Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cahaba Bend Field Trial

Cahaba Bend Field Trial Nov 4-7, 2010

We will start at 8 on Thurs, Fri and Sat. Daylight savings time ends Saturday night but we are staying on it Sunday. New time we will start at 7 am. We have 1 hr to make up so on Friday we will run all age plus try for 3 derby braces. Friday we will start with 4th brace of Derby if all goes ok on Thurs. Will try to run 1st brace of shooting dog the third hour of the morning on Friday. Then we will be on schedule to run 3 braces Friday afternoon and 6 braces Saturday and Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you. Lunches will be on grounds for 5 dollars.


1. Country Bum Champion
Flash Jr Dubose

2. Charlie White
Sunday Bum May

3. Sharp Shooter Littell
String Music Champion

4. Cotton State Shadow Mann
Nell Peterson

5. Mike Peterson
Flash Dubose


1. Shadows Pearl Girl Neely
Trooper Littell

2. Neely's Effigy Neely
Linen Littell

3. Jack Crosby
Queenie Dubose

4. Shadow Dubose
Ike Hicks

5. Star Neely
Smoke Crosby

6. Mosshill Miss Tbone Spears
Buck Hughes

7. Mosshill Little Dot Spears
Katie Heard


1. Bud Hicks
Neely's Hot Pepper Neely

2. Josey Wales Wyatt
Spot Dubose

3. Cuttin & Struttin Neely
CS Fade A Way Gibson

4. Rose Heard
CS Shortstop Gibson

5. Jock Hilyer
Western Union Goodwin

6. Maggie Smith
Dot Perry

7. John Pendergrass
CS Gator Gibson

8. Windstrom Rutland
Queen Heard

9. CS Field Gate Gibson
Time Out Northcutt

10. Neely's Strickly Business Neely
Native Trouble Harkins

11. Snow White Rutland
Breeze McPherson

12. Native Sport Harkins
Mike Peterson

13. Fly Perry
Snapshot Rutland

14. Rock Northcutt
Quail Roose Spectre Wells

15. Nell Peterson
Chambliss Mill Pepper Gibson

16. Cox's Arcsalt Cox

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