Friday, January 29, 2010

The Continental

115th Running of Continental Championship
Champion Barshoe Busy, handled by Andy Daugherty-owned by Tom Faller & Lee West
Runner Up Champion Strut, handled by Tommy Davis-owned by Tommy Davis and Eddie Sholar


Here are the dogs they called back.  The last brace should finish probably about 4:30or 5:00 and they we will know who won.  AND  ANOTHER CONTINENTAL FINISHED!

1.  In The Shadow             Robin Gates
   Lester's Intimidator      Lee Phillips

2.  Survivor's Real Deal      Mark McLain
   Barshoe Busy              Andy Daugherty

3.  Shadow Oaks Bo            Robin Gates
   Decision Maker            Tom Shenker

4   Mega Powder           Andy Daugherty
   Joe Silver            Robin Gates

5   Chickasaw Bud         Lee Phillips
   Dixie Chic            Ricky Furney

6   Elhew Sinbad          Andy Daugherty
   Strut                 Tommy Davis

7.  South's Late Night    Rickey Furney
   White Twist           Robin Gates

US Quail Shooting Dog Futurity

                       Dog                              Owner                             Breeder              Handler

1st   Cassique’s Blue Ridge PF          Fred & Bernice Rowan       Tim Moore         Doug Ray

2nd  Erins War Creek PM                 Tom Downs                        Sean Derrig        Luke Eisenhart

3rd  Ridge Creek Cody SM              Larry Brutger                       Paul Hauge         Shawn Kinkelaar

4th   Coosawhatchie Chief PM          Andrea Clark                       George Tracy     Mike Tracy

Don't have pics all of them but here are a couple of the winners.

                           Erin's War Creek

                           Ridge Creek Cody

US Quail Shooting Dog Futurity

US Quail Shooting Dog Futurity update

  14 dogs called back for the hour:

1. Waiting Til Midnight - PF - George Tracy
2. Gazzolas Little PePe - PF - Mike Hester
3. Buffalo Bull - PM - Mike Tracy
4. A Tarheel Bullet - PF - J C Turner
5. Gazzolas Big Bo- PM - Mike Hester
6. Erins War Creek - PM - Luke Eisenhart
7. Cassiques Blue Ridge - PM - Doug Ray
8. Ridge Creek Cody - SM - Shawn Kinklaar
9. Mo's Linda Ronstat - PF - Doug Ray
10. Coosawatchee Chief - PM - Mike Tracy
11. Bittersweet Alibi - PM - Luke Eisenhart
12. Sir Jacob of Floyd - SM - Jim Heckert
13. Caladens Rail Hawk - PM - George Tracy
14. Cassiques Boss - PM - Doug Ray

Thanks to Futurity Secretary Mike Husenits

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OK Open Shooting Dog CH running suspended!

They drew 68 dogs for the Oklahoma open shooting dog championship to be run at Inola, OK.  They started on Monday morning and after 15 braces, at noon on Weds. the running was suspended due to another large winter ice/snow storm is descending on the area.  The running was suspended until next Thursday, Feb 4th. 
National Derby Championship
 Judges: Harold Ray and John Thompson

Champion: Phillips’ Storm Line
Owner/Handler: Nathan Phillips

R/UP Champion: Hendricks Headline
Owner: Burke and Guy Hendricks
Handler: Steve Hurdle

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Georgia Shooting Dog CH

84 dogs
CH Merrills Carolina Shawn Kinkelaar

RU Richfields Silver Belle Luke Eisenhart

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fayette County Amateur FTC results

Jan 15-15
Circle B Farms-Dancyville TN
Judges Bill Bruce and Perry Lacy
Shooting Dog
1st  Wild Wing High Anxiety – SF- Betty Shearouse O/H
2nd  Wild Wing Light Lady – SF- Betty Shearouse O/H
3rd  Long Haired Country Boy- SM Blake Kukar O/H
All three places went to setters
All Age
1st  Amarige PM  Fred Corder O/H
2nd  Ben Adams  PM   Blake Kukar O/H
3rd  Small’s CD  PM  Mike Small O/H
1st  Ace  PM  Bill Westfall O/H
2nd  Mindy Lou PF Garvin Collins O/H
3rd  Mickey PM  Jim Smith O/H

Friday, January 15, 2010

Florida Open CH

89 Dog Entry vies for 35,0000 total purse!

Winner: Chinquapin Andy(Hicks), owned by Ted Baker
Runner-up: Distant Shadow(Gates), owned by Jed Dempsey & Tom Nygard

Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship Offlee Amazin win 4th Championship of the season!

