Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Southern New England Woodcock Ch.

The South County Field Trial Club Championship draw was very well attended,hosts Dave Marshall and Sara Conygham made sure club members Ed McGovern Joel Collier,Bob and Leslie Fleury,John Stolgitis,Phil Woody,Butch Lilly,Karen"complaining"Unsworth and Judge Joe Rovinski were well fed and hydrated.The oldest club member and who our derby stake is run in honor of, Joel Collier, drew all of the thirty four dogs.The course order will be as follows:Barber Farm,PineTop,Cemetery,Bridge Course(6).We will stay in rotation and will try to run a minimum of six braces a day but once it starts it is solely in the judges hands. 

1a.Centerville Awsum Bill pm Conygham
1b.Star's Southern Idol sm Foreman
2a.High Desert Dream pf Foreman
2b.Sweet Pea pm Stolgitis
3a.True Patriot sm Short
3b.Texas Cherry Bomb sf Foreman
4a.River's Edge Bella pf Foreman
4b.Lancelot's Lickity Split pf Woody
5a.Magic Mist Bandit sf Dahl
5b.Upper Cove Desert Devi sm Foreman
6a.Lake country Rayden sm Foreman
6b.Magic Mist Riley sf Dahl
7a.Secret Weapon pf Stolgitis
7b.Grouse River Ace pm Foreman
8a.Chip's Uncle Buzzy sm Foreman
8b.Chasehill Little Bud pm Stolgits
9a.Sunkhaze Fast Break pm Flewelling
9b.Why Not Kristy pf Robbins
10a.Grouse River Sheena pf Foreman
10b.Bog Brook Rigby sf Stolgitis
11a.Sportsman Molly Brown pf Stewart
11b.River's Edge Sadie sf Foreman
12a.Why Not Chip pm Robbins
12b.Sunkhaze Spaulding pm Flewelling
13a.Shady Hill Bean sf Foreman
13b.Misty Meadow Rosebud pf Unsworth
14a.Sunkhaze Maggie Mae pf Flewelling
14b.Upper Cove Billy Babe sf Foreman
15a.Slatebrook Ford Kennedy
15b.Chasehill Molly pf Stolgitis
16a.Sober Run Pop pm Foreman
16b.Why Not Dallas pm Robbins
17a.Wild Apple Jack pm Doherty
17b.Chasehill Ben Franklin pm Stolgitis


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