Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quail Futurity and OK Open All Age CH

The Futurity started on Saturday afternoon drawing 27 dogs.

The OK CH drew 36 and will start at the conclusion of the Futurity.

Inola Open All Age

41 Entries
1st   Whippoorwill Hot Dame         PF             Allen Vincent

2nd  Barshoe Busy                         PF             Andy Daugherty

3rd   Thunder House                      PM            Steve Hurdle

Lee County Open All Age

The Lee County Open All Age, a National Championship qualifying stake, concluded a short while ago. The winners of that stake are:

1. Lester's Cobra owned and handled by Larron Copeland.

2. Distant Shadow owned by Tom Nygard and Jed Dempsey and handled by Robin Gates.

3. South Late Night owned by Dr. Dickey and handled by Ricky Furney.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Region 2 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Greenwood Forest, Lacey Township, NJ

Champion: Great River Magnum, PM, Handler: Brian Sanchez, Owner: Great River Kennel, Central Islip, NY
 Runner-Up: Hifalutin, PF, Owner & Handler: Dr. Roger Duerksen, Hardeeville, SC

Region 17 Amateur All Age CH

30 competitors vie for title. 

Champion  Barshoe Pugnacious PF Handler John Harmon

R/U Champion  BOCOMO Black Belle PF Handler Jay Lewis

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Garden State Open Shooting Dog Championship

42 Entries
CH  Erin's Backstreet Affair                  PF        Luke Eisenhart     Owned by Tom Downs

 RU  Fazan's Stress Free                      SM       Matt Basilone      Owned by George Fazan

A picture of CH Erin's Backstreet Affair from Erin's Kennels website

A picture of Stress Free from Basilones Website

Monday, October 26, 2009

Inola Open All Age Derby

1) Prairieland Beau        Randy Anderson

2) Connecuh Station Blackrock    Steve Hurdle

3) Salty Dog Bullet       Jeff Fraiser

Region 17 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog CH

Winner of the Region 17 Amatuer Walking Championship this weekend:
Delaware River Jackpot Pointer/Female (lucy) - Jim Corpening Owner/Handler (this is lucy's second championship she having one the National Amatuer Walking Shooting Dog Championship previously)
Runner-up was Tommy Rocket English Setter, Male - Paul Roederer Owner/Handler

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ohio Penn Open Shooting Dog Ch.

Champion: The Insider              SM    Luke Eisenhart
R/U: Erin's Back Street Affair      PF     Luke Eisenhart

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lakes States Grouse Championship

Judges Jim Tande and Joe McCarl sorted their way through a substantial entry of 46 dogs to come up with a winner and runner up in the 2009 Lakes States Grouse Championship run over the famed Gladwin Field Trial Grounds. 

Champion Shady Hills Beans ESF- Forman

Runner Up Fireside Drama Queen ESF Minard


Friday, October 23, 2009

New England Open Championship

Chasehill Little Bud, pointer male owned and handled by John Stolgitis of Ashaway, R. I., was named champion out of a field of 36 at the 81st New England Open Championship held October 18-21 at Harry Townshend’s Ragged Hill Farm, Pomfret, Conn.

Runner-up was Serious Threat, pointer male owned by Greg and Maggie Strausbaugh of Mifflinburg, Pa., and handled by Mike Tracy.

Judges were Richard Giuliano of Hope, R. I., and Dom Preite of Franklinville, N. J.

Fleetwod Shooting Dog Classic

1st   Elhew Hannabel            PF             Shawn Kinkelaar

2nd Four Rivers Covergirl    PF             Shawn Kinkelaar

3rd  Bubba                                            Scott Miller

Sunflower Open All Age CH

Sunflower Open All Age CH

CH  Highveiw Hank       PM                Andy Daugherty

RU  Thunder Snowy       PM               Steve Hurdle

Sunflower Open All Age Derby

1st   San Jacinto Windstorm                PM        Allen Vincent

2nd  Game Plan                                   PM        Steve Hurdle

3rd  Snowgoose                                  PM        Allen Vincent

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ohio Penn Open Shooting Dog Championship Running order

