Monday, November 8, 2010

Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship

2010 Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship
Judges: Mike Husenits & Earl Drew

1a. Klee's Shooting Star PF M.Tracy
1b. G I Jane PF G.Tracy
2a. White Spider SF J. Tracy
2b. Avalon Creek PF M.Tracy
3a. Talisman PM M.Tracy
3b. Mt. View Decision Maker-PF J. Tracy
4a. Maple Sugar Nugget PM G.Tracy
4b. Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM M.Tracy
5a. Erin's Box Car Willie PM M.Tracy
5b. Sukara's Grace SF J. Tracy
6a. Stone Tavern Matrix SM M.Tracy
6b. Waiting Till Midnight PF G.Tracy
7a. M's Kid Rock PM G.Tracy
7b. Coosawhatchie Chief PM M.Tracy
8a. Great River Dominator-PM J. Tracy
8b. Buffalo Creek PM M.Tracy
9a. Calico's Dyno Mite PM G.Tracy
9b. Our Big Bully PM M.Tracy
10a. Buffalo Bull PM M.Tracy
10b. Big'N'Rich PM G.Tracy
11a. Green Mountain Keeper-PF M.Tracy
11b. Enhancement Tess PF J. Tracy
12a. R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM G.Tracy
12b. Klee's Handsome Hank PM M.Tracy
13a. Great River Ice PM M.Tracy
13b. Land Cruiser Scout SM J. Tracy
14a. Calico's CatchNRelease PM G.Tracy
14b. Caladen's Railway Max-PM M.Tracy
15a. Sukara's Come Home Jessie-SF J. Tracy
15b. Caladen's Rail Hawk PM M.Tracy
16a. Lawless Lady PF M.Tracy
16b. Bay Country Hope PF J. Tracy
17a. Voyager SM G.Tracy
17b. Serious Threat PM M.Tracy
18.b. Heritage PM M.Tracy
18a. Enhancement Trey PM J. Tracy
19a. Enhancement Alice June-PF-IS J. Tracy

Yankee Open Derby
1a. Etched In Stone PF J.Tracy
1b. Bullish Pride PF M.Tracy
2a. Chisled In Stone PF J.Tracy
2b. Y We Ride PM G.Tracy
3a. The Lobbyist PM J.Tracy
3b. Rockabully PM M.Tracy
4a. Rocky River Country Boy-PM G.Tracy
4b. Bullerina PF M.Tracy
5a. She Got Game PF J.Tracy
5b. Moonlite In Vermont PF G.Tracy
6a. Klee's Cold Hard Cash PM J.Tracy
6b. Diesel PM G.Tracy
7a. The Thrill Is Gone PF J.Tracy
7b. Showtime Pearl PF-IS G.Tracy

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