Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stillwater Open All-Age 2010

Stillwater Open All-Age 2010

1A Three Ten To Yuma PM Anderson
1B Westfall's No Money PM Westfall

2A Barshoe Busy PF Daughtery
2B Jetsetter SM Vincent

3A Top Crude PM Vincent
3B Erin's Southern Pride PM Anderson

4A Prairieland Bo PM Anderson
4B Hytest Spymaster SM Warren

5A Push The Limit PM Anderson
5B BB's Pike PM Warren

6A Strut PM Davis
6B Lester's Thunderstorm PM Anderson

7A Total Eclipse PM Anderson
7B Mega Touch PM Daughtery

8A House's Snake Bite PM Daughtery
8B Buckcherry PM Brightwell

9A Irish River PF Vincent
9B Westfall's Fast Fortune PF Westfall

10A Prairieland Pride PM Anderson
10B Highview Hank PM Daughtery

11A Cherokee White Powder PM Vincent
11B Capital's High Yield PM Anderson

12A Barshoe Osama Ben PM Vincent
12B Hytest Skyhawk SM Warren

13A Sooner Grace PF Anderson
13B Brad's Amazing Grace PF Daughtery

14A Quester PM Warren
14B Mann's Power Stroke PM Mann

15A Mega Powder PM Daughtery
15B Rester's Paragon PM Lundy

Sooner Derby Classic

1A Harpeth Valley Hawkeye PM Warren
1B Prairieland Bo PM Anderson

2A Salty Dog Bullet PM Lundy
2B Outland Super Sam PM Warren

3A Frontline Butch PM Livingston
3B Capital's Market Maker PM Anderson

4A Walk The Walk PM Anderson
4B Frontline Kate PF Livingston

5A Clear Fork Shiner PF Martin
5B Whom The Bell Tolls PF Humphrey

6A Ray's Choice PM Warren
6B Dialing For Dollars PF Anderson

7A The Entourage PM Anderson
7B Mayo's Silver Cloud PM Mayo

Sooner Puppy Classic

1A Joe PM Lundy
1B Frontline Butch PM Livingston

2A Bee PF Lundy
2B Pete PM Smith

3A Frontline Mike PM Livingston
3B Barker's War Paint SM Barker

4A Jack PM Smith
4B Capital's Market Maker PM Anderson

5A Dialing For Dollars PF Anderson
5B Holly PF Lundy

6A Paris PF Smith
6B Jake PM Christopher

7A The Entourage PM Anderson
7B Pete PM Lundy

8A Barker's High Plains Drifter/SM/Barker
8B Bull PM Lundy


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