Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tootsie Hurdle Open AA

National Championship Qualifier
Hell Creek WMA,  New Albany, MS
Dr. Jerry Champion and Don May judges
41 Dogs

1st   Miller's Happy Jack           PM                   Gary Lester       O/H
2nd  Touch's Green River          PM                   Keith Wright      O/H
3rd   Thunder Snowy                PM                   Doug Arthur Owner Steve Hudle Handler

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


CH  Mohawk Mill Blaze        PM              Gary Winall   O/H

RU  Rain Crow Beau             PM             Owned by G. B. Hatcher/ Handled by Sammy Giddens


Topping the field of 34 dogs in the M. F. Ferguson Classic at the Lake Murray venue, Ardmore, Okla., was Trailrider’s Delight, pointer female owned by Mike Faherty of Liberty Hill, Tex., and handled by Frank Ford. Earning second was Quail Alley Rose, pointer female owned by Ken Raney of Richardson, Tex., and also handled by Frank Ford. Third was Bar P Hotshot, pointer male owned by Brad Calkins of Englewood, Colo., and handled by Chuck Taylor.

Twenty-five dogs competed n the Northwest Oklahoma Derby Classic. Named first was Blackrock’s Widowmaker, pointer female owned by Ken Lane and handled by Virgil Moore. Our Gang Petey, pointer male owned by Dan Hensley and handled by Terry Smith, placed second. Reed’s Rockin Miranda, pointer female owned by Gregory Reed of Moore, Okla., and handled by Gary Hill, was third.

Judging both stakes were Dan Wisely of Powderly, Tex., and Conrad Plevnic of Terrell, Tex.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog CH

Region 16 Champion Lester's Gold Digger, owned and handled by Jack Miller 

Runner-Up Ch R J's Hardcopy, owned by Neil and Sanders Walker

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fitch Farms

Fitch Farms - Galena Plantation
Holly Springs, MS

Open All Age

1st:   Thunder Snowy Doug Arthur Owner/Steve Hurdle Handler
2nd:  Amirage Dr. Fred Corder Owner/Randy Downs Handler
3rd:   Hytest Spymaster Dr. Mary Beth Esser Owner/Ray Warren Handler

Open Derby
1st:   Lester's Whiteout Gary Lester Owner/Ike Todd Handler
2nd:  Hendrix's Headliner Guy Hendrix Owner/Burke Hendrix Handler
3rd:   Sir Eaton Hoyle Eaton, Owner/Handler

American Quail Classic- open all age

National Qualifier- Open All Age

Judges JD Bumpas and Gary Baird
26 dogs

1st  Gamemaker- Fred Corder O/H
2nd  Snowatch - Gary Lester O/H
3rd  Crouses Serene Mike Crouse O/H

Hats go off to the fine members of the Clarksville Pointer and Setter club who put on a wonderful trial despite losing Ben Adams in a tragic accident.  Ben was the heart and soul of the trial, but the club members did one hell of a job in carrying  on his tradition.  All dogs were placed on bird work at this premier wild bird venue.   We saw birds virtually every brace.  There was a lot of laughter in the gallery and good sportsmanship was exhibited by all particiapants.  Ben may not have been at the trial physically, but his spirit prevailed.  