34 Entries

CH           Coveyrise Offlee Amazin                 PM           Kinkelaar/Morgan and Hertz

RU CH     Wildcovey Cold Front                     PM            Jerry Hailey / Tony King

CH Coveyrise Offlee Amazin

                                                             RU    Wildcovey Cold Front


36 entries

National Ch. Merrits Pearl            SF        Ecker/Merritt
Runner-Up Nehaki Black Jack        PM       Daniels/Jim Crayne

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Call back dogs for Florida Championship

Brace 1) Why Wait (Gates) - Barshoe Busy (Daughtry)
Brace 2) Thunder Snowy (Hurdle), Miller's Online (Furney)
Brace 3) Spectre Pete (Robertson), Distant Shadow (Gates)
Brace 4) Broadway Drifter (Gates), Marques's Pure Gold (Henry)
Brace 5) Poison* (Davis), Elhew Sinbad (Daughtry)
Brace 6) Chinquapin Andy (Hicks), Strut (Davis)

* - Top Qualifier


Brace 1) Why Wait (Gates) - Barshoe Busy (Daughtry)
Brace 2) Thunder Snowy (Hurdle), Miller's Online (Furney)
Brace 3) Spectre Pete (Robertson), Distant Shadow (Gates)
Brace 4) Broadway Drifter (Gates), Marques's Pure Gold (Henry)
Brace 5) Poison* (Davis), Elhew Sinbad (Daughtry)
Brace 6) Chinquapin Andy (Hicks), Strut (Davis)

* - Top Qualifier

Fayette County Amateur FTC

Fayette County Amateur FTC

    Circle B Farms-Dancyville TN           
    January 15-17             
    Judges Bill Bruce and Perry Lacy       
    Amateur Derby (12)       
Brace 1     Jack Shadow     PM     Blake Kukar       
                Ace      PM     Bill Westfall       
Brace 2     Wolf River Rex     PM     Walker/James       
                Fantastic Samantha     PF     Blake Kukar       
Brace 3     Touch's Deception     PM     Keith Wright       
                Pikes Shehawk     PF     Ken Blackman       
Brace 4     Admiral Jo's Shadow     PF     Dempsey Williams       
                    Mikey     PM     Harold Miller       
Brace 5     Mindy Lou     PF     Bill Westfall       
                Touch's Autobot     PM     Keith Wright       
Brace 6     Memphis Southern Belle     PF     Walker/James       
                Bob     PM     Dempsey Williams       

Amateur Shooting Dog (12)        
Brace 1     Admiral Jo's Kate     PF     Dempsey Williams        
                Grass Dancer     PF     Harold Miller        
Brace 2     Bullet's Tin Cup     PM     Walker/James        
                Wildwing Light Lady     SF     Betty Shearouse        
Brace 3     J Maple Rembrandt     PM     Joe/Tesa Hughes        
                Rivercity Sunrise     PF     Walker/James        
Brace 4     Longhaired Country Boy     SM     Blake Kukar            
                J Maple King     PM     Joe/Tesa Hughes        
Brace 5     Dr McDreamy     PM     Walker/James        
                Admiral Jo's Shadow     PF     Dempsey Williams        
Brace 6     Wildwing High Anxiety     SF     Betty Shearouse        
                Upton Wayward Pete     PM     Walker/ James        

