Wednesday, March 24, 2010


MARCH. 31ST. 2010

The first brace will break away on Loleta course #1 at 7:30 am each day.
Eight (8) braces will be run each day.

1A Monterra’s Rock ESM McCarl
1B My Cousin Vinny EPM Hughes

2A Rivers Edge Bella EPF Foreman
2B Pal O’ Mine EPF (IS) McCarl

3A The Sequel EPF Hughes
3B Rivers Edge Sadie ESF ( IS) Foreman

4A Bog Brook Daisy ESF Sheppard
4B Bloom’s Ole Dollar ESF Bressler

5A Grouse River Sheena EPF (IS) Foreman
5B Long Gone Madison ESF Hughes

6A Magic Mist Riley ESF (IS) Dahl
6B Mains Brownie EPF (IS) Mains

7A Upper Cove Desert Devil ESM Foreman
7B Bold Move ESM Brenneman/ Hughes

8A Sportsman’s Molly Brown EPF Stewart
8B Grouse Ridge Rudy ESM Hughes

9A Needle-point Tiger Lilly ESF Bressler
9B Upper Cove Billie-babe ESF (IS) Foreman

10A Birch Ridge Scott ESM Scarpelli
10B Long Gone Boston ESM Hughes

11A Thunderhills Zeus EPM Hughes
11B Main’s Sunshine Hunter EPM Mains

12A 2-Acre True Hope EPF (IS) Richardson
12B Allegheny Maybaby ESF (IS) McCarl

13A Oscaloosa Alley-cat ESF Hughes
13B Mains One-Dot EPF (IS) Mains

14A Full Tilt ESF (IS) Hughes
14B Call Me Kate ESF Merlington

15A Magic Mist Bandit ESF (IS) Dahl
15B Chip’s Peppy- Lepew ESF Foreman

16A Blue-Sky Moonshiner ESM M. Groy
16B Thunderhill’s Ghost-rider EPM Hughes

17A Lake Country Rayden ESM Foreman
17B Lillyhill’s Secret Stash ESM Hughes

18A Texas Cherry-Bomb ESF Foreman
18B Platinum Pendulum EPF (IS) McCarl

19A Cracklin’ Tail Smoke ESM Hughes
19B Chip’s Old Hickory ESM Foreman

20A Hard Driving Rita EPF McCarl
20B Doodle Ridge Jiggs ESM Hughes

21A Star’s Southern Idol ESM Foreman
21B Mojo’s Will ESM Hughes

22A Hard Driving Lucy EPF McCarl
22B Bodacious Hunter ESM Bressler

23A Rocky Point Crash ESM Hughes
23B Grouse River Ace EPM Foreman

24A Sorber Run Pop EPM Foreman
24B Elhew Allegent EPM Hughes

25A American Honey EPF Crumlich
25B Sutter’s Grousewing Rowdie ESF Hughes

26A Chip’s Uncle Buzzy ESM Foreman
26B Texas O’Riley ESM Hughes

27A Kelly’s Rainbow Daisy ESF (IS) Sheppard
27B Shadyhills Bean ESF Foreman

28A Sutter’s Harley-Blue ESM Hughes
28B Cover Charge EPM Crumlich


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