Blake Kukar

Friday, December 18, 2009

Buck Tuck National CH Qualifier

1st Elhew Sinbad             PM        Daugherty

2nd  Three Ten to Yuma  PM        Anderson

3rd   Miller's Happy Jack  PM       Lester

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Region 16 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship
1. Cisco Kid PM Perry
1. Jamback’s Blind Date PF Capps
2. Bridges Lake Pat PF Moore
2. Josey Wales PM Crosby
3. Chambliss Mill Pepper PF Gibson
3. Neely’s Strickly Business PF Neely
4. No Boundries PM Spiller
4. Dubose Bobby PM Dubose
5. Lester’s Gold Digger PF Miller
5. My Mustang Sally PF Moore
6. G.I. Jane PF Perry
6. Wild Child PM Goza
7. Neely’s Hot Pepper PF Neely
7. Dubose Flash PM Dubose
8. Spectactular Gold Streak PM Hicks
8. Astroglide’s Image PM Goodson
9. Bluebar Dot PF Hood
9. B W Zeke PM York
10. Native Trouble PM Harkins
10. Big Swamp Stroll PF Rhyne
11. Silverline Mack PM Goza
11. C S Gator PM Gibson
12. Crouch’s Serindipty PF Pinson
12. Class Act Special PM Walker
13. Play It Again PF Wood
13. Hardup Road Jesse PF Moore
14. Sinfad’s Cajun PM Roberts
14. Heard’s Hill Queen Mary PF Heard
15. Alabama Thunder PM McDuffie
15. Woodhill Mark SM J. Moses
16. Sparrowhawk PF M. Moses
16. Crouch’s Prerogrative PF Crouch
17. Rester’s Copper Penny PF Capps
17. Lovin’s Cuttin & Strutten PM Neely
18. Speck In The Eye PM Atkins
18. Exit Wound PM McDuffie
19. Tripmaker PM Perry
19. Neely’s New York PF Neely
20. Dubose Flash Jr. PM Dubose
20. Crouch’s Scoot Coot PM Crouch
21. Greyhawk PM M. Moses
21. Clovis Point Ty PM Walker
22. Hawk’s Song PM M. Moses
22. C S Field Gate PM Gibson
23. Timeline Lane PF Peterson
23. Crouch’s Cybercast PM Crouch
24. Monsoon Season PM Goodson
24. Street Sense PM Johnson
25. Houston’s Blue Diamond SM Leonard
25. Panther Creek Snapshot PF Rutland
26. Anticipation’s Allegaretto PF McDavid
26. Jamback’s Sugar PF Capps
27. R. J. Hardcopy PM Walker
27. Casehill Little Buck PM Richardson
28. Cox’s Arc Fault PM Cox
28. Gold Buckle PM White
29. Panther Creek Jewel PF Rutland
29. Dubose Spot PM Dubose
30. Chaperone ISM Leonard
30. Iron Stone Jungle King SM Richardson
31. Crouch’s Resolution PM Pinson
31. Cox’s Tomahawk PM Cox
32. It’s Only Money Honey PF Miller
32. Dubose Princess PF Dubose
33. Class Act Mark PM Walker
33. Bye

Clarksville Pointer Setter Club American Quail Classic

Cedartown Open Shooting Dog Classic

43 Dogs entered

1st Erin's Backstreet Affair        PF                 Luke Eisenhart

2nd Talisman                                PM                Mike Tracy 

3rd  Richfield Silver Bell              PF                 Luke Eisenhart

Monday, December 14, 2009

US Open Championship

Champion    Poison                    PM         Handled by Tommy Davis

RunnerUp    Shell Creek Coin    PM         Handled by  Steve Hurdle


The Benton County Open stakes were held at Whippoorwill Farm, Michigan City, Miss. The Open All-Age drew 21 dogs for Judges Burke Hendrix and Gary McKibben of Hernando, Miss. First was Whippoorwill Radiance, pointer female owned by Dr. Jack D. Huffman and handled by Larry Huffman. Second was Strut, pointer male owned by Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga., and Tommy Davis of Albany, Ga., and handled by Tommy. Third was Whippoorwill Firebox, pointer female owned by Earl Connolly of Memphis, Tenn., and handled by Larry Huffman.