1-Merrifields Brute     PM    Merifield
   Merrifields Dakota   PF     Kinkelaar
2- Erins Dancing Queen PF  Eisenhart
    Hard Terms                PM   Hester
3- Misty Valley Glide      PM  Hester
   Fibbers Molly McGee  PF   Kinkelaar
4- Rocky Ridge Dan       PM   Hester
   Mohawk Mill Viking     PM   Hart
5- The Insider                  SM  Eisenhart
   Aspen Covert Mask     SF    Hart
6- Mohawk Mill Dana      PM   Eisenhart
  Fancy Dancer                 PF    Hart
7- Covey Rise Offlee Amazin   PM  Kinkelaar
  Kerlin                                             Wheeler
8- Phillips Highline                   PM   Eisenhart
   Bellefield Silver                     PM    Hester
9- Winterset WB                                Hart
   Merrihill's  Carolina               PF   Kinkelaar
10- Highwinds Isobar                         Long
    Four River Commander        PM  Kinkelaar
11 Independence Day              PM    Hart
    Erins Black Fury                   PM   Eisenhart
12- Four Rivers Covergirl         PF     Kinkelaar
     Fibulator                              PM    Hart
13- Erins Little Engine               PM      Eisenhart
     Kung Fu                                          Lee
14- Dubois Spot                                  Dubois
    Dogwood Meg                       PF     Kinkelaar
15- Tekoa Black Spot                SM     Hart
     Elhew Hannibel                      PF      Kinkelaar
16 - Richfields Silver Belle          PF      Eisenhart
      Easy Terms                                     Hester
17- Jayhawk                             PM     Kinkelaar
     Grouse Ridge Blaze              SM    Eisenhart
18- Erins Backstreet Affair        PF      Eisenhart
     AJ's Buck                             PM    Hopkins
19- Awesome Angel                            Eisenhart
    Leets Southern Belle
20 Snow Warning                     PM     Eisenhart
    Tall River                              PM     Hester
21 Nella'sRunning Tab               PM    Kinkelaar
    Sound Investment
22 Hot Topic                             PF   Kinkelaar
    Erins Apache Tiger                         Eisenhart

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

National Amateur Pheasant Championship

Kildeer Plains, OH
44 Dogs Entered 

Erin's Bad River            PM                  Sean Derrig

White’s Solid Reward    PM                  John Ivester


Oil Capital Trial

Amateur All Age Inola, OK
1st    Buckcherry             PM        Jamie Brightwell
2nd   Barnhill Jake           PM        Jim Michaletz
3rd   Fillibuster                PM        Mike Griffin

Amateur All Age Derby

1st    Sunkist                           SF                     Jim Michaletz
2nd   Walk The Walk              PM                   Jamie Brightwell
3rd    Pearl Snap                     PF                     Larry Garner

Amateur Shooting Dog

1st     Barshoe Brush Hog                    PM                      Bill Weaver

2nd    Shadows Signature                     PM                     Mac Winningham

3rd    Barkers Big Coon                       SM                    Bob Barker

Mid America Championship

WR-Prairieland Pride

      Dr Robert Cook, owner
      Randy Anderson, handler

RU-Westfalls Black Ice
     Ryan Westfall, owner & handler

Friday, October 16, 2009

2009 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

Winner    Lawless Lady     Mike Tracy

RU       Erin's Backstreet Affair   Luke Eisenhart

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MN Grouse Championship

The championship has concluded and Judges Don Dack and Al Ranfranz have named the following winners.

Ch.  Maddie May Lady SF  Lance Bressler

RU   Wintergreen Cody SM  Mickey Fancher

The judges also named as closest to the winners 4 dogs which received 100.00 gas money from the club.

HiFives Wrangler   PF   Minard
Hunter's Tiger Lilly SF  Bressler
Hard Driving Lucy PF McCarl
Grace Jones  SF  Scott Anderson

Monday, October 12, 2009

National Open Pheasant Championship-Winners

Photo from  Erins Kennels website

Champion   Erin's Stoney River    PM       Sean Derrig

RU             Amarige                    PM       Randy Downs

More details to follow.


Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17-18, 2009

Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT

30-minute stakes
Start time: 8:30 a.m. daily

*A come-as-you-are steak dinner will be held Saturday evening, preceded by a cocktail party hosted by Tom Hance, owner of last year's winner, Enhancement Alice June, handled by Jeannette Tracy*

JUDGES: Jeff Smith, Loudon, NH, and Jim Emerson, Clear Spring, MD


Order of running:

1-1 NIKY GUADA PF McHugh G Tracy Tracy
1-2 ERIN’S LITTLE SOLDIER PM B Leet S Derrig L Eisenhart

2-1 CARIBLUE’S MATTIE PF J McHugh J McHugh J Tracy
2-2 INDIAN CREEK BLAZE PM G Malzone G Malzone G Malzone

3-1 NOTTINGHAM’S CLASSY CHANCE PF R Kane/R Dvorak R Dvorak Tracy
3-2 CURRAHEE PM J Kilrain J Kilrain B Jacobs

4-1 RACEY KATE PF E Drew Summerhill Kennels Tracy
4-2 BITTERSWEET ALIBI PM R Gillota R Gillota L Eisenhart

5-1 CALADEN’S RAIL HAWK PM R Callaway R Callaway G Tracy
5-2 BLUE ICE SM A LeVasseur A LeVasseur A LeVasseur

6-2 KLEE’S BELLA BELLA PF R Duerksen GRK R Duerksen

7-1 MT VIEW DECISION MAKER PF W/G Stover W/G Stover J Tracy
7-2 INDIAN CREEK RIPTIDE PM G Malzone G Malzone L Eisenhart

8-1 MOHAWK MT. BUD SM D Gustafson D Gustafson Tracy
8-2 BOB’S MILLER SEAL PM J Bush B Phillips P Casey

9-2 ERIN’S DOG SOLDIER PM B Bruchey S Derrig L Eisenhart

10-1 WAIT TIL MIDNIGHT PF H Blaine G Tracy Tracy
10-2 RICHFIELD STELLA PF W McNamee W McNamee L Eisenhart

11-1 FULL OF BULL PM E Saniga R Dvorak Tracy
11-2 INDIAN CREEK CASSANDRA PF G Malzone G Malzone G Malzone

12-2 HYLAND’S BLACKY PM B Hyland D Gustafson P Casey

13-2 MAPLE VALLEY COWGIRL PF M Eisenhart J Gilbert L Eisenhart

14-1 BUFFALO BULL PM E Saniga R Dvorak M Tracy
14-2 INDIAN CREEK WARPAINT PM G Malzone G Malzone L Eisenhart 

for more info check out  


A field of 62 dogs has been drawn for the 2009 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship.
The event starts Monday, Oct. 12, at 7 a. m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area (for directions, see below).
Judges are Sherry Ray Ebert of Mott, N.D, and Vinnie Ballester of Simpsonville, S.C.
Field trial chairman is Dave O'Brien.
A cocktail party will be held Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 8 p.m., hosted by Tom Downs, owner of last year's champion, Mohawk Mill Dana, handled by Luke Eisenhart.
Order of running follows:

1A. Sound Investment SF Eisenhart
1B. Annafield Buck PM George Tracy

2A. Great River Dominator PM Jeanette Tracy
2B. Avalon Creek PF Mike Tracy

3A. Richfield Silver PF Eisenhart
3B. Big ‘N’ Rich PM George Tracy

4A. Buffalo Creek PM Mike Tracy
4B. Ragged Hill Danny SM Bruce Jacobs

5A. Triple Nickle Nick PM Basilone
5B. Caladen Struttin Gentleman PM George Tracy

6A. Caladen’s Sawmill Struttin PM Mike Tracy
6B. Enhancement Trey PM Jeanette Tracy

7A. Calico’s Catch ‘N’ Release PM George Tracy
7B. Fazan’s Stress Free SM Basilone

8A. Calico’s Dyno Mite PM George Tracy
8B. I Wannabe a Cowgirl PF Jeanette Tracy

9A. C-Note PF Mike Tracy
9B. Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart

10A. Cold Case PM Mike Tracy
10B. Currahee PM Bruce Jacobs

11A. Double Trouble Joe PM Basilone
11B. Erin’s Box Car Willie PM Mike Tracy

12A. Noble Bailey’s Addition PM Mike Tracy
12B. Upwind Shenipsit Rebel VF Debra Goodie

13A. GI Jane PF George Tracy
13B. Erin’s Little Engine PM Eisenhart

14A. Bay Country Hope PF Jeanette Tracy
14B. GameStopper PF Mike Tracy

15A. Crossing Guard PM Mike Tracy
15B. One More Time PM Bruce Jacobs

16A. Lawless Lady PF Mike Tracy
16B. Erin’s Backstreet Affair PF Eisenhart

17A. Sukara’s Come Home Jessie SF Jeanette Tracy
17B. Great River Class PF Mike Tracy

