator P/M Hart
Dogwood Meg P/F Kinklaar
6 Notorious Red Bull P/M Mathys
Hytest Spymaster S/M Tande
7 Bellfield Silver P/M Frigo
Grouse Feather Trooper S/M Dunbar
8 Nella's Runnin Tab P/M Kinklaar
Dale Creek Brody S/M Waite
9 Heaven's Elhew Tagert P/M Gellhaus
Butch Cassidy S/M Holton
10 Running Woods Cree S/F Waite
Merryhill's Carolina P/F Kinklaar
11 Zumbro Ace P/M Gellhaus
Four Rivers Covergirl P/F Kinklaar
12 Tim's Setter Ruby S/F Waite
Skydancer Making Time S/M Gellhaus
13 Romeo's Attitude P/M Waite
Ihrke's Winchester P/M Ihrke
14 Tall River P/M Frigo
Beckwood Zeke P/M Gellhaus
15 Erin's Jewel P/F Lutynski
Hart's Fancy Dancer P/F Hart
16 Notorious Bodacious P/M Daniels
Eldad Nicanor P/M Shure
17 Winter Set WB P/F Hart
Flatwood BoJack S/M Willer
18 Class Act Bandit S/M Gellhaus
Touches Approve P/M Ihrke
19 Zumbro Molley Mae P/F Gellhaus
Tekoa's Black Spot S/M Hart
20 Hot Topic P/F Kinklaar
Notorious B.I.G. P/M Mathys
21 Heaven's Houdini's Gate P/M Gellhaus
Newahawka Black Jack P/M Crayne
22 Thunderbird Punch Buggy S/M Gellhaus
Buddy P/M Daniels
23 Panovski GF Gretzky S/M Dunbar
Appalachee Ace Freehley P/M Kinklaar
24 Newahawka Jasmine (IS) P/F Crayne
Hawthorne Kate P/F Tande
25 John P/M Daniels
Notorious Doc Holiday P/M Mathys
26 Grouse Feather Mark S/M Dunbar
Thunderbird Sky Dancer S/M Gellhaus
27 Aspen Covert Mask S/F Hart
Jay Hawk P/M Kinklaar
28 Skydancer Big Time S/M Lutynski
Heard Hills Bailey P/M Champagne
29 Erin's White Smoke P/M Jordan
JoHo's Cool Breeze P/M Hart
30 Dale Creek Rail P/M Waite
Merryhill's Dakota P/F Kinklaar
31 Attitude's Honky Tonk Taz P/M Waite
Independence Day Sam S/M Hart
32 Champagne's Nujac John P/M Champagne
Erin's River Road P/M Jordan
33 Centerpiece P/M Lanasa
Hawthorne Big Shooter P/M Tande
34 Wind Flower P/F Pombrio
Four Rivers Commander P/M Kinklaar
35 Coveyrise Offlee Amazin P/M Kinklaar

Bass Pro Shops and Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America Presents Annual Youth Field Trial

Bass Pro Shops and Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America
Annual Youth Field Trial         Oct 3 Dancyville TN
Don’t miss a great chance to enjoy the heritage of field trials in the West Tennessee tradition-and spend a day with nature!
Early entry not absolutely necessary but would be very helpful.
Registration begins at 9:00 AM but children will be registered as they arrive.
Dogs and mentors will be furnished as needed.
Prizes and mementos for each entrant.
Bring you children, your children’s friends, lawn chairs and enjoy the day.
Directions from I40, take Exit 47 East to Dancyville. Through Dancyville take Fayette Corners road app 3 mi to Miller Road
Turn right and proceed to the club house, app 2 miles.
For further information or directions contact
                             Blake Kukar                          
Linda Hunt
Cell 901-484-5148

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Upcoming Trials Championships and Major Classics

Northern New Hampshire Bird Dog Club, New England Open
Grouse Championship, Berlin, NH, September 22

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, National Amateur Grouse Championship, Meredith, MI, September 23

National Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, Baldwinsville, NY, September 23

Northwest Chukar Championship Association, Boise Valley Pointing Dog Club, Championships & Derby Classic, Payette, ID, September 24

National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship, Payette, ID, September 25

National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI, September 25

Forty-Sixth National Shooting Dog Futurity, Baldwinsville,
NY, September 28

National Open Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship,
Wisconsin Rapids, WI, September 29 or at the conclusion of the Amateur CH.

