Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 National Amateur Grouse Championship

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America-, Inc.
National Amateur Championship
2010 National Amateur Grouse Championship

Date: Trial starts Saturday November 13th. We will be running 7 braces per day. Every morning we will be starting on course # 1 Loleta at 7 AM. The courses will be ran 1-4 Loleta and 1-3 Lamonaville each day

Grounds: Marienville, PA over the traditional 7-one hour courses located off Loleta and Lamonaville Rd. within the Allegheny National Forest.

Hosted by: The PA Amateur Field Trial Club

Entry fee: $100

Judges: Matt Mentz, Prattsburg, NY and Joe Colura, Pittsburgh PA

Reporter: Dave Moore, Big Lake, MN & Craig Peters, Rising Sun, MD

Dinner: Sunday at Bettina's Restaurant - 123 Chestnut Street, Marienville, PA

Motel accommodations: Forest Ridge Cabins (814)927-8430 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (814)927-8430      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Microtel (continental breakfast) (814)927-8300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (814)927-8300      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Pioneer Motel (814)927-8688 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (814)927-8688      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Trial Chairmen: Joe Camissa, Tim Perschke, Dick Brenneman, Bill Henke, Brian Popoleo, Dave Blakely, Craig Peters
1 Sutters Harley Blue SM Sutter/Kline
Lilly Hills Secret Stash SM Mcpherson
2 Wolfs Elhew Jack PM Wolf
Full Tilt SF Brenneman
3 Beaver Creek Lucy SF/IS Lein/Moore
Jumpstart SF/IS Spotts
4 Doodle Ridge Jiggs SM Mueler/Locher
Bucks Pepper Dan PM Drew
5 Shady Hills Bean SF Grassi
Double Deuce Brody PM McMillen
6 Bolt SM Persche/Tuffts
Sutters Grouse Wing SM Sutter/Kline
7 Quail Trap Max SM Hawk
Montaros Rock SM Henke/Peters
8 Bog Brook Daisy SF/IS T.Richardson
Quail Trap Sadie SF/IS Hawk
9 Rileys Rowdy Shadow PF Hetrick
Stars Southern Idol SM Piperis
10 Timber Doodle Princess SF/IS Blakley
Stars Mist Willow SF/IS Casgrain
11 Grouse Ridge Digit SF Flanagan
Mr. Ted Stokley SM Doherty
12 Seatle Slew PM Moore
Hard Driving Lucy PF Thomas
13 Upper Cove Billie Babe SF Grassi
LB Horchen SM Persche
14 Rowlings Lone Ranger SM Rowling
Grouse Ridge Bruiser SM Flanagan
15 Wolfs On Point Dan PM Wolf
Bucks Boy Dunkin PM Drew
16 Grouse Ridge Luckee SM Flanagan
Willow Woods LL Bean SF Demattio
17 Pleasant Valley Katie PF Stiteler
Texas Red Hot SF Kline
18 Bog Brook Wilma SF T.Richardson
Megans Page Turner PF Lein/Moore
19 Cover Charge PM Crumlich
Upper Cove Titan SM Grassi
20 Bucks Cherry Eyed Girl PF Drew
Texas Honey Bee SF /IS Kline
21 My Cousin Vinny PM Cammissa
Wild Apple Jack PM Doherty
22 Rivers Edge Sadie SF Cooke
Electric Bell PF/IS Lein/Moore
23 Elhew Allegiant PM Straub
Stokleys Kirby SM Doherty
24 Wycoff Run Freestone SM Bogle
Mains Gypsie PF Mains
25 Thunder Hills Zeus PM Tsepalitis
Keystone Red Rage SM Peters
26 Pal O Mine PF Mathan/R.Richardson
Free Wheelin Jake SM Weisgarber
27 Chips Charlie Brown SM Reeves
Moss Meadow Traveler SM Moss
28 Texas Copper Top SM Kline
Mains One Dot PF Mains
29 High Desert Dream PF Piperis
Sophie PF Cammissa
30 LB Dick SM Persche/Tufts
Johns River Pearl SF Crisenbery
31 Hard Driving Rita PF Mathan/R.Richardson
Wild Apple Deuce PM Doherty
32 Mains Sunshine Hunter PM Mains
Bold Move SM Brenneman
33 I’m Blue Gert SF/IS Moore
Pine Straw Katydid SF/IS Reeves
34 Long Gone Boston SM T.Richardson/McPherson
Bull Creek PM Lynn
35 Dun Rovens Grouse Getter SM Brenneman

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