Sunday, November 7, 2010

Region 5 Amateur All Age CH

Jim and Peg Fornears Outland Ranch
November 6th 2010
 Judges George Ihrke and Jeff Waggoner

1) Jackson's Static Line                           PM              Jackson
1) Millers Happy Jack                             PM              Lester

2) Crouses Down East Millicent               PF              Crouse
2)  House County Line                             PM            Lewis/

3)Shadows Miss America                        PF              Kukar
3) Small's Storm Cloud                            PM             Small

4) Crouses Serene                                    PM             Crouse
4) Lester's Jacked Up                              PM              Lester           

5) Hilltopper Duke Boss                          PM              Russell
5) Crouses White Samuri                         PM              Crouse

6) Bocomo Black Bell                             PF                Lewis
6) Wildwing High Anxiety Annie              PF                Shearhouse

7) Resters Avalanche                             PM                Rester
7) Small's CD                                        PM                Small

8) Survivor's Little Bill                           PM                 Kukar
8) Lester's Snowatch                             PM                 Lester

9) Bocomo Cowboy                              PM                 Lewis
9) Rebels Spotted Shadow                    PM                 Duckworth

10) Small's Primeline                             PM                 Small
10) Lester's Snow Game                       PM                 Lester

11) Jackson's White Line                      PF                   Jackson
11) Rester's Fannie Mae                       PF                   Rester

12) Purple Line Dan                             PM                  Hill
12) Erin's Whiskey River                      PM                  Derrig

13) Erin's Stoney River                        PM                   Derrig
13) Rester's Mutual Fun                      PF                     Rester

14) Rester's Pro Line                           PM                   Rester
14) Erin's Kentucky Gambler               PM                   Derrig

15) Touches Green Star                       PM                   Wright
15) Kinmundy Joe P                            PM                    Garrett

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