Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship

The Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship at Grand River Iowa will be running six braces a day beginning Friday, March 26 and concluding Monday March 29 if all goes according to plan.

The running order:

Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship
Hickman Ranch, Grand River, IA March 26, 2010

1. Skydancer Big Time SM Dennis Lutinski
Hard Rappin Sarah SF Alan Worth

2. Eldad Nicador PM John Shure
Noon’s Citation PM Charlie Beeler

3. Royal Addition Grumpy PM Walt Simmons
Easy Attitude Buddy PM Gary Mandernach

4. Salty Dog Playmaker PM Jeff Fraser
Nemaha Taxi PM Pat McInteer

5. Salty Dog Sugar PF Jeff Fraser
Westfall’s Joy PF (IS) Ryan Westfall

6. Greypointe Gladiador PM Doug Meyer
Nemaha Wipeout PM Pat McInteer

7. Beeler’s Itron PM Charlie Beeler
Ima Redneck Woman PF Todd Babbel

8. Royal Addition Buck PM Walt Simmons
Tameroons Last Shot PM Dennis Burgess

9. Sunstorm’s Reign SM Greg Morgan
Westfall’s Belle Express PF Richard Lewis

10. Skydancer Dancing Bull SM Dennis Lutinski
Rapper’s Rappin Rambo SM Alan Worth

11. Hideaway Tallboy PM Todd Babbel
A Noble Addition PM Ned Myers

12. Artie’s Royal Mac SM Randy Herman
Oakgrove Gingersnap PF Doug Riesner

13. Bound To Please PM Gib Thomas
Vicki’s Wild Again PF Mike Majewski

14. Tommy Rocket SM Paul Roederer
Notorious Doc Holiday PM John Mathias

15. Westfall’s Joy PF (IS) Ryan Westfall
Ringafire Sweetwater PF (IS) David Taylor

16. Tameroon’s Miss Sin PF Dennis Burgess
Windy Hill Buck PM Mike Roush

17. Westfall’s Quick Gold PF (IS) Ryan Westfall
Katie Bar The Door PF Todd Babbel

18. Notorious Red Bull PM John Mathias
Ringafire Eclipse PF David Taylor

19. Lock N Load PF Bob Reynolds
Waubeek Brass PM Mark Livingston

20. Waubeek Brutal Sin PM Mark Livingston
Gailen’s Lotto Kip PM Gailen Cooper

21. Bomberstone Diva SF Randy Herman
Vicki’s Maggie Mae PF Mike Majewski


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