The Open Derby drew six dogs for Judges Gary McKibben and Lefty Henry. First was Hendrix’s Headline, pointer male owned by Burke and Guy Hendrix; second was Whippoorwill Wild Night, pointer male owned by Dr. Jack Huffman, and third was Whippoorwill Spec, also owned by Dr. Huffman.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Region 6 Amateur AA Championship

Huntingdon TN
Judges Mac Conyers and Greg St John
54 dogs

CH. Lester's Snowatch. Gary Lester O-H
RU-CH. Gamemaker Dr Fred Corder O-H

Blake W Kukar

National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Patrick, South Carolina

Champion     Chasehill Little Bud     PM           Eli Richardson 

RU                Calico's Catch and Release         Frank Henderson

Arkansas Open Shooting Dog CH

Winner    Hot Topic                PF                  Shawn Kinkelaar

RU          Merrihill Carolina      PF                 Shawn Kinkelaar 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Atlantic Coast Shooting Dog Championship

CH.   Erin's Dancing Queen           PF                Luke Eisenhart

RU    The Insider                          SM               Luke Eisenhart

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gulf Coast Shooting Dog Championship

CH. Barbaro

Champion   Barbaro                        SM                        Doug Ray

Runner Up   Hardup Road Jessie   PF                        Doug Ray

Elhew Gunner also handled by  Doug was given an honorable mention.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

AFTCA Amateur All Age Invitational

Ames Plantation
Grand Junction, TN

CH Mohawk Mill Sportster             PM                 Gary Winall

RU Millers Happy Jack                   PM                  Gary Lester

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship

69 Dogs Entered

CH Elhew Hannabelle                 PF               Kinkelaar Handler     Dr.'s Morgan Owners

RU Coveyrise Offlee Amazin     PM             Kinkelaar  Handler    Dr.'s Morgan and Gary Hertz Owners


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Region 6 Amateur All Age Championship

Region 6 Amateur All Age Championship

Entry Fee: $100.00 Field Trial Held At : Huntingdon, TN

Judges: Date of Trial : December 10, 2009
Bobby McAlexander
Mac Conyers

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex Handler
1 SF Bootstrap Pointer M Earl Connolly
Dakota Sun Pointer M Brannon Tippett

