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J.H.Rowland II Memorial Classic Feb 4 2010

J.H.Rowland II Memorial Classic Feb 4 2010

Hosted By: Buckeye Plantation Field Trial Club Midville, GA

Photos and Report By: Dennis Lutynski Reporter: Dennis Lutynski

Judges: Stacy Perkins and Dennis Lutynski

"Jam-Up” said John Neely while interlocked in conversation. “Buckeye is a Jam-Up plantation”.
With a Super Bowl party taking place inside the six room 7500 sq.ft main lodge host’s Hank, Julie and Carter Rowland grilled and served an assortment of fine foods. Carter is an active trial participant, and very passionate about this eco-friendly, family-oriented sport. In 2007, the Rowland family looked to Travis Gellhaus to unroll the new “habitat program” now totaling 2500 huntable acres. Travis’s knowledge for habitat and trialing is evident everywhere. The great looking grounds, lodge and club house are finely fitted to the hospitality of the Rowland family, and trial host Travis and Jenny Gellhaus. Some early arrivals stayed in the cotton barn that provides an additional ten rooms above the warm easy going club house. Club directors David and Sue Anderson hold golden key’s that kept this inaugural trial in top form. The employed Powers family, Doug, Katie and Neeil move about Buckeye like quiet ghosts. You see them everywhere, coffee bar, dog wagon, wrench, broom and none better than an evening of steaming and shucking oysters. It’s inevitable; Buckeye makes impressions, and will continue as a competitive trial venue.
The Courses
Pre-riding the courses was an available option before the evening cocktail party and Calcutta.
The hard-wearing weather of heavy rains equaled heavy cover on the three continuous one hour courses that covered all four points of the compass.
The Winners
"Destined to become a star” the winning dogs needed the character to iron out the field without going overboard, combining concise bird work, and style. These three winners posted that crisp vivid memory. Heard’s Queen Mary had a contrasting run through the thick, edging the field to the finish that left her uncluttered from second and third place. Queen pulled together three finds with a mid unproductive. As the hour ran down, handler Linn Heard stayed confident in the final minutes. The staunch advice of close friend’s ricocheted off as Heard displayed her -In It to End It- style, for a can't-miss recipe. Without precaution Heard let Queen roll on the opposite far edge to the finish. This bold finish completed an hour of style and flawless bird work wrapping up first place prize, the custom fit to order Haggis Saddle.

Neely’s New York was all team work from the time they “cut the leash”. With no alternative John Neely discreetly set the stage and threaded NY through the country. John, extraordinary handler, New York produced three crisp finds throughout the hour with NY adding a touch of excess. New York earned the unabashed nod for second place. Note: Queen and New York are littermates.

Without flip-flopping, Ralph Gillota handled with confidence, class, and character that will keep any gallery in a state of radiating smiles. Quick-firing Bitter Sweet Deluxe needed no primer; running hard with one find Bitter Sweet went solo up front in the final minutes. Out of time, Ralph moved up from an extended grosgrain search finding Bitter Sweet up front. This second find with head and tail rail high added the infrastructure to outlast 38 competitors. The 41 crusaders competed amongst a high level of handlers, owners and breeders.

After pick up, Judge; Stacy Perkins assists Thunderbird Jamer and handler 14 year old Carter Rowland.

Linn Heard flushing a covey for winner: Heard Queen Mary

Linn and Queen at Pick Up

Buckeye Plantation Main Lodge and Boat House


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