Amateur All Age (18)        
    *****PLEASE NOTE BRACES START AT 7:30 AM********        
Brace 1     Boxwood Blizzard     PM     Michael Shears        
                Amarige     PM     Fred Corder        
Brace 2     Small's CD     PM     Mike Small        
                Dillinger C.     PM     Fred Corder        
Brace 3     Coldwater Flirt     PF     Gary McKibben        
                Magic Line     PF     Mason Ashburn        
Brace 4     Survivor's Little Bill     PM     Blake Kukar        
                Dakota Mystery     PF     David Williams        
Brace 5     Shadow's Tennessee Girl     PF     Blake Kukar        
                Rester's Mutual Fun     PF     Cecil Rester        
Brace 6     Small's Storm Cloud     PM     Mike Small        
                Boxwood Bandana     PM     Michael Shears        
Brace 7     Touch's Green River     PM     Keith Wright        
                Rester's Pro Line     PM     Cecil Rester        
Brace 8     Ben Adams     PM     Blake Kukar        
                Black Ice     PM     Bill Westfall        
Brace 9     Dakota Mistress     PF/IS     David Williams        
                Wild Wing High Anxiety     SF     Betty Shearouse        

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Tony Gibson, Union Springs, AL
Charles Young, Casset, SC

Brace Name of Dog Sex Handler
1 Beckworth Zeke PM Gellhaus
Klee's My Guy PM Duerkson
2 Trilogy Railway Peanut PF Latty
My Mustang Sally PF (in season) Ray
3 Santa Fe pal PM Kimbrell
Thunderbird Sky Dancer SM Gellhaus
4 Leo's Anna SF Ray
Wind flower PF Pombrio
5 R.D. Borrowed Money PM Latty
Sante Fe Patches PF Kimbrell
6 Voyager SM Tracy
Zumbro Ace PM Gellhaus
7 Cyber Cast PM Crouch
M's Kid Rock PM Tracy
8 Hastie Hot Pepper PF Eisenhart
Elhew Gunner PM Ray
9 Max's Silver Dollar PM Tracy
Zumbro's Molly Mae PF Gellhaus
10 Cassiques Low Rider PM Ray
Crouch's Resolution PM Pinson
11 Seago Yautepec Marpi PM Latty
Kraftsman's Pride PM Tracy
12 Smarty Smity SM Ray
Heaven's Houdini Gates PM Gellhaus
13 Spike Yautepec Marpi PM Latty
Talisman PM Tracy
14 Affirm SM Ray
Heaven's Elhew Taggart PM Gellhaus
15 Mister Closer PM Tracy
Mocho Yautepec Marpi PM Latty
16 Bridges Lake Pat PF Ray
Big "N" Rich PM Tracy
17 Sky Dancer Making Time SM Gellhaus
Weber's Fine Girl PF Kimbrell
18 Barbaro SM Ray
RJ's Shortstop PM Tracy
19 Cassiques Bo Hicket PM Ray
Annafield Buck PM Tracy
20 Bitter Sweet Deluxe PM Gellhaus
Erin's Little Engine PM Eisenhart
21 Calico's Catch N Release PM Tracy
Elhew Hannabell PF Kinkelaar
22 Page True Sport PM Gellhaus
Erin's Black Fury PM Eisenhart
23 Dogwoods Meg PF Kinkelaar
Calico's Dyno Mite PM Tracy
24 Erin's Sky Dance SF Eisenhart
Bluebar Dot PF Tracy
25 Enhancement My Girl PF Tracy
Hot Topic PF Kinkelaar
26 Cisco Kid PM Tracy
Erin's Back Street Affair PF Eisenhart
27 Merry Hill Carolina PM Kinkelaar
High Drive Catt PM Tracy
28 Little Things PF Tracy
Erin's Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart
29 Merry Hill Dakota PF Kinkelaar
No Rules PM Tracy
30 Phillips High Line PM Eisenhart
Sign Here PM Tracy
31 Come Back Silverado RSM Williams
RJ's Carbon Copy PM Tracy
32 Ridge Creek Cody SM Kinkelaar
High Noon Sport PM Tracy
33 Mom's Apple Pie PF Williams
Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart
34 Covey Rise Off Lee Amazing PM Kinkelaar
G I Jane PF Tracy
35 The Insider SM Eisenhart
Nella's Runnin Tab PM Kinkelaar
36 Sugar Knoll Snow Warning PM Eisenhart
Gypsy's Elhew Hannah PF Williams
37 Street Sense PM Williams
Stone Mountain SM Tracy
38 Four River Commander PM Kinkelaar
Brown Tom Tom PM Eisenhart
39 Jay Hawk PM Kinkelaar
Caladen's Rail Hawk PM Tracy
40 Grouse Ridge Blaze SM Eisenhart
Snow Time Julett PF Kinkelaar
41 Fiddlers Molly McGee PF Kinkelaar
Sportsman Buddy PM Westbrook
42 Sage Valley Hawk PM Westbrook
Richfield Silver Belle PF Eisenhart