2 Boxwood Bandana Pointer M Micheal Shears
Lady Volunteer Pointer FM Bill Suiter

3 Dakota Mystery Pointer FM Angie Marcino
Hibrow Cat Pointer M Gary McKibben

4 Dakota Mistress Pointer FM David Williams
Ard Righ Blackjack Pointer M Dave Breslin

5 Dakota Sweetheart Pointer FM David Williams
Boumeester's Hot Rod Pointer M Rick Boumeester

6 Marque's Pure Gold Pointer M John Ivester
Mohawk Mill Blaze Pointer M Gary Winall

7 Cold Water Flirt Pointer FM Gary McKibben
Magic Line Pointer FM Mason Ashburn

8 Erin's Bad River Pointer M Sean Derrig
Harbor City Hummer Setter M Gary Winall

9 Marque's Real Fancy Pointer in Season FM John Ivester
Boumeester's Andretti Pointer in Season FM Rich Boumeester

10 Buck Cherry Pointer M Jamie Brightwell
So. Parlay Pointer M Leland Dye

11 Boumeester's Closer Pointer M Rich Boumeester
Lester Snowatch Pointer M Gary Lester

12 Whizki Britney M Leland Dye
Miller's Happy Jack Pointer M Gary Lester

13 Thunder Snowy Pointer in Season FM Doug Arthur
Chief Honcho Mae Pointer FM Perry Lacy

14 Small's Storm Cloud Pointer M Mike Small
Ard Righ Justina Pointer FM Blake Kukar

15 Dillinger Pointer M Fred Corder
Erin's Stoney River Pointer M Sean Derrig

16 Rester's Mutual Fun Pointer FM Cecil Rester
Amirage Pointer M Fred Corder

17 Touch's Green River Pointer M Keith Wright
Rester's Avalanche Pointer M Cecil Rester

18 Fantastic Red Pointer M Burke Hendrix
Phillip's Storm Line Pointer M Nathan Phillips

19 Mohawk Mill Sportster Pointer M Gary Winall
Ben Adams Pointer M Blake Kukar

20 Get Back Jack Setter M Gary Winall
Dakota Magic Pointer FM Allison Williams

21 Survivor's Little Bill Pointer M Blake Kukar
Erin's Whiskey Diver Pointer M Sean Derrig

22 Game Maker Pointer M Fred Corder
Boxwood Blizzard Pointer M Michael Shears

23 Mosshill Magic Pointer M Brian Spear
Rebel Dream Pointer FM Allison Williams

24 Chief Honcho Bill Pointer M Perry Lacy
Rester's Proline Pointer M Cecil Rester

25 Mohawk Mill Ride Pointer M Gary Winall
White's Solid Reward Pointer M John Ivester

26 Marque's Lucky Strike Pointer FM John Ivester
Miller's Atomic Rain Pointer FM Gary Lester

27 Hendrix's Headliner Pointer M Burke Hendrix
Mohawk Mill Pirate Pointer M Gary Winall

US Complete Amateur Invitational Championship

CH Pinekone Spade SM Ashby Morgan

RU CH Bob's Miller Sue PF Bobby Phillips

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kentucky Quail Classic

Kentucky Quail Classic

1st: Lester's Snowatch Gary Lester owner/handler
2nd: Push The Limit Randy Anderson handler
3rd: Gamemaker Randy Downs handler

Kentucky Quail Classic Open Derby

1st Lester's Sky Gary Lester owner Ike Todd handler
2nd BB's Big Bonus Bill Bruce owner Ray Warren handler
3rd Lester's Tom Cruise Gary Lester owner Ike Todd handler

The California Chukar CH

CH Tekoa Mountain Jettsun

RU Sand Creek Annie

Friday, December 4, 2009

California Championships

The California All-Age drew 28, and the winner was Highground Jax Jabba, setter male owned by Charles and Kara Kunde of Fossil, Ore., and handled by Lori Steinshouer. Runner-up was Idaho’s Clean Sweep, pointer male owned by Steve Jones of Oregon City, Ore., and handled by Sheldon Twer.

Judges for the All-Age were Gary Cowell of Lancaster, Mo., and John Keel of Oakdale, Cal.

The Shooting Dog Championship was won by Stinson’s Kickapoo, setter male owned by Dr. Hal Meyer of Kingsburg, Cal., and handled by Twer. Runner-up was Saddle Up Non Believers, pointer female owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Auburn, Cal. Judges for the second feature were Gary Cowell and Terry Erickson of Laguna Hills, Cal.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009 Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship

2009 Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship 
Beginning on 12/4/09 
Judges David Lewis and Jon Davis 
Purse Champion 5796.00
             RU               2484.00 
1) Jayhawk PM Kinkelaar
 Honkytonk Lone Ranger  PM  Miller
2) Rock Acre Dreamgirl PF  Newcomb
Cache Creek cash  PM Smith
3) Nella’s Runnin Tab PM Kinkelaar
Ninnescah Trigger PM Stretz
4) Mantco’s Manntie Bayock RSF Miller
Mule Creek Priceliss SM Lord
5) Notorious Sugar Love PF Hailey
Salty Dog Playmaker PM McDowell
6) Rockacre Blackbelt  PM Lord
Merriheill Dakota PF Kinkelaar
7) Four River Covergirl PF Kinkelaar
Ninnescah Paris PF Stretz
8) Roller’s Ozark Bill  PM  Hailey
Hot Topic PF Kinkelaar
9) This Way Joe PM McDowell
  Blackhawk Breeze PF Lord
10) Elhew Hannabell  PF Kinkelaar
Stormin Pesanco PM Herriage
11) Superstition Desert Hawk PM Newcomb
Boogie Time  PF   Ornsby
12) Sunsmoke BM Hailey
Stormin Arrowsmith  PM Herriage
13) Silver Rain X PM  Taylor
Kaw Valley Sam  PM McDowell
14) Ninnescah Blue PM  Stretz
 Stock Broker  PM Hailey
15) Dunwell’s Mac  PM  Rowell
Fibber’s Molly McGee  PF Kinkelaar

