Friday, August 20, 2010

Rick Smith benefit for Bird dog foundation

Rick Smith Seminar
September 17-19th
Grand Junction TN
All proceeds go to the betterment of the
Bird Dog Foundation
If you’re looking for a better relationship with your dog, both at home and in the field, you’ve come to the right place. From puppy hood through the basics of being a bird dog, all the foundation skills you and your dog will need can be found here. You will be trained to train your dog, with Rick’s guidance. You’ll work with the Delmar Smith lead, check cord, and whoa post, as well as the chain, and your dog will have numerous opportunities to work birds.
Rick is dedicated to helping each and every individual, the classes are fun, entertaining and full of information. From problem dogs to complete beginners, there is something for every person and every dog no matter what breed age or hunting style.
Come join the fun and help support the Bird Dog Foundation and give thanks to Rick giving his time and expertise.
Additional Information
Rick Smith
P O Box 130
Crozier, Virginia 23039
David Smith
Bird Dog Foundation
505 W Highway 57
Grand Junction, TN 38039


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