Tuesday, March 30, 2010

National Chukar Championships

National Chukar Derby Classic ( Judges: Rich Heaton and John Mandell)

1. Paiute Pete, Rich Robertson, handler, owner, Gene Drake, Winnemucca, NV
2. Tekoa Mountain Attitude, Eric Mauck, owner/handler
3. Alaska Rap, Rich Robertson, handler, owner Lori Michaels

National Chukar All- Age Championship (Judges: Lou Qualtiere, Greg Sand)

WR - Riverton's Funseeker Scooter, handler Rich Robertson, owner, Matt
Coverdale, Blackfoot, ID
RU - Stinson's Kickapoo, Sheldon Twer, handler, owner Hal Meyers, Kingsburg,

National Chukar Shooting Dog Championship (Judges: Lou Qualtiere and John Mandell)

WR - Stinson's Kickapoo, Sheldon Twer, handler, owner, Hal Meyers, Kingsburg, CA
RU - Traveler's Prairie Girl, Greg Sand owner/handler,

NBHA Futurity

The winners of the NBHA Futurity are as follows:

1st Cas Tiny Castanga/Ecker

2nd Grousewoods Erins Duke Brobst/Ecker

3rd Kozicans Six Pop Gun Taylor

4th Eboga Lil Star Aston/Tolbert

Monday, March 29, 2010

Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship winners

Judges Brian Long and Robert Gove after three and a half days of running on the Hickman Ranch at Grand River, IA named Westfall's Black Cloud the new Region 17 SD Champion. Black Cloud ran Friday under favorable conditions and racked up 4 or 5 finds (I lost count) with a scorching race to take the title for handler Ryan Westfall. Father Bill scouted.

Running Sunday afternoon in fairly strong wind, Katie Bar The Door took runner up honors for Todd Babbel with Jason Babbel scouting. Chairman Mike Majewski had the trial running smoothly with lots of help from the Southern Iowa Pointing Dog crew and other Iowa clubs along with the Region 17 officers who were all in attendance.

Weather for the trial was really quite tolerable with light rain in the afternoon on Saturday and the aforementioned wind on Sunday. Lots and lots of bird contacts including a couple pheasants undid a few dogs but the judges said they had about ten contenders of the forty two entries to consider. There were many compliments on the grounds which utilized two courses over approximately 1400 acres.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the three Region 17 (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska) championships!

Doug Meyer, Region 17 Secretary

2010 Armstrong-Umbel Endurance Classic for Grouse Dogs

Winner: Texas Cherry Bomb, Scott Forman handler, Kevin Klein, owner
Runner-Up: Pal O‘ Mine, Joe McCarl handler, Chris Mathan, owner


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stillwater Open All-Age 2010