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, National Amateur Pheasant Shooting Dog Championship, Baldwinsville, NY, October 1

Colorado Open Shooting Dog Championship, Arnett, OK, October 5

Seventy-Sixth American Field Pheasant Futurity, Harpster, OH, October 6

International Pheasant Championship, Harpster, OH, October 7

NBHA Western Regional Championship, Ardmore, OK, October 8

National Open Pheasant Championship, Harpster, OH, October 9

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, International Amateur Woodcock Championship,
Woodstock, NB, October 10

Beaverton Grouse Dog Club, George Fruchey Grouse Dog, Wolverine Derby and Open
Puppy Classics, Meredith, MI, October 15.

National Amateur Pheasant Championship, Harpster, OH, October 16

Sunflower Open Shooting Dog Championship, Elk City, KS, October 16.

New England Open Championship, Pomfret, CT, October 19

Ohio-Pennsylvania Open Shooting Dog Championship, Harpster, OH, October 20

Region 2 (AFTCA), Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, Lacey Township, NJ, October 22

Garden State Open Shooting Dog Championship, Lacey Township, NJ, October 26

Inola Open All-Age Club, October 26

Grand National Grouse Futurity, Marienville, PA, October 31

One Hundred-Fifth American Field Quail Futurity, Inola, OK, October 31

Oklahoma Open Championship, Inola, OK November 1

Grand National Grouse Championship, Marienville, PA, November 3

Southland Open Championship, Booneville, AR, November 7

Northwest Regional US Complete Shooting Dog Championship, Jamestown, CA November 7th

National Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational Championship,
Grovespring, MO, November 13

Region 8 (AFTCA), Amateur All-Age Championship, Ardmore, OK, November 13.

Region 5 (AFTCA), Amateur All-Age Championship, Grovespring, MO, November 19

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, National Amateur Invitational Championship, Grand Junction, TN, December 7

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog CH Draws great entry

Drawing as posted on the AFTCA Website. check them out at

National Amateur Chicken Shooting Dog Championship Sep 25 Wisconsin Rapids WI
1a Erin's Wildwood Flower PF Pat Sheehan
1b Skydancer's Making Time SM Dennis Lutynski
2a Tasmeron's Miss Sin PF Dennis Burgess
2b Touch's Approve PM George Ihrke
3a Touchclass B SF Marion Brown
3b Thunderbird Jammer SM David Anderson
4a Ihrke's Winchester PM George Ihrke
4b Dubose Flash Jr PM Bobby Dubose
5a Belfield Silver Peach PF(IS) Don Frigo
5b Bridges Lake Pat PF(IS) Tim Moore
6a Panovski GH Gretzky SM Allen Dunbar
6b Thunderbird Sky Dancer SM David Anderson
7a Hard Rappin Duke SM Allen Worth
7b Homemade PF Frank Lanasa
8a Hideaway Tall Boy PM Todd Babbel
8b Flatwood Bo Jack SM Don Frigo
9a Merrihill's Carolina PF Bill Merrifield
9b Mona Star B SM Marion Brown
10a Skydancer's Big Time SM Dennis Lutynski
10b Lawless Liz PF Jim Lawless
11a Tall River PM Don Frigo
11b Merrihill's Gold PF Bill Merrifield
12a GH Buckshot SM Allen Dunbar
12b Center Piece PM Frank Lanasa
13a Merrihill's Dakota PF Bill Merrifield
13b Grouse Feather Mark SM Allen Dunbar
14a Hard Rappin Sarah SF Allen Worth
14b Raag's Blue Chip PM Ray Wheeler
15a Merrihill's Brute PM Bill Merrifield
15b Erin's White Smoke PM Scott Jordan
16a Nehawka Jasimine PF(IS) Jim Crayne
16b Attitude's Tornado PF Todd Manns
17a Eldad Nicanor PM John Shure
17b Kinmundy Joy PF Mark Garrett
18a Tameron's Last Shot PM Dennis Burgess
18b Notorious Red Bull PM John Mathys
19a Notorious Bodacious PM Jim Crayne
19b Dubose Princess PF Bobby Dubose
20a Boumeester's Closer PM Richie Boumeester
20b Touchstar B SM Marion Brown
21a Derrig's Arapaho Chief PM Tommy Derrig
21b Touchstone B SF Marion Brown
22a Prairie View Rock PM Tom Hennes
22b Nehawka Black Jack PM Jim Crayne
23a Erin's River Road PM Scott Jordan
23b Notorious Big PM John Mathys
24a Dobose Spot PM Bobby Dubose
24b Rappers Rappin Rambo SM Allen Worth
25a Erin's Jewel PF Dennis Lutynski
25b Prairie View Ringo PM Tom Hennes
26a Madtown Moonshine PM Bob Schaefer
26b Thunderbird Punch Buggy SM David Anderson
27a Grouse Feather Trooper SM Allen Dunbar
27b Windflower PF Bob Pombrio
28a Blue Issue FM Donnie Mullins
28b Lawless Playboy Sam PM Jim Lawless
29a Notorious Doc Holliday PM John Mathys
29b Oak Grove Gingersnap PF Reisner/Ihrke
30a Heaven's Houdini Gates PM Dave Gates
30b Joho's Cool Breeze PF John Hott
31a Boumeester's Adnretti PF Rich Boumeester
31b Bear Wallow Jake PM Donnie Mullins
32a Heaven's Elhew Taggert PM Dave Gates
32b Zumbro's Ace PM Dale Windhorst
33a Merrihill's Dixie Chick PF Bill Merrifield
33b Bear Wallow Lefty PM Donnie Mullens
34a Betty Boo PF Ron Ward
34b Bellfield Silver PM Don Frigo

