Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dixie Classics

The Dixie Classics - March 13-15, 2010
Sponsored by the Dixie Classics Field Trial Association

Pat O'Neall Field Trial Grounds, Hatchechubee, Alabama

Please join us for supper
Saturday March 13
at the conclusion of the day's running

Courtesy of Owner Rick Hulse &
Handler John Ray and Mary Kimbrell

In Honor of

Winner of the 2009
Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic

Dixie Open SD Derby Classic - 1hr
Inaugural Running
Judges: John Alderson & Bill Harkins
1a Caladen's Rail Hawk PM Tracy
1b Spec PM Atkins

2a Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Kimbrell
2b Ding PM Perkins

3a Waiting Till Midnight PF Tracy
3b Jiggs PM Kimbrell

4a Uplander's Pocahantas PF Tracy
4b Rosie PF O'Neall

Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic - 1hr
A Purina TSDA and Handler of the Year Points Trial
Judges: John Alderson & Buck Heard

1a No Rules PM Tracy
1b Perkin's Happy To Be Here PM Perkins

2a Santa Fe Pal PM Kimbrell
2b Voyager SM Tracy

3a Hi Drive Catt PM Tracy
3b Mowhawk Mill Rogue PM Thomas

4a Hamilton's Madison SF Perkins
4b Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy

5a R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM Tracy
5b Caladen's White Hawk PM Kimbrell

6a Hastie Hot Pepper PF Kimbrell
6b Little Things PF Tracy

7a Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM Tracy
7b Mountain Jam PM Allison

8a Windflower PF Pombrio
8b M's Kid Rock PM Tracy

9a Big 'N' Rich PM Tracy
9b Panther Creek Bess PF Lee

10a Santa Fe Patches PM Kimbrell
10b Sign Here PM Tracy

11a Calico's Dyno Mite PM Tracy
11b Bobby's Back PM Renfroe

12a Cox's Tomahawk PM Lee
12b High Noon Sport PM Tracy

13a Blue Bar Dot PF Tracy
13b Fix Me Up PM Lee

14a Caladen's Rail Hawk PM Tracy
14b BYE


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