2010 Georgia Derby Classic Draw

Brace Name of Dog Sex Handler
1 Cassiques Boss           PM Ray
   Erin's Little Soldier       PM Eisenhart
2 Caladens Bimbo Jones PM Kimbrell
Neely's Hot Pepper          PF Neely
3 Uplander Pocahontas    PF Tracy
Cassiques Blue Ridge      PF(in season) Ray
4 Erin's Dog Soldier          PM Eisenhart
Neely's New York             PF Neely
5 Caladens Rail Hawk      PM Tracy
Bitter Sweet Alibi             PM Eisenhart
6 Klee's Ella Bella           PF Duerkson
Mo's Linda Rondstat       PF(in season) Ray
7 The Warden                 PM Westbrook
  Blue Bar Rock             PM Tracy
8 Erin's War Creek         PM Eisenhart
Cassiques Open Range SF Ray
9 Sportsman High Test Sue SF (in season) Westbrook
Waiting Till Midnight       PF Tracy
10 Richfield Silver Lining PM Eisenhart
Leonardo De Vinci         P M Westbrook
11 Indian Creek War Paint PM Eisenhart
Sportsman Tangle Ray PM Westbrook
12 Constance               SF Hart
Maple Valley Cow Girl  PF Eisenhart

Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship Derby Stake

1st    Dan                             PM           Jack Herriage

2nd   Ridge Creek Cody      SM          Kinkelaar/Brutger 

3rd   Four Rivers Crusader   PF      Kinkelaar/Shrum

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

US Complete National Open Championship

Judges: Dick Bembenek, Webster, MA; Ray Rinker, Bealton, VA; and Jim Jones, Gloucester, VA 