18A. Great River Ice PM Mike Tracy
18B. Elhew Dancing Fire PF Bruce Jacobs

19A. Hifalutin PF Mike Tracy
19B. Erin’s Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart

20A. Klee’s Calypso PM Mike Tracy
20B. Erin’s Apache Tiger PM Eisenhart

21A. Klee’s Handsome Hank PM Mike Tracy
21B. Sukara’s Grace SF Jeanette Tracy

22A. Klee’s Shooting Star PF Mike Tracy
22B. Erin’s Black Furry PM Eisenhart

23A. M’s Kid Rock PM George Tracy
23B. Phillip’s High Line PM Eisenhart

24A. No Rules PM George Tracy
24B. The Insider SM Eisenhart

25A. Our Big Bully PM Mike Tracy
25B. Grouse Ridge Blaze SM Eisenhart

26A. R.J.’s Shortstop PM George Tracy
26B. Sugarknoll Snow Warning PM Eisenhart

27A. Serious Threat PM Mike Tracy
27B. Mohawk Mill Viking PM Eisenhart

28A. Stone Tavern Matrix SM Mike Tracy
28B. Chasehill Little Bud PM Stolgitis/Richardson

29A. Talisman PM Mike Tracy
29B. Ironstone Jungle King SM Stolgitis/Richardson

30A. Voyager SM George Tracy
30B. Enhancement Alice June PF Jeanette Tracy

31A. Heritage PM Mike Tracy
31B. Awsum Angel PF Eisenhart 
For more info check out the 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

National Open Pheasant Championship

We have 4 braces left for Monday, had beautiful weather today, sunshine, temps in the 50’s with a light breeze.

Brace 4; Gamemaker finished with multiple bird contacts and a unproductive, Geisha picked up for failure to back.

Brace 5; Ard Right Justina, lost, White’s Solid Ben lost

Brace 6; Dellinger C, up for leaving a back, finished the hour with 1 pheasant and 1 quail find

Brace 7; Erin’s Bad River, lost, Amarage, finished with both quail and pheasant contacts.

Brace 8; Survivor’s Little Bill finished the hour with multiple pheasant contacts, Merrihill’s Carolina, up for infraction on a relocation.

Brace 9; Sand Mtn Doctor, finished the hour with multiple bird contacts, Marque’s Pure Gold, lost.

Michigan Woodcock Championship

Gladwin, MI 

Pointer male Autumn Moon was named Champion (Chaffee). Setter male Terhar's Elvis was named Runner-Up (Terhar).

55 dogs entered.  

From L to R Chuck Langstaff, Scott Chaffee with CH Autumn Moon, Judge Joe Guzman, Dave Terhaar with RU CH Terhaar's Elvis, and Judge Dave Bogle. Congrats to winners!

North American Woodcock Futurity

Futurity Winners:
1st Long Gone Buckwheat Esm - Dave Hughes
2nd Riley Epm - Bob Litle
3rd Rocky Point Lilly Esf - Dave Hughes
4th Rocky Road Big Allez Esm - Dave Hughes

North American Woodcock Championship

Championship Winners:
1st Ch. Oscaloosa Allie Cat Esf - Dave Hughes
2nd Runer up. Long Gone Madison, Esf - Dave Hughes

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MN Grouse CH

The MN Grouse Championship will start on Monday with Judges Don Dack and Al Ranfranz presiding.

