Sunday, November 7, 2010

Region 5 Amateur All Age CH Updates on running from Jeff Olson

Brace 1- Miller's Happy Jack had two finds.
Jackson Static Line was picked up. 
Brace 2- Both dogs pulled tracker.
Brace 3- Shadow Miss America went birdless and Small's Storm Cloud had 2 finds
Brace 4- Both dogs had 2 finds, Lesters Jacked Up was lost at pick up.
Brace 5- Hilltopper Duke Boss had 2 finds and a UP, Crouse's White Samuri had 1 find. 
Brace 6- Bocomo Black Bell pulled tracker, Wildwing High Anxiety Annie had 2 finds, 1 UP, picked up at 57 minutes

Brace 7- Rester's Avalanche had 2 UP then picked up, Small'sCD had 1 find and 2 Backs lost at pickup. Brace 8- Survivor's Little Bill pulled tracker, Lester's Snowatch 2 finds. Brace 9- Both dogs went birdless.

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