Monday, September 21, 2009

Northern New England Woodcock Championship

A strong field of 34 competitors competed for the title.  Judges Matt Mentz and Jeff Mahaney eventually named the winners as follows.

Winner   Chasehill Little Bud           PM           John Stolgitis-handler

RU         Lillyhill's Secret Stash       SM            Dave Hughes-handler 

Honorable mentions were given to Wild Apple Jack, Stokely's Ginger B, Long Gone Boston and Long Gone Madison.

Region 4 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

30 Entries

Winner         Belle                      PF     Sposita

Runner Up   Texas Coppertop   SF   Klein

National Amateur Grouse CH Draws great entry

Meredith, MI

The National Amateur Grouse CH being held at the famed Gladwin Field Trial Area drew a great entry of 51 dogs.  The trial will start on Thurs Sept. 24th.

Good Luck to all competitors.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


  1. Poison, Tommy Davis
  2. Barshoe Osama Ben, Allen Vincent
  3. L.J. Confidential, Steve Turtle

Region 19 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog CH

The Region 19 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog CH concluded at the Namekagon barrens near Danbury, WI.  Judges Frank LaNassa and Sig Digetz named Electric Belle the winner and Beaver Creek Lucy the ruuner up.  Both of these pointer females are owned and were handled by Rod Lein of Chippewa Falls WI. 

Friday, September 18, 2009

Southwestern Championship

The Southwestern trials returned again to Trail City, S. D., where the Derby drew 24 dogs. First place was Chinquapin Troubadour, pointer male handled by Slade Sykes and owned by E. L. “Ted” Baker of Lake City, Fla. Second was Chinquapin Dot, pointer female, also handled by Slade Sykes and owned by Ted Baker. Third was Law Abiding, pointer male handled by Tom Shenker and owned by Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga.

There were 44 contenders in the All-Age Championship. Both the champion, Lester’s Storm, and the runner-up, Chickasaw Bud, were handled by Lee Phillips. They are owned by Drs. Ron and Davey Deal of Macon, Ga.

Judges for both stakes were Tommy Mock of Blakely, Ga., and Jadie Rayfield of Mt. Pleasant, S. C.


The Sullivan OpenAll-Age followed on the heels of the Border International Championship at Stoughton, Sask. The All-Age drew 29 and the Derby, 6.

