Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 National Championship Video

I just got done watching the 2010 National Championship video and I must say it may be the best one yet.  The quality of these video's has continually increased from every standpoint.  Brad Harter has taken on such a monumental task in producing these videos and his passion for bird dogs and field trials really shows.

I was amazed at how much "action" they are able to catch on video while still being able to show a good bit of the running and hunting it takes to win at Ames Plantation.  The video does a nice job with interviews of some owners, handlers and gallery members and that adds to the overall experience of the video.

In my opinion these videos make great gifts whether it be for family members for the Holiday season or for judges or reporters.  Being a self proclaimed field trial and bird dog junkie I just cannot get enough of this type o material and when it is done this well its an absolute plus.

Well done Brad and crew you really hit it our of the park with this one.

For an idea of what these video's have looked like in the past take a look at this small clip, then do yourself a favor and get one from the 2010 Championship.

You can order one here.

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