1A Keystone's Red Rage SM Peters
1B Star Chaser SM Butler
2A. Northwoods Blue Ox SM Kolter
2B. Montera's Rock Sm McCarl
3A. Shredder SM Minard
3B. Hard Driving Rita PF McCarl
4A. Loafer's Glory PM Holt
4B. Houston's Belle SF Kolter
5A. Hifive's Wrangler PF Minard
5B. Tiger SF Bressler
6A. Blue Shaquille SM Kolter
6B. Tory SF Bressler
7A. Show & Tell PF (IS) Wingard
7B. White Line Jenny SF Bannitt
8A. Fireside Fleetwood SM Minard
8B. Keystone's Red Ryder SF Peters
9A. Electric Belle PF (IS) Lein
9B. Maddie SF (IS) Bressler
10A. Wintergreen Cody SM Fancher
10B. Emmy's Apple Jack SM Butler
11A. Beau SM Bressler
11B. Windstar SM Butler
12A. Beaver Creek Lucy PF (IS) Lein
12B. I'm Blue Gert SF Kolter
13A. Trillium's Cockeyed Casey SM McCarl
13B. Wintergreen Max SM Fancher
14A. Fireside Drama Queen SF Minard
14B. Pal O' Mine PF McCarl
15A. Magic's Climb Kaytoo SF Kolter
15B. Grace Jones SF Anderson
16A. Merrimac's Adda Girl SF Kolter
16B. Twilight Glow PF (IS) Wingard
17A. Satin From Silk SF Gress/Kolter
17B. Tom Jones SM Anderson
18A. Lemon McGee PF Minnard
18B. Deb Dynamite SF Anderson
19A. Peacedale Duke SM Peters
19B. Hard Driving Lucy PF McCarl
20A. Molly SF (IS) Bressler
20B. Winterset Steadfast SF Minard
21A. Sober Run Pop PM Minard
21B. Bye

More updates from the Pheasant trials in OH

The Derby completed, with the following placements

1:            Cedaroak Jack, Owner / Handler T Honecker
2;            Erin’s Kentucky Gambler, Owner / Handler S Derrig
3:            Erin’s Stony River, Owner / Handler S Derrig

National Open Championship started at 1:00 pm.  Three braces completed.

Jazzland Ike, up for failure to Back, White’s Solid Reward, multiple pheasant and quail finds finished the hour.

Cedaroak Delta Dawn and Merrihills Brute, both lost and trackers requested.

Erin’s Tin Soldier was scratched after his win of the International, Gametime finished the hour with a UP and a find on Pheasant.

WI Cover Dog Championship

A strong field of 46 dogs competed over the grounds of the Chippewa Valley Grouse Dog Association near Augusta, WI.  Grouse and woodcock were plentiful and the winner was Satin from Silk a setter female owned and handled by amateur Greg Gress of MN the champion carded 4 magnificent grouse finds on way to her win, HiFives Wrangler a pointer female was named runner up for handler Bruce Minard and her proud owner Dan Ross.  Wrangler was runner up last year here also.

The judges named Hard Driving Lucy (McCarl) and  Magic's Climb K2 (Kolter) as closest to the winners.

Friday, October 9, 2009

International Pheasant Championship Erin's Tin Soldier Declared winner.

Worried about the forecasted
rain but started at 8:15, turned out to be a nice day for bird hunting,
temps in the 50's, light rain or drizzle all day but no hard rain until
after the days running. Finished the championship, completed 4 braces of

Delta Dawn, lost at Time after 2 pheasant and 1 quail find, Merrihills
Carolina, picked up by the handler at 50 after a pheasant find.

Ben Adams, finished the hour with one quail find, Pure Gold finished the
hour bird less

Jazzland Ike, picked up at 30 with two UP's, Bad River picked up at 40 when
told he wasn't beating what was being carried.

Bee Sting and Survivors Little Bill, picked up at 15.

Champion; Erin's Tin Soldier, Sean Derrig

RU; White's Solid Ben, Lefty Henry

Thanks to Randy Hopkins for the updates from OH.


Payette, Ida.—Topping the field of 18 entries in the National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship was Levi’s Painted Strike, pointer male owned by Bridget Ledington of Nampa, Ida., and Jim Ledington of Eagle, Ida., and handled by Bridget. Runner-up was Painted Nickel Jake, pointer male owned by Jim and Martha Ledington and handled by Jim Darin Hintze of Ivins, Utah and Rich Robertson of Payette, Ida., judged the stake.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Pheasant Championship Day 2 updates

Brace 4 Tin soldier finished the hour with 4 finds.  3 pheasants and 1 quail.  Justina finished the hour with 1 find
Brace 5 Gamemaker finished the hour with one up  one stop to flush and one pheasant.  Whites solid reward finished with a pheasant after time.
Brace 6 Sand mtn dr finished the hour with one quail  one pheasant and one up.  Flash jr was lost at 20.
In the afternoon, three braces finished.  Expect heavy rains on Friday not sure on the running, will depend on weather.