Stillwater Open All-Age 2010

1A Three Ten To Yuma PM Anderson
1B Westfall's No Money PM Westfall

2A Barshoe Busy PF Daughtery
2B Jetsetter SM Vincent

3A Top Crude PM Vincent
3B Erin's Southern Pride PM Anderson

4A Prairieland Bo PM Anderson
4B Hytest Spymaster SM Warren

5A Push The Limit PM Anderson
5B BB's Pike PM Warren

6A Strut PM Davis
6B Lester's Thunderstorm PM Anderson

7A Total Eclipse PM Anderson
7B Mega Touch PM Daughtery

8A House's Snake Bite PM Daughtery
8B Buckcherry PM Brightwell

9A Irish River PF Vincent
9B Westfall's Fast Fortune PF Westfall

10A Prairieland Pride PM Anderson
10B Highview Hank PM Daughtery

11A Cherokee White Powder PM Vincent
11B Capital's High Yield PM Anderson

12A Barshoe Osama Ben PM Vincent
12B Hytest Skyhawk SM Warren

13A Sooner Grace PF Anderson
13B Brad's Amazing Grace PF Daughtery

14A Quester PM Warren
14B Mann's Power Stroke PM Mann

15A Mega Powder PM Daughtery
15B Rester's Paragon PM Lundy

Sooner Derby Classic

1A Harpeth Valley Hawkeye PM Warren
1B Prairieland Bo PM Anderson

2A Salty Dog Bullet PM Lundy
2B Outland Super Sam PM Warren

3A Frontline Butch PM Livingston
3B Capital's Market Maker PM Anderson

4A Walk The Walk PM Anderson
4B Frontline Kate PF Livingston

5A Clear Fork Shiner PF Martin
5B Whom The Bell Tolls PF Humphrey

6A Ray's Choice PM Warren
6B Dialing For Dollars PF Anderson

7A The Entourage PM Anderson
7B Mayo's Silver Cloud PM Mayo

Sooner Puppy Classic

1A Joe PM Lundy
1B Frontline Butch PM Livingston

2A Bee PF Lundy
2B Pete PM Smith

3A Frontline Mike PM Livingston
3B Barker's War Paint SM Barker

4A Jack PM Smith
4B Capital's Market Maker PM Anderson

5A Dialing For Dollars PF Anderson
5B Holly PF Lundy

6A Paris PF Smith
6B Jake PM Christopher

7A The Entourage PM Anderson
7B Pete PM Lundy

8A Barker's High Plains Drifter/SM/Barker
8B Bull PM Lundy


Rend Lake Field Trial Grounds
March 31, 2010

Open Derby
Wednesday 9:00 am

1 Sweet Billy B PM Taylor
Maple Valley Cowgirl PF Eisenhart

2 Misty PF (In Season) Perkins
Dottie PF Kinkelaar

3 Browntown Oliver SM Eisenhart
Tom PM Kinkelaar

4 Erin’s War Creek PM Eisenhart
Cody SM Kinkelaar

5 Erin’s Dog Soldier PM Eisenhart
Island Grove Pride PM Hartke

6 Erin’s Lady Luck PF Eisenhart
Ding PM Perkins

7 Erin’s Little Soldier PM Eisenhart

Open Shooting Dog

1 Erin’s Little Soldier PM Eisenhart
Blazing Glory PM Waggoner

2 Richfield Silver Belle PF Eisenhart
Wild Wing High Anxiety SF Kermicle

3 Dog Wood Meg PF Kinkelaar
Flight Risk PM Taylor

4 Erin’s Black Fury PM Eisenhart
Lone Mountain Impact SM Hartke

5 Ridge Creek Cody SM Kinkelaar
Buckheart’s Diamond PF Waggoner

6 Erin’s Little Engine PM Eisenhart
Eldad Nicanor PM Shure

7 Erin’s Skydancer SF Eisenhart
Baby Luke’s Kelly PF Waggoner

8 Appalachee Pretty Pearl PF Kinkelaar
Waubeer’s Miss Sin PF Waggoner

9 Runnin Tab PM Kinkelaar
Happy PM Perkins

10 Erin’s Backstreet Affair PF Eisenhart
Layne’s Rebel Addition PF Layne

11 Merrihills Carolina PF Kinkelaar
Crow Creek Queen PF (In Season) Waggoner

12 Phillip’s High Line PM Eisenhart
Wild Wing Light Lady SF Kermicle

13 Erin’s Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart
Lawless Playboy Sam PM Lawless

14 Island Grove Revenge PM Kinkelaar
Swami Pride PM Taylor

15 Dream Keeper PF Eisenhart
Jay Hawk PM Kinkelaar

16 Hot Topic PF Kinkelaar
Silver Rain PM Taylor

17 Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart
Shiloh’s Southern Justice PF Hartke

18 Elhew Hannabell PF Kinkelaar
Merrihills Bravo PM Taylor

19 Offlee Amazin PM Kinkelaar
Lawless Liz PF Lawless

20 The Insider SM Eisenhart
Madison SF Perkins

Indiana Open Shooting Dog CH

Elhew Hannabell wins a record 19th open shooting dog championship besting the field at the Indiana Open Shooting Dog CH.

CH Elhew Hannabell      PF            Handled by Shawn Kinkelaar and owned by Drs. Thomas and Robyn Morgan of Holly Springs, MS

RU Phillips Highline        PM           Handled by Luke Eisenhart and owned by Bob Leet of Kalamazoo, MI

19x CH Elhew Hannabell

Phillip's Highline

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


MARCH. 31ST. 2010

The first brace will break away on Loleta course #1 at 7:30 am each day.
Eight (8) braces will be run each day.