16)  Lock n Load    PF     Stretz
 Gin Creek Onyx    PF      Lock N Load
17)  Master Hawk   PM   Lord
Gold Nugget Chip    PM  Darnell
18)  Upton’s Wayward Judy   PF    Taylor
Goshen’s Bullmarket    PM              Miller
19)   Blackhawk Tex     PM       Lord
CHKI Medicine Max     PM        Herriage
20)  Mt. Nebo’s Lefty   PM       Hazelwood
 Bloomer’s Elhew Luke PM      McDowell
21)  Thousand Dollar Chance   PM  Miller
Covey Rise Offlee Amazin  PM  Kinkelaar
22)  Taylor Swift      PF     Smith
Tuscan Sun               PM    Taylor
23)  Impact               PF       Taylor
Blackhawk Wiley     PM      Lord
24)  Ninnescah Wiley PM   Lord
Merrihill Carolina     PF   Kinkelaar
25)  Spectacular Attraction  PM   Ornsby
Jim Fork Jackson   PM   Smith
26)  High Dollar Trip  PM  Hailey
Quicksilver Quickfire   PM   Beeler
27)  Four River Commander  PM   Kinkelaar
Lindsey               PF      Lord
28)  Wild Covey Cold Front   PM   Hailey
Deet Powder      PM    Smith
29)  Hollywood Buddy    PM   Miller
Fearless Little Bit     PF   McDowell
30)  Bighawk   PM  Lord
Merrihill Bravo  PM  Stretz
31)  Over Yonder Hank   PM  Smith
Hightail Cowboy   PM   Hailey
32)  Maxjack’s Tot      PF   Herriage
Winning Combination  PM   Woodard
33)  Dogwood Meg    PF   Kinkelaar
Tiawiah Lightning Rod  PM  Miller
34)  Flight Risk  PF  Taylor
Ninnescah Queen Bee  PF  Stretz
35)  Swami’s Pride     PM    Taylor

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

South Carolina Open Shooting Dog CH

57 entered.

CH The Insider SM Luke Eisenhart

RU Mohawk Mill Dana PF Luke Eisenhart

2008-2009 Cover Dog Handler of the Year Award

The first Coverdog handler of the year award sponsored by Purina was awarded on Nov. 2 2009. The winner was Dave Hughes of Grampian, Pa. Top Ten Point Totals were as follows :
Dave Hughes 3784
Scott Chaffee 2899
Mike Flewelling 2260
Joe McCarl 2134
Marc Forman 1590
Bruce Minard 1536
Dave D'Hustler 1280
John Stolgitis 1264
Scott Forman 1242
Mickey Fancher 1002

Posted by George Johnson on the Coverdog Field Trial Message Board.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 California Pheasant Championship

Sacramento Bird Dog Club
2009 California Pheasant Championship
By Jared Tappero

This was the 68th renewal of the California Pheasant Championship, held again at the Thermalito Afterbay Wildlife Area, Oroville, CA.  The Thermalito Afterbay is a shallow reservoir that functions to warm the frigid water of Lake Oroville and control flows of the Feather River.  The landscape is open, and provides many objectives for a big running dog to seek out.  The afterbay features serrated shorelines with bays, peninsulas, and islands, the edges of which are densely vegetated with tule and sedges.  Groves of eucalyptus and cottonwood dot the rolling landscape which is covered with short stature grasses and scattered clumps of brush.  Across the landscape are large feed plots the Department of Fish and game has been disking and planting that are intended to provide forage for gamebirds and control the spread of a noxious weed called star thistle.  Horses, dogs, and man alike dread this weed as it stands about knee height and is armed with a spiny head of inch-long spikes that can make their way through clothing and skin and cause great discomfort.  One of the challenges of this renewal was running dogs and horses through the plum thicket, as it, and the adjacent feed plot, were being disked and planted with a large John-Deere tractor operated by Fish and Game employees.
The running began Friday morning, October 30, and concluded at noon Saturday, October 31.  A total of seventeen dogs were run in this Championship stake, four setters and thirteen pointers, ten of them being Champions.  The Open Derby was not run due to a lack of entries.