The Open All-Age winner was Thunder House, pointer male owned by Doug Arthur of Eads, Tenn., and handled by Steve Hurdle. High Noon Bob, pointer male owned by Gary and Becky Futch and Franze and Karen Rowland of Statesboro, Ga., was named to second. Bob was handled by Rick Furney. Thunder House had one find; Bob had two. Third was House’s Snake Bite, pointer male owned by Tom Faller of Springfield, Ill., and handled by Daugherty. Snake Bite was placed on class.

In the Open Derby, the winner was Game Plan, pointer male owned by Guy and Burke Hendrix of Hernando,Miss., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Second was The Irish Storm, also a pointer male owned by James P. Finn, Jr. of Lincoln Park,Mich., and handled by Larry “Fuz” Smith. Named to third was Panther Creek Snowhite, owned by Frank Rutland of Fitzpatrick, Ala., and handled by Hurdle.

Judges were Clint Blyth of Fleming, Saskatchewan and Colin Kennedy of Calgary, Alberta.


The Border International Chicken Championship was concluded at Stoughton, Sask., with the naming of the winner: Elhew Sinbad, white and orange pointer male owned by Stan Howton of Bainbridge, Ga., and handled by Andy Daugherty. Sinbad had two finds. Runner-up was Chief Two Feathers, owned by Thorpe McKenzie and BobWalthall of Tallahassee, Fla., and handled by Steve Hurdle. The white and orange pointer male also had two finds.

In the Derby, with nine entries, the winner was Real Survivor, pointer male owned by David T. O’Connor of Bullard, Tex., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Second was The Irish Storm, pointer male owned by James P. Finn, Jr. of Lincoln Park, Mich., and handled by Larry “Fuz” Smith. Third was Game Plan, also a pointer male, owned by Guy and Burke Hendrix of Hernando, Miss., and handled by Hurdle. The Derby winners were placed on their respective ground efforts.

Judges for both stakes were Clint Blyth of Fleming, Sask., and Colin Kennedy of Calgary, Alberta.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mortlach Amatuer Championships

Region 14 Amateur All Age Championship
Winner - White's Solid Reward, John Ivester.
RU - Prairie Crude, Glenn Conover.
48 entries.

National Amateur Chicken Championship

Winner - Miller's Online, Mike Furney. 
RU- Dubose's Spot, Bob Debose. 
50 entries.

Broomhill Trials

Manitoba Championship

Drew 26 dogs, started Monday, Sept 14 and concluded Sept 16

Judges: Mike Cheely and William Smith

Conditions were hot and humid. Many good performances were seen with an abundance of birds pointed and moved through the trial.

Winner: Patriote, 5 year old pointer male owned by Nolan Leadbetter and handled by Colvin Davis.

R-U Winner: Last year’s John S. Gates Memorial Derby winner, Quicksilver Becrux, owned by Rick Stallings and handled by Colvin Davis.

Patriote won with a tremendous prairie ground race complimented with two prairie all age finds. Quicksilver Becrux also had two finds and an exceptional ground effort.

The Manitoba Championship is the oldest all age championship held on the Canadian prairies first run in 1902.

Broomhill Open All Age

Drew 26 dogs, started August 26

Judges: Larry and Karen Jones, Tilston, MB

1st: Patriote, owned by Nolan Leadbetter, handled by Colvin Davis

2nd: Broadway Drifter, owned by Tommy Hamilton, handled by Robin Gates

3rd: Distant Shadow, owned by Tom Nygard and Jed Dempsey, handled by Robin Gates

Broomhill Derby

Drew 10 dogs, followed Broomhill Open All Age

Judges: Larry and Karen Jones, Tilston, MB

1st: Quickmarksman Fortune, owned by Larry Earls, handled by Robin Gates

2nd: Shadow in the Blue, owned by Carl Bowman, handled by Hunter Gates

3rd: Flatwood Shadow, owned by John Boren, handled by Hunter Gates

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New York Grouse Championship

The New York Grouse Championship has concluded.

The Judges have named the following winners over a large field of 66 entries.

Champion    Long Gone Boston     SM  Dave Hughes   Owner Lloyd Murray

Runner Up   Alley Cat                        Dave Hughes    

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DE Hawthorne All Age Derby Classic

  1. Babe, Gary Hill
  2. Whippoorwill Wild Spec, Lawrence Huffman
  3. Kylie,s Rising Star, Gary Hill    Red Setter Male

Region 19 Amateur All Age Championship

Champion Centerpiece PM Frank Lanassa

Runner Up Erin's Stoney River PM Sean Derrig



North dakota Open All Age Classic

1st Heyu Two Pete PM Allen Vincent Four finds and a nice race.