       Brace 7, Stoney River, one pheasant find and 2 up’s,                     Dillenger C, one       quail and one pheasant find, finishing the hour

       Brace 8, Gametime, suffered two UP’s, Geisha finished the hour bird less

       Brace 9, Sir Prize, had a UP and was picked up by the handler at about 20, White’s Solid Ben, finished the hour with one Pheasant, one Quail and one up.



Boy the field trial season is sure in full swing and last Saturday the kids got involved, I bet a great time was had by all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

National Amateur Pheasant Championship

Killdeer Plains Wildlife Area
Date of Trial : October 16th, 2009

1)Erin's Foolish Pride
Sean Derrig

1)Boxwood Blizzard
Michael Shears

Fred Corder

2)Bar P Guy
Frank Lanasa

3)Reba's First Choice
Randy Hopkins

3)Erin's Tin Soldier
Sean Derrig

4)Mona Star B
Marion Brown

4)Quick Marksman's Sportster
Larry Earls

5)Dubose Spot
Bobby Dubose

5)Small's Storm Cloud
MIke Small

6)Marques Pure Gold
John Ivester

6)Merrihill's Carolina
Bill Merrifield

7)Merrihill's Dixie Chick
Bill Merrifield

Fred Corder

8)Merrihill's Dakota
Bill Merrifield

8)East Terms
Larry Earls

9)White's Solid Ben
John Ivester

9)Belfield Silver
Don Frigo

10)Touchstone B
Marion Brown

10)Belfield Silver Peach
Don Frigo

11)Touch Star B
Marion Brown

11)Merrihill's Brute
Bill Merrifield

Frank Lanasa

12)Dubose Flash JR
Bobby Dubose

13)Erin's Stoney River
Sean Derrig

Fred Corder

14)White's Solid Reward
John Ivester

14)Bittersweet Deluxe
Ralph Gilotta

15)Boxwood Bandana
Michael Shears

15)Erin's Bad River
Sean Derrig

16)Merrihill's Allience
Bill Merrifield

16)Marques Gold Touch
John Ivester

17)Erin's White Smoke
Scott Jordan

17)Game Time
Fred Corder

18)Center Piece
Frank Lanasa

18)Quick Marksman's Hard Terms
Larry Earls

19)Streetwise Simon
Randy Hopkins

19)Erin's River Road
Scott Jordan

20)Touch Angle B
Marion Brown

20)Bittersweet Dottie
Brad Harter

21)AJ's Buck
Randy Hopkins

21)Flatwood Bo Jack
Don Frigo

22)Tall River
Don Frigo

22)Dubose Flash
Bobby Dubose

National Open Pheasant Championship

National Open Pheasant Championship
Field Trial Held At : Killdeer Plains Wildlife Are
Date of Trial : October 2009

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex
1 Jazzland Ike Pointer M R Downs
   White's Solid Reward Pointer M L Henry
2 Cedaroak Delta Dawn Pointer F T Honecker
    Merrihill's Brute Pointer F B Merrifield
3 Gametime Pointer M R Downs
   Erin's Tin Soldier Pointer M S Derrig
4 Gamemaker Pointer M R Downs
   Geisha Pointer F D Grubb
5 Ard Right Justina Pointer F R Downs
   White's Solid Ben Setter M L Henry
6 Dellinger C Pointer M R Downs
   RW Scarface Pointer M Roger Watson
7 Erin's Bad River Pointer M S Derrig
   Amariage Pointer M R Downs
8 Survivor's Little Bill Pointer M R Downs
   Merrihill's Carolina Pointer F B Merrifield
9 Sand Mtn Doctor Pointer M R Downs
   Marque's Pure Gold Pointer M L Henry
10 Erin's Stoney River Pointer M S Derrig
    Ben Adams Pointer M R Downs
11 Blackhawk's Little doll Pointer F D Grubb
    Reba's First Choice Pointer M R Downs
12 Sir Prize Pointer M R Downs
    Cedaroak Bee Sting Pointer F T Honecker
13 Merrihill's Alliance Pointer M R Downs

International Pheasant Championship - Derby

International Pheasant Championship - Derby
Field Trial Held At : Killdeer Plains Wildlife Are
Date of Trial : October 2009

