Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Region 8 Open All Age Winners National CH Qualifier

Open Derby 12 entries

1st Salty Dog Golden Boy         PM            Lundy
2nd Forty View Jill                    PF             Vincent/Dr. Winn
3rd Southwind Jetset Drifter      SF              Michaletz/Mike Eades

Open All Age 26 Entries  

1st   Barshoe Osama Ben          PM            Vincent/Bob Gums and Lee West Owners
2nd  Jetsetter                            SM             Vincent/Michaletz and Dr. Winn owners
3rd   Houses Snakebite             PM             Daugherty/Tom Faller Owner

Note this win qualifies Barshoe Osama Ben for the National, which means all three of these dogs will be at the National come February.

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