2nd Soggy Bottom Reward PM Billy Wayne Morton

3rd Lester's Storm PM Lee Phillips

Monday, September 14, 2009

North Dakota All Age Classic-Video

Larry Huffman in the second brace of the classic.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Region 19 Shooting Dog Championship

Winner Hideaway Tall Boy PM Todd Babbel

Runner Up Touch's Approve PM Dr. George Ihrke

Friday, September 11, 2009

Southwestern Championship

Southwestern Championship
44 Entries
WR Lesters Storm Lee Phillips
RU Chickasaw Bud Lee Phillips

North Dakota All Age Derby Classic

14 Entries

1st Smith's All In PM Tommy Davis
2nd Whippoorwill Wild Night PM Larry Huffman
3rd San Jacinto Windstorm PM Allen Vincent

All winning dogs had birdwork and many others did also.

I was able to see the second place dog and he did a great job. It was the only brace I saw but heard great things about all many derbies. .

North Dakota All Age Classic

Running Order

1) XS Energy PM Morton
Jetsetter SM Vincent
2) Double Rebel Dominator PM Daniels
Whippoorwill Firebird PM Huffman
3) Spectre Pete PM Robertson
Lesters Dollar Bill PM Morton
4) Barn Owl Chance SM Robertson
Heyu WW Dan PM Vincent
5) Pride's Alibi PM Morton
Oakspring Rainmaker PM Vincent
6) Idaho's Sunrise Classic SM Robertson
Whippoorwill Whirl PF Huffman
7) Houses Apache River PM Morton
Poison PM Davis
8) Barshoe Eclectic PF Vincent
Clowers Thunderstrike PM Robertson
9) Soggy Bottom Reward PM Morton
Strut PM Davis
10) Lesters Pretty Boy PM Phillips
Top Crude PM Vincent
11) Bustin Out PM Robertson
Another Reward PM Morton
12) Whippoorwill Firebox PF Huffman
Youngstown Thrillseeker PF Robertson
13) Chickasaw Pride PM Phillips
Black Range PM Vincent
14) Mac's Memphis May PF Morton
Barshoe Osama Ben PM Vincent
15) Riverton's Funseeker Scooter PM Robertson
Whippoorwill Big Jake PM Vincent
16) Ice A Matic PM Davis
LJ's Confidential PM Hurdle
17) Skyline Matrix PM F Smith
Millers Online PM Furney
18) Chickasaw Bud PM Phillips
High Noon Bob PM Furney
19) Whippoorwill Dar Dance PM Huffman
Miller's Southern Pride PM Furney
20) Lester's Storm PM Phillips
Shell Creek Coin PM Hurdle
21) Prairie Scout PM Furney
Texas Blackman PM F Smith
22) Heyu Two Pete PM Vincent
Erin's Traveling Soldier PM Furney
23) Clovis Point Chism PM Furney
Texas Nimrod PM Vincent
24) Thunder Snowy PF Hurdle
BJ's Coin PM F Smith
25) Whippoorwill Wild Agin PM Huffman
South's Late Night PM Furney
26) Chickasaw Butterfly PF Phillips
Winter Patchwork SM Vincent
27) Sinbads Diamond Lil PF Daniels
Chief Two Feathers PM Hurdle
28) Jackson's Static Line PM Hurdle
Murray's Blackjack SM Robertson
29) WW Hot Dame PF Vincent
Silverado's Blue By You PM Robertson

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Region 19 Horseback Shooting Dog Championship