Named Champion was Deception’s Smoke, orange and white setter male owned and handled by local professional Ron Shuman of Woodland, CA.  Smoke ran in the eighth brace and had a consistently forward race with three finds, one pheasant and two on quail.

            Runner-up was Tracer’s Memory, liver and white pointer female owned and handled by amateur stalwart Torben Hansen of Reno, Nevada.  This was Kate’s second Runner-up in the Pheasant Championship in as many years.  She ran in the third brace, had a consistently forward race, and finished with two pheasant finds.

Judges for this year’s running were Bob Tennant, San Jose, CA, and John Keel, Oakdale, CA.  Bob has been around the field trial scene out west since 1972, and does a fair amount of Judging for the Fresno, Fat Toads, and Santa Clara Valley Bird Dog Clubs.  John is a member of the West Valley Bird Dog Club, and is presently serving as President of Region 11, AFTCA.  We thank both Judges for their time and effort in judging this Stake.

The weather both days was exceptional in comparison to last year’s renewal when six-inches of rain fell over the two days, and left the grounds a quagmire.  For this years stake both days began cool and crisp, warming in the afternoons.  Scenting conditions were good with a slight breeze blowing throughout both days.  There was no shortage of bird work, as three prior trials had littered the landscape with Bobwhite quail and Chukar.  And while the local pheasant population lacks past numbers, wild bird contacts were made.  For the Championship, the local pheasant population was supplemented with pen raised hens that flew exceptionally well. Ten of the 17 dogs that started (59%) contacted a total of 16 pheasants. In addition, a total of 14 coveys of bobwhite quail were contacted by a total of 8 dogs. Only 2 dogs that were down for the full hour did not have a pheasant contact, and only one dog that ran the full hour went birdless.

Members of the Sacramento Bird Dog Club would like to thank all that volunteered their time to make this trial possible. Bird planting duties were shared by club Secretary Charlie Hjerpe, Mike Stephens, and Jim and Cami Wolthuis.  Jim and Cami also helped with the dog truck as did club president Rudy Difuntorum.  Rudy also prepared the sloppy-joe lunch served Friday afternoon, which was enjoyed by all.  The club would especially like to thank Purina for sponsoring the renewal.  Without Purina’s help running this stake would not have been possible.


The Running

Stinson’s Kickapoo (Twer) and Saddle Up Non-Believers (Kelly) were cast off promptly at 8:09 am Friday morning from the end of Wilbur Road, both dogs off strong and along the edge heading to seminar grove.  Through the gate both dogs were to the front and needed to be redirected at the crossroads as they were headed to the plum thicket.  Both handlers were able to get their dogs around and on course, Kickapoo (Pete) going on point near the cottonwood at 9 on his way back to the crossroads.  A pheasant was flushed for the proudly standing setter, all was in order.  Both dogs are to the front hunting the edge towards burnt hill, Non-Believers (Patsy) a bit more forward than Pete.  Pete has his second find at 13, a pheasant is flushed near the cottonwoods just before burnt hill.  Both dogs are around burnt hill to the front and hunting the edge, handlers are together at dog fight island, with dogs forward and heading to the plum thicket.  Point is called at 25 for Patsy on the far side of a tangled mass comprised of multiple plum trees growing together, Pete backing.  The flushing attempt is prolonged due to the density of the thicket and Pete is moved on, shortly thereafter a pheasant is produced for the loftily standing pointer.  Both dogs are through the pipe gate and across the feed plots, hunting through heron grove.  Patsy is found standing at 34 at the cottonwood after crossing the dam.  Pete was evidently passed by handlers and the gallery at heron grove, and coming from behind backs Patsy with style.  After a short flushing attempt in short cover her handler chooses to relocate, and on relocation a pheasant is pushed to the air, dog stopping at the flush.  Both dogs are distant and to the front around the perimeter of the big island, and are collected by their handlers at time just past heron grove.