1A Monterra’s Rock ESM McCarl
1B My Cousin Vinny EPM Hughes

2A Rivers Edge Bella EPF Foreman
2B Pal O’ Mine EPF (IS) McCarl

3A The Sequel EPF Hughes
3B Rivers Edge Sadie ESF ( IS) Foreman

4A Bog Brook Daisy ESF Sheppard
4B Bloom’s Ole Dollar ESF Bressler

5A Grouse River Sheena EPF (IS) Foreman
5B Long Gone Madison ESF Hughes

6A Magic Mist Riley ESF (IS) Dahl
6B Mains Brownie EPF (IS) Mains

7A Upper Cove Desert Devil ESM Foreman
7B Bold Move ESM Brenneman/ Hughes

8A Sportsman’s Molly Brown EPF Stewart
8B Grouse Ridge Rudy ESM Hughes

9A Needle-point Tiger Lilly ESF Bressler
9B Upper Cove Billie-babe ESF (IS) Foreman

10A Birch Ridge Scott ESM Scarpelli
10B Long Gone Boston ESM Hughes

11A Thunderhills Zeus EPM Hughes
11B Main’s Sunshine Hunter EPM Mains

12A 2-Acre True Hope EPF (IS) Richardson
12B Allegheny Maybaby ESF (IS) McCarl

13A Oscaloosa Alley-cat ESF Hughes
13B Mains One-Dot EPF (IS) Mains

14A Full Tilt ESF (IS) Hughes
14B Call Me Kate ESF Merlington

15A Magic Mist Bandit ESF (IS) Dahl
15B Chip’s Peppy- Lepew ESF Foreman

16A Blue-Sky Moonshiner ESM M. Groy
16B Thunderhill’s Ghost-rider EPM Hughes

17A Lake Country Rayden ESM Foreman
17B Lillyhill’s Secret Stash ESM Hughes

18A Texas Cherry-Bomb ESF Foreman
18B Platinum Pendulum EPF (IS) McCarl

19A Cracklin’ Tail Smoke ESM Hughes
19B Chip’s Old Hickory ESM Foreman

20A Hard Driving Rita EPF McCarl
20B Doodle Ridge Jiggs ESM Hughes

21A Star’s Southern Idol ESM Foreman
21B Mojo’s Will ESM Hughes

22A Hard Driving Lucy EPF McCarl
22B Bodacious Hunter ESM Bressler

23A Rocky Point Crash ESM Hughes
23B Grouse River Ace EPM Foreman

24A Sorber Run Pop EPM Foreman
24B Elhew Allegent EPM Hughes

25A American Honey EPF Crumlich
25B Sutter’s Grousewing Rowdie ESF Hughes

26A Chip’s Uncle Buzzy ESM Foreman
26B Texas O’Riley ESM Hughes

27A Kelly’s Rainbow Daisy ESF (IS) Sheppard
27B Shadyhills Bean ESF Foreman

28A Sutter’s Harley-Blue ESM Hughes
28B Cover Charge EPM Crumlich


Breakstone won the 2010 renewal of the National Red Setter Championship. He is owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser of Seven Valleys, Pa. Runner-up honors in the 21-dog Championship went to Rocky’s Straight Arrow, handled by Don Jones for owners Brian and Judy Gelinas of Shelbyville, Ind.

The 38th National Red Setter Futurity attracted a field of 14. Flintstone ran away with top honors for owner-handler Ross Leonard of Cloudland, Ga. Second was Redstone, owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser. Come Back Patches, handled by owner Billy Vaughn of Rosehill, N. C., placed third. Dr. Roger Boser’s You Too was fourth.

The trial was held at the Miller Welch-Central KentuckyWMA near Berea, Ky. Judges for all horseback stakes were Ken Taff of Georgetown, Ky., and Buster Tucker of Berea, Ky. The Walking Shooting Dog and Derby judges were David Jones and Charlie Turner, both of Berea, Ky.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship

The Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship at Grand River Iowa will be running six braces a day beginning Friday, March 26 and concluding Monday March 29 if all goes according to plan.

The running order:

Region 17 Shooting Dog Championship
Hickman Ranch, Grand River, IA March 26, 2010