Cooper Black, SC
National Open Championship Running Order

Trial to begin Wednesday January 13th at 8:00 am

1 Mist's Sun Storm PM Beauford Beauford
1 Waybetter Jade PF Co. Bishop Co. Bishop

2 Grand Heritage Motion SM Cooper Ecker
2 Notorious Mr. Big PM Mathis Daniels

3 Urban Brilliamce PM Terlizzi Ecker
3 Phillips Powder Twist PM Mathis Daniels

4 Merritt's Pearl SF Merritt Ecker
4 Lumber River Gold PF Culbreth Culbreth

5 Urban Wicked Tina PF Predium & Terlizzi Ecker
5 Indian Creek Mickey PM Malzone Malzone

6 Daniels Creek John PM Meyer Daniels
6 Porter Meadow Elroy PM Bush Bush

7 Mist's Fiber McGee PF Beauford Beauford
7 Foxfire PF Harris Ecker

8 Honky Tonk Gigilo PM Everett Pastula
8 Colton's Lil Duke PM Meyer Daniels

9 Waybetter Rex PM Ca Bishop Ca Bishop
9 Brown's Brute Justice PM Brown Daniels

10 Indian Creek Shine PM Malzone Malzone
10 Bob's Elhew Wendy PF Phillips Phillips

11 Redbud's Raging River PM McAfee McAfee/Black
11 Everbreeze Drummer SM McDonald/Corliss Daniels

12 Nehaka Bodacious PM Crayne Daniels
12 Bob's Miller Sue PF Phillips Phillips

13 Crow Creek Scout PF Black Black/McAfee
13 Indian Creek White Snake PM Malzone/Workman Malzone

14 Redbuds Bleeding Heart PF McAfee McAfee/Black
14 Grousewoods Reese SM Brobsts Ecker

15 Nehaka Blackjack PM Crayne Daniels
15 Southern Justice Lady PF Terrell Terrell

16 Indian Creek Missy PF Malzone Malzone
16 Merritt's Bruno SM Merritt Ecker

17 Merritt's Zachery SM Merritt Ecker
17 Crow Creek Redbud PF Black Black/McAfee

18 Elhew Signature PM Kazic Ecker
18 Triple L's Cate PF Laymon Laymon

19 Slim Jim PM Brobsts Ecker
19 Bye

Monday, January 11, 2010



Name of Dog Handler

Dunn's Fearless Amos Wade Griffin
Game Physician Randy Downs

Texas Crude Allen Vincent
Touch's Autobot Keith Wright

Coldwater Warrior Ray Warren
Snow Goose Allen Vincent

San Jacinto Windstorm Allen Vincent
Nothing's Free Sam Ray Warren

House's River Fever Joe Don House
Miller's Powerstroke Ray Warren

Rester's Fanny Mae Cecil Rester
Forest Hills Fly Girl Mark Haynes

Hytest Amy's Quick Ray Warren
Sabana Allen Vincent

Harpeth Valley Hawkeye Ray Warren
Touch's Deception Keith Wright

Land Line Mason Ashburn
Whippoorwill Wild Speck Allen Vincent

P-Cola Rebel Ray Warren
Phillip's Stormline Nathan Phillips

Hobart Ames Trial-Ames Plantation TN


Name of Dog Handler

Amirage Randy Downs
Whippoorwill Firebird Allen Vincent

Sand Mountain Doctor Randy Downs
Dakota Sun Ray Warren

Barshoe Osama Bien Allen Vincent
Hytest Skyhawk Ray Warren

Whippoorwill Hot Dame Allen Vincent
Dakota Sweetheart Ray Warren

Dellinger C Randy Downs
Firewind Ray Warren

Fantastic Red Burk Hendrix
Boxwood Bandana Michael Shears

Quester Ray Warren
Sir Prize Randy Downs

Rockwood Chief Ray Warren
Top Crude Allen Vincent

Game Time Randy Downs
Whippoorwill Wild Agin Allen Vincent

Highground Jax Jabba Lori Steinshouer
Whippoorwill Radiance Allen Vincent

Highground Galoglas Lori Steinshouer
BB's Pike Ray Warren

Sir Eaton Hoyle Eaton
Whippoorwill War Dance Allen Vincent

Dakota Magic Ray Warren
Ard Right Justina Randy Downs

Dunn's Fearless Jimmy Wade Griffin
Hytest Skymaster Ray Warren

House's Apache River Billy Wayne Morton
Merrihill's Alliance Randy Downs

Touch's Green River Keith Wright
Mac's Memphis May Billy Wayne Morton

Sir Robin Hood Hoyle Eaton
Whippoorwill Whirl Allen Vincent

Whippoorwill Firebox Allen Vincent
Sir Lancelot Hoyle Eaton

Survivor's Little Bill Randy Downs
Whippoorwill Big Jake Allen Vincent

Boxwood Blizzard Michael Shears
Jetsetter Allen Vincent

High Brow Cat Ray Warren
Mississippi Hot Rod Wade Griffin

Sunday, January 10, 2010

International Endurance CH Concludes-Elhew Hannabell wins number 16

16 x CH Elhew Hannabell
The International Endurance CH runs at the Lake Murray Field Trial Area near Ardmore OK, each January. This trial consists of 90 minute heats.

This year the championship drew 29 competitors and they ran in tougher than normal conditions as this cold and winter weather pattern reached far in the southern US.

Elhew Hannabell came out on top with a great 5 find performance and Hot Topic was named Runner up. Shawn Kinkelaar was the handler of both dogs.

This was Hannabell's 16 Championship win which ties her with her 1/2 sister Elhew Swami, for most of their careers they were competing against each other as well as their other 1/2 sister Elhew Sunflower who won 15 championships. What a run for these three females and Hannabell may not be done yet. 