Region 19 Amatuer Shooting Dog Championship
Judges: Jerry Kolter and Ian McTavish
Reporter: Frank LaNasa
1 Class Act Mark PM Neil Walker
Notorious Big PM John Mathys
2 Touch's Approve PM George Ihrke
Railita PF Austin Turley
3 Homemade PF Frank LaNasa
McLean's Multimile PM Neil Walker
4 Eldad Nicanor PM John Shure
Heard Hills Queen Mary PF Neil Walker
5 Boumeester's Closer PM Rich Boumeester
Attitude's Tornado PF Todd Mann
6 Notorious Doc Holiday PM John Mathys
Class Act Special PM Neil Walker
7 Katie Bar The Door PF Todd Babbel
Irhke's Winchester PM George Ihrke
8 Centerpiece PM Frank LaNasa
Spectacular Gold Streak PM Neil Walker
9 Nemaha Wipeout PM Pat Mclnteer
Notorious Red Bull PM John Mathys
10 Red Neck Woman PF Todd Babbel
Lake Pat Bridges PF is Tim Moore
11 Red Neck Justice PM Todd Babbel
RJ's Final Shot PM Neil Walker
12 Boumeesters Andretti PF Rich Boumeester
Nemaha Taxi PM Pat Mclnteer
13 Nemaha Black Jack PM Jim Crayne
Clovis Point Ty PM Neil Walker
14 Prairie View Rock PM Dave GatesfTom Hennes
Nemaha Prairie Windstorm PM Pat Mcl nteer
15 Nemaha Dapper Dan PM Jim Crayne
RJ's Hard Copy PM Neil Walker
16 Hideaway TallBoy PM Todd Babbel
Nemaha Jasmine PF Jim Crayne

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fw: Prairie All age trials

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From: Tom Nygard
ReplyTo: tomn@rubyhillranch.com
Subject: Prairie All age trials
Sent: Sep 6, 2009 8:53 AM

The Dominion and Saskatchewan All Age Championships concluded on Saturday afternoon with the following results:

1. Saskatchewan - WNR, White Twist, handler, robin Gates. RU, Prairieland Pride, handler, Randy Anderson. Both dogs hand good ground races and 3 finds. 59 entries.

2. Dominion - WNR, Clovis Point Chism, handler, Rick Furney. RU, House's Snakebite, handler, Andy Daughtery. 54 entries.

3. Sascatchewan Open Derby - 1st, Neely's New York, handler, Robin Gates, 2nd, SF Citizen Jim, handler, Larry Smith, 3rd, Flatwood Shadow, handler Robin Gates. 13 entries.

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Fw: Reg. 14 Am. AA

------Original Message------
From: Tom Nygard
ReplyTo: tom@nygardgallery.com
Subject: Reg. 14 Am. AA
Sent: Sep 7, 2009 6:24 PM

The Region 14 Amateur All Age drew 48 dogs this year. A new record in numbers of dogs. The National Amateur Chicken Championship, which follows on the heals of the Region Championship, drew 50 dogs, also a record.

The weather is cooperating by staying in the 70's.

Tom Nygard

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Champion Coveyrise Offlee Amazin. Kinkelaar

Runner up. Hytest Spymaster. Tande

More details to follow.
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trial is getting ready to go.

58 degrees dogs barking and horses rustling. We will be breaking away at 7 am.
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

All American Shooting Dog Championship

Results are in.

Champion Elhew Hannabel Kinkelaar

Runner Up Merrihill Carolina Kinkelaar

Derby will conclude on Saturday.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Smith Classic Results

1st Bay Country Hope Jeanette Tracy

2nd Klee's Shooting Star Mike Tracy

3rd C-Note Mike Tracy

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All American Shooting Dog CH Update

Board has changed:

Elhew Hannabell

Merrihill Carolina

Two more days of running.

Barnhill Bird Dog Club

Open Shooting Dog Derby-11 Entries

1st Bono RSM Roger Boser

2nd Alex SF Jim Michaletz

3rd Jake SM Keith Hickam

Open Shooting Dog- 10 Entries

1st Diva SF Keith Hickam

2nd Joey SF Jim Michaletz

3rd Touchstone RSM Roger Boser

Spaulding Labs

We really appreciate Fly Predators support for their support.



Champion White Twist - Robin Gates
Runner Up Prairleland Pride - Randy Anderson
Both dogs had 3 finds.

As reported on the Field Trial Pointer Homepage

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All American Shooting Dog updates

Through the end of the running on Monday, the All American had completed 6 braces. The dogs on the board, in no particular order were Elhew Hannabell and Bridges Lake Pat.

And I just found out that though there were some good performances today the board has not changed.