1. Skydancer Big Time SM Dennis Lutinski
Hard Rappin Sarah SF Alan Worth

2. Eldad Nicador PM John Shure
Noon’s Citation PM Charlie Beeler

3. Royal Addition Grumpy PM Walt Simmons
Easy Attitude Buddy PM Gary Mandernach

4. Salty Dog Playmaker PM Jeff Fraser
Nemaha Taxi PM Pat McInteer

5. Salty Dog Sugar PF Jeff Fraser
Westfall’s Joy PF (IS) Ryan Westfall

6. Greypointe Gladiador PM Doug Meyer
Nemaha Wipeout PM Pat McInteer

7. Beeler’s Itron PM Charlie Beeler
Ima Redneck Woman PF Todd Babbel

8. Royal Addition Buck PM Walt Simmons
Tameroons Last Shot PM Dennis Burgess

9. Sunstorm’s Reign SM Greg Morgan
Westfall’s Belle Express PF Richard Lewis

10. Skydancer Dancing Bull SM Dennis Lutinski
Rapper’s Rappin Rambo SM Alan Worth

11. Hideaway Tallboy PM Todd Babbel
A Noble Addition PM Ned Myers

12. Artie’s Royal Mac SM Randy Herman
Oakgrove Gingersnap PF Doug Riesner

13. Bound To Please PM Gib Thomas
Vicki’s Wild Again PF Mike Majewski

14. Tommy Rocket SM Paul Roederer
Notorious Doc Holiday PM John Mathias

15. Westfall’s Joy PF (IS) Ryan Westfall
Ringafire Sweetwater PF (IS) David Taylor

16. Tameroon’s Miss Sin PF Dennis Burgess
Windy Hill Buck PM Mike Roush

17. Westfall’s Quick Gold PF (IS) Ryan Westfall
Katie Bar The Door PF Todd Babbel

18. Notorious Red Bull PM John Mathias
Ringafire Eclipse PF David Taylor

19. Lock N Load PF Bob Reynolds
Waubeek Brass PM Mark Livingston

20. Waubeek Brutal Sin PM Mark Livingston
Gailen’s Lotto Kip PM Gailen Cooper

21. Bomberstone Diva SF Randy Herman
Vicki’s Maggie Mae PF Mike Majewski

Setter club of New England

The Setter club of New England drew 46 dogs to compete starting with the Phill Fogg Classic, Sat, March 27th at 7 Am

Phill Fogg Open Shooting Dog Classic

1A Bog Brook Rigby SF Stolgitis/Flewelling
1B Black Jack ESM Frisella

2A Currahee PM Stolgitis
2B Willow PF Flewelling

3A Duke ESM Frisella
3B Bud PM Stolgitis

4A Clifford PM Stolgitis/Flewelling
4B Stretch PM Fino

5A Molly PF Stolgitis/Flewelling
5B Max PM Fino

6A Maggie PF Stolgitis/Flewelling
6B Riley ESF J. Dahl

7A True Patriot ESM Short
7B PeeWee PF Stolgitis/Flewelling

8A Bandit ESF J. Dahl
8B Jack PM Fino


1A Hanna PF B. Bonnetti
1B Suzie ESF Frisella

2A Grouse hill Bullet PM Capucci/Scarpelli
2B Franklin PM Stolgitis

3A Birch Ridge Speck ESM Capucci/Scarpelli
3B Jack PM Stolgitis/Flewelling

4A Grouse Hill Lucky PF Capucci/Scarpelli
4B Emmy ESF J. Dahl

Sunday..... Am Puppy

1A Long Gone Brie ESF Murray/Rhodes
1B Buck ESM F. Skut

Am Derby

1A Hawk ESM K. Short
1B Suzie ESF Vescuso

2A Hanna PF B. Bonnetti
2B Sydney ESF P. Clark

3A Jack Pm B. Wiggins

Am Shooting dog

1A Rigby ESF T. Klinski
1B Yank ESM F. skut

2A Jar Head PM F. Mclaughlin
2B Willie PM B. Lacarne

3A Jake ESM Forsythe
3B Stretch PM Fino

4A Ginny ESF F. Skut
4B Missy PF P. Woody

5A Rosebud PF K. Unsworth
5B True Patriot ESM K. Short

6A Gerty ESF K. Short
6B Duke ESM Frisella/Forsyth

7A Black Jack ESM Frisella/Forsyth
7B Max PM Fino

8A Jack PM Fino
8B Jake ESM D. Vescuso



EXETER, RI - Chasehill Molly was named champion and kennelmate Chasehill Little Bud was named runner-up at the 2010 Southern New England Woodcock Championship held Saturday, Sunday and Monday, March 20-22, at Arcadia State Management Area. Both dogs are owned and handled by John Stolgitis of Ashaway, RI.

Thirty-four of the top woodcock dogs from around the Northeast were entered in the championship. Running took place Saturday and Sunday under sunny skies and warm temperatures. The event concluded Monday under overcast skies, cooler temperatures and light drizzle. Weather didn't affect the birds, however, which were plentiful.

Judges for the event were Joe Rovinski and Ray Gorman.

Region 5 Shooting Dog Championship

Region 5 Shooting Dog Championship
45 entries
Rend Lake, IL
judges: Harry Gilmore & Alan Benson

Champion: Class Act Special
owner/handler: Neil Walker

R/U Champion: Layne's Rebel Addition
owner/handler: Dereck Layne

Friday, March 19, 2010

Joel Collier Derby Stake Winners - Southern Rhode Island Woodcock Championship

EXETER, RI - 1st place, Currahee, PM, owners Jim and John Kilrain of Massachusetts, handler: John Stolgitis;

2nd place, High Desert Dream, PF, owner: Gus Piperis of NY, handler: Scott Foreman;

3rd place, Chip's Charlie Brown, ESM, owners, Mike Reeves of Pa., and Steve Chiappini of Ga.; handler, Scott Foreman.