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex
1 CedarOak Jack Pointer M T Honecker
Erin's Whiskey River Pointer M S Derrig
2 Kosmo Pointer M R Downs
Marques's Big Bucks Pointer M L Henry
3 Cross City Bocephous Pointer M R Downs
Scottish Glory Pointer M D Grubb
4 Hub City Lancer Pointer M R Downs
Dubose's Flash Jr Pointer M B Dubose
5 Outland Express Pointer M R Downs
Marque's Free Agent Pointer M L Henry
6 Erin's Foolish Pride Pointer M S Derrig
Buefords Game Physican Pointer M R Downs
7 Erin's Stoney River Pointer M S Derrig
Cedaroak Joe Pointer M T Honecker
8 Erin's Kentucky Gambler Pointer M S Derrig
GameTaker Pointer M R Downs
9 Fantastic Samatha Pointer F (IS) R Downs
10 Pandora C Pointer F (IS) R Downs

International Pheasant Championship Day-1

The International started at 1:00 this afternoon with three braces being completed.

Brace 1, Reba's First Choice lost;  Marques Gold Touch, had 2 pheasant finds and finished the hour.

Brace 2, Merrihill's Brute lost;  Alliance suffered two unproductive.

Brace 3, Amaradge had 2 quail and 1 pheasant finds finishing the hour, Flash had two finds, one quail and one pheasant along with a back and also finished the hour.

Weather was good, windy but Fine.

International Pheasant Championship

International Pheasant Championship
Field Trial Held At : Killdeer Plains Wildlife Are
Date of Trial : October 2009

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex
1 Reba's First Choice Pointer M R Downs
   Marques Gold Touch Pointer M L Henry
2 Merrihill's Alliance Pointer M R Downs
   Merrihill's Brute Pointer M B Merrifieeld
3 Amaradge Pointer M R Downs
  Dubose's Flash Pointer M B Dubose
4 Erin's Tin Soldier Pointer M S Derrig
   Ard Rite Justina Pointer F R Downs
5 White's Solid Reward Pointer M L Henry
   Gamemaker Pointer M R Downs
6 Sand Mtn Doctor Pointer M R Downs
   Dubose's Flash Pointer M B Dubose
7 Erin's Stoney river Pointer M S Derrig
  Dillenger C Pointer M R Downs
8 Gametime Pointer M R Downs
  Geisha Pointer F D Grubb
9 Sir Prize Pointer M R Downs
   White's Solid Ben Pointer M L Henry
10 Cedaroak Delta Dawn Pointer F T Honecker
    Merrihill Carolina Pointer F B Merrifield
11 Ben Adams Pointer M R Downs
    Marques Pure Gold Pointer M L Henry
12 Jazzland Ike Pointer M R Downs
    Erin's Bad River Pointer M S Derrig
13 Cedaroak Bee Sting Pointer F T Honecker
     Survivors Little Bill Pointer M R Downs

76th American Field Pheasant Futurity

76th American Field Pheasant Futurity
Field Trial Held At : Killdeer Plains Wildlife Are
Date of Trial : October 6, 2009

26 entries

Erin's Foolish Pride, Sean Derrig

Picture from Erin's Kennels Website

Erin's Kentucky Gambler,  Sean Derrig

                                                       Picture from Erin's Kennels Website

Phillips Storm Line, Nathan Phillips

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

National Open Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog CH-----Open Derby Winners

1st     Little Miss Sunshine    PF           Frank Lanasa        owner and handler
2nd   Houston's Blackjack   SM         Frank Lanasa        Handler   Frank and Dr Paul Hauge owners
3rd    Homemade                PF           Frank Lanasa        owner and handler

Interesting sidenote the Winner of the Open and Amateur Championships and 2 of the 3 derby winners were sired by the same dog, CH Front n Center.

National Open Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog CH Winners

CH  Centerpiece           PM      Frank LaNassa

RU  Hawthorn Big Shooter  PM     Jim Tande


These 2 dogs were in the last brace of the Championship.

Monday, October 5, 2009

NorthEastern Grouse & Woodcock Championship

30 Entries

Champion Thunderhills Zeus PM  Handled by Dave Hughes

RU Champion Long Gone Madison SF Handled by Dave Hughes

Sunday, October 4, 2009

National Amateur Pheasant Championship

Baldwinsville, NY

CH  Ben's Blue, Toby Tobiassen.

RU Waybetter Jade Carl Bishop

Thursday, October 1, 2009

National Amateur Prairie Chicken SD CH

Winner. Irhke's Winchester. PM. Irhke

RU. Grouse Feather Trooper. SM. Dunbar

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