Idaho Clean Sweep (Twer) and IB Boston (Hansen) are cast off at the pipe gate both dogs crossing the dam, Boston (Pricey) making a big move towards the plum thicket, Clean Sweep (Tuffy) a bit shorter hunting the edge towards the crossroads.  At the junction Tuffy makes the right, on course, and hunts the edge through the gate past the grove.  Pricey is to the left at the crossroads, collected, and brought to the front by her handler.  Both dogs are to the front and hunting the edge back towards Wilbur Road.  Crossing to cement hill Pricey is found on point at 25 at the oak grove. After a prolonged flushing attempt she is moved on, taking an unproductive.  At 35 Tuffy goes on point at the blackberry bush, a pheasant is produced, all in order.  Both dogs are forward leaving cement hill, past Wilbur Road, and towards the gate.  Through the gate both dogs push past the crossroads towards burnt hill.  Tuffy goes on point at 50, Pricey not acknowledging the standing dog continues on and is eventually picked up. After a short flushing attempt no bird is produced, and the pointer is moved on, time elapsing shortly after rounding burnt hill.

Highground Jax Jabba (Steinshouer) and Tracer’s Memory (Hansen) are off fast towards the crossroads, both handlers riding to collect their dogs and get them through to the plum thicket.  Department of Fish and Game tractors are busy disking and planting the feed plot, in and around the plum thicket, not having any impact on the focus of these two dogs. Through the pipe gate at the big ditch, Jabba is found standing at 13.  With head and tail held high the stylish setter stands for the flush, all in order as the shot is fired.  Both dogs are together across the dam past heron grove.  At 17 Jabba is found standing at the cottonwood near Jack’s bay, moving during the flushing attempt he is collared, ending his bid.  Kate was next seen at 20 pointing near a willow at the base of Jack’s hill.  After a prolonged flushing attempt and relocation she was moved on, making a big forward cast along the perimeter of the big island, next to be seen at the eucalyptus grove.  She is past heron grove and through the pipe gate, collected, and sent across the dam where she is found at 55 pointing with head and tail high.  A pheasant was produced and the speedy little pointer is moved on.  Making a big cast towards the plum thicket she is collected by the scout and sent toward the junction where at 58 point is called.  A pheasant was flushed and shortly thereafter time called.

Highground Galoglas (Steinshouer) and Super Express Protocol (Twer) were fast and forward from the crossroads through the gate and past seminar grove.  Just past the grove at 5 Galoglos (Al) with a stop to flush stands as a large covey of bobwhite leave the tall grass in bursts.  Along the edge and out front to cement hill both dogs shorten up going through the cottonwood grove, then extend their range working the edge around the feed plot.  Al a bit more to the front is found standing at 20 near the blackberry bush.  Protocol (Junior) not seeing the action continues on.  After a short flushing attempt a pheasant is produced for the proudly standing setter.  Dogs are seen to the front past Wilbur Road and collected at the gate where they are watered.  Past the crossroads and out to burnt hill Al is found pointing at 40 another pheasant being produced.  At 47 Junior with a find gets overly anxious, putting birds into the air, and is collared.  Al making a right at the crossroads is through the plum thicket, hunting to the front past the pipe gate where he is found on point at 57.  In short order a pheasant is produced flying directly over the standing setter.  Time is called shortly thereafter.