Next up at the Lake Murray grounds will be the Texas Open Shooting Dog Championship.  

2009-2010 AFTCA National Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Judges Don Gufston and Buddy Smith, today named Pinekone Spade the 2010 AFTCA National Walking Shooting Dog Champion. Pinekone Hobo was named runner up. Spade, owned by Pinekone Kennels, was handled by Ashby Morgan. Hobo was handled by his owner, Lee Flanders. The championship, which was completed at 11 AM this morning, drew 35 entries and was run over the grounds at Dick Cross WMA near South Hill, Virginia. 

Mert Jones

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida CH about to begin!

Florida Championship drew 89 dogs 45 min. heats, wiith a 1 hour call back. 9 braces per day..... Total purse $35000.00 $5000.00 top qual. $20,000 Champion, $10,000 RU Champion.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Southern Championship

Judges Frank LaNassa and Scott Jordan have named winners in the Southern Champion after the 2 hour callback.

CH Erin's Whiskey River               PM                Sean Derrig

RU Whippoorwill Wild Agin          PM                Larry Huffman

CH Erin's Whiskey River 

Georgia Championship

34 dog entry
Judges Jeff Bond and Charles Bond


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Southern Championship

4 dogs have been announced for the 2 hour callback at the Southern Championship based on their performance in the initial one hour first series.  There are still 4 dogs that have yet to complete their first series so some more could be added to the second series.

Callback braces so far will be

Whippoorwill Wild Agin     Huffman
Erin's Whiskey River          Derrig

Whippoorwill Hot Dame    Vincent
Erin's Bad River                 Derrig

Ames Amateur

Amateur All Age 30 entries

1st  Magic Line PF O/H Mason Ashburn

2nd House's River Fever PM O/H Joe Don House

3rd Rester's Mutual Fund PM O/H Cecil Rester

Amateur Derby 10 entries

1st   Rainey's Showtime Rex PM O/H Fred Gains

2nd Touch's Autobot PM O/H Keith Wright

3rd Touch's Deception  O/H Keith Wright

Judges: Charlie Frank Bryan and William Smith

Thanks to Larry Garner for the update.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Georgia Derby Championship

Georgia Derby Championship

Champion: Conecuh Station Black Rock, Steve Hurdle
owned by Tony Gibson of Union Springs, AL

Runner-Up Ch: Lester's White Out, Ike Todd
owned by Gary Lester, Crofton, KY


Topping the field of 34 dogs in the M. F. Ferguson Classic at the Lake Murray venue, Ardmore, Okla., was Trailrider’s Delight, pointer female owned by Mike Faherty of Liberty Hill, Tex., and handled by Frank Ford. Earning second was Quail Alley Rose, pointer female owned by Ken Raney of Richardson, Tex., and also handled by Frank Ford. Third was Bar P Hotshot, pointer male owned by Brad Calkins of Englewood, Colo., and handled by Chuck Taylor.

Twenty-five dogs competed n the Northwest Oklahoma Derby Classic. Named first was Blackrock’s Widowmaker, pointer female owned by Ken Lane and handled by Virgil Moore. Our Gang Petey, pointer male owned by Dan Hensley and handled by Terry Smith, placed second. Reed’s Rockin Miranda, pointer female owned by Gregory Reed of Moore, Okla., and handled by Gary Hill, was third.

Judging both stakes were Dan Wisely of Powderly, Tex., and Conrad Plevnic of Terrell, Tex.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Correction on Fitch Farms Results

 Originally we had reported this trial with Quester winning 3rd, that was incorrect the 3rd place winner was Hytest Spymaster a setter male owned by Dr. Mary Beth Esser and handled by ray Warren 

Fitch Farms - Galena Plantation
Holly Springs, MS

Open All Age

1st:   Thunder Snowy Doug Arthur Owner/Steve Hurdle Handler
2nd:  Amirage Dr. Fred Corder Owner/Randy Downs Handler
3rd:   Hytest Spymaster Dr. Mary Beth Esser Owner/Ray Warren Handler