Justa Bullett (Smith) and Waygoing Slick (Stephens) are down first after lunch leaving Wilbur Road in high gear.  The dogs are next seen coursing through the plum thicket with dust trailing behind them.  Dogs are rounded up by the scouts and sent on to burnt hill.  At 15 both dogs make game along the edge of burnt bay, Bullet (Mike) standing for the bird, Slick slow to honor pushed the pheasant out and was collared.  To the front and around burnt hill Mike hunting the edge has his second find at dog fight island at 23.  A pheasant was produced all in order. Making a big cast Mike continues on through the crossroads and isn’t seen again until he is found standing at 37 just through the pipe gate where a pheasant was flushed for him.  At 45 the pointer is found standing along the edge at Jack’s bay.  After a prolonged flushing attempt and relocation he is moved on.  To the front and around Jack’s hill he is found pointing at 57 near the berry bushes.  After a short flushing attempt he is relocated and upon moving flushes a small covey of bobwhite and is picked up.

Kelly Talk’n Smak (Kelley) and Sounding Creek Annie (Hjerpe) leave the base of Jack’s hill, hunting the edge, fast and to the front.  At 10 Annie is found standing along the north edge of the big island where a single bobwhite is produced.  Smak not being seen since the initial cast is collected by his handler and sent across the dam towards heron grove. Just past the grove, Annie is standing again, and a covey of running bobs is eventually put to wing. At 19 Annie is seen under a pheasant and is collared. Through the gate and across the dam Smak is found at 25 standing loftily at the briar patch just over the rise.  Nose to the wind and tail high in his typical fashion Smak stands proudly through a prolonged flushing attempt only to be rewarded with a single quail.  At the junction Smak goes left but is brought around by his handlers whistle and sent through the gate.  Smak is not seen again until after the gallery circles cement hill and is back to Wilbur Road at which point he is timed out.

Lester’s Night Watch (Gilbertson) and Cache Creek Bully (Shuman) are the first brace off from Wilbur Road Saturday morning.  In a nice initial cast they are through the gate and on past the crossroads, both dogs grabbing ground.  Found on point near burnt hill at 12 Bully is backed staunchly by Night Watch (Rip), a small covey of quail are produced all in order.  Around burnt hill, past dog fight, and through the crossroads Bully is found standing at 24 on the far side of the plum thicket, Rip coming in to back. Quail are in the open and scurrying in front of the handlers and dogs, finally with the toss of a hat the birds take wing and a shot is fired.  Both dogs are to the front and through heron grove.  At 33 Bully is found on point at the cottonwood across the dam where a single quail is produced, all in order.  Showing well over Jack’s hill and around the edge of the big island Bully goes on point at 51 at the cottonwood, Rip after being gone for some time comes in to back, both dogs steady for the flushing quail.  Bully in short order is again on point at 56 between heron grove and the pipe gate with another quail find.  Both dogs finish to the front after crossing the dam.
Over the Line (Bailey) and Deception’s Smoke (Shuman) are off from the crossroads hunting the edge towards Wilbur Road where they are collected and sent along to cement hill, both dogs crossing the marsh well ahead of the handlers.  At 12 Smoke is found on point in the walnut grove, holding steady for the flushing quail, a shot is fired, all is in order.  On through the cottonwood grove and around the feed plot at 19 Smoke is found pointing at the berry bushes where a prolonged and unproductive flushing attempt ensues.  At this time Line (Libby) is collected by her handler after being gone a short time and sent on towards Wilbur Road, Smoke not far behind.  At the crossroads at 39 Smoke has a pheasant find, head and tail held high, the setter holding steady to wing and shot.  Bailey not having Libby since Wilbur Road asks for the tracker.  On towards burnt hill at 45 Smoke is found on point at the cottonwood where another quail is produced for the proud setter.  Around burnt hill and past dog fight Smoke hunts the edge to the front through the crossroads and plum thicket, ending his bid at the pipe gate.

Waygoing Rip (Stephens) and A Bye.  At 10:30 am Saturday Rip is the last dog off in this championship stake.  Leaving the pipe gate by the big ditch Rip is to the front past heron grove and across the dam.  Hunting the edge around Jack’s bay and over the hill he continues on around the perimeter of the big island.  Out front past heron grove Rip is through the pipe gate and to the left across the dam, where he is found standing at 37.  A quail is produced with Rip moving on the flush, ending his bid and the stake.