For more information and pictures, go to :

Don't forget, the Southern New England Woodcock Championship starts tomorrow (Saturday, March 20)and runs through Sunday (March 21) at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Southern New England Woodcock Ch.

The South County Field Trial Club Championship draw was very well attended,hosts Dave Marshall and Sara Conygham made sure club members Ed McGovern Joel Collier,Bob and Leslie Fleury,John Stolgitis,Phil Woody,Butch Lilly,Karen"complaining"Unsworth and Judge Joe Rovinski were well fed and hydrated.The oldest club member and who our derby stake is run in honor of, Joel Collier, drew all of the thirty four dogs.The course order will be as follows:Barber Farm,PineTop,Cemetery,Bridge Course(6).We will stay in rotation and will try to run a minimum of six braces a day but once it starts it is solely in the judges hands. 

1a.Centerville Awsum Bill pm Conygham
1b.Star's Southern Idol sm Foreman
2a.High Desert Dream pf Foreman
2b.Sweet Pea pm Stolgitis
3a.True Patriot sm Short
3b.Texas Cherry Bomb sf Foreman
4a.River's Edge Bella pf Foreman
4b.Lancelot's Lickity Split pf Woody
5a.Magic Mist Bandit sf Dahl
5b.Upper Cove Desert Devi sm Foreman
6a.Lake country Rayden sm Foreman
6b.Magic Mist Riley sf Dahl
7a.Secret Weapon pf Stolgitis
7b.Grouse River Ace pm Foreman
8a.Chip's Uncle Buzzy sm Foreman
8b.Chasehill Little Bud pm Stolgits
9a.Sunkhaze Fast Break pm Flewelling
9b.Why Not Kristy pf Robbins
10a.Grouse River Sheena pf Foreman
10b.Bog Brook Rigby sf Stolgitis
11a.Sportsman Molly Brown pf Stewart
11b.River's Edge Sadie sf Foreman
12a.Why Not Chip pm Robbins
12b.Sunkhaze Spaulding pm Flewelling
13a.Shady Hill Bean sf Foreman
13b.Misty Meadow Rosebud pf Unsworth
14a.Sunkhaze Maggie Mae pf Flewelling
14b.Upper Cove Billy Babe sf Foreman
15a.Slatebrook Ford Kennedy
15b.Chasehill Molly pf Stolgitis
16a.Sober Run Pop pm Foreman
16b.Why Not Dallas pm Robbins
17a.Wild Apple Jack pm Doherty
17b.Chasehill Ben Franklin pm Stolgitis

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic

Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic (1 Hour)
1st - Santa Fe Patches - PM Handler John Ray Kimbrell
2nd - Caladen's Rail Hawk - PM Handler George Tracy
3rd - R.J.'s Carbon Copy - PM Handler George Tracy
Dixie Open Shooting Dog Derby Classic (1 Hour)
1st - Waiting Till Midnight - PF Handler George Tracy
2nd - Caladen's Rail Hawk - PM Handler George Tracy
3rd - Uplander's Pocahantas - PF Handler George Tracy

Monday, March 15, 2010


CH. Elhew Hannabell PF Shawn Kinkelaar/Drs. Morgan
RU CH. Tiawaha Lightning Rod PM Scott Miller

This marks Kate's 18th Championship performance.

 18x CH Elhew Hannabell

Calif. Quail Championship

The 2010 California Quail Championship utilized the Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch near Jamestown, CA, and was concluded during the afternoon of Wednesday, March 10. The Winner was Idaho's Lucky Strike, a pointer male that was owned and handled by Rich Heaton of Boise, ID. The Runnerup was Kelly Talk'n Smak, a pointer male that was owned and handled by Sean Kelly of Auburn, CA. Eighteen dogs were drawn and 17 started. The judges were Tom Griffin of Watsonville, CA and Bob Tennant of San Jose, CA. Nineteen dogs competed for top honors in the companion Jim Ingle Open Derby Classic, which featured 1-hour heats. Placed first was Wells Fargo Molly, a pointer female that was owned and handled by Paul Wells of Wilton, CA. Second place was awarded to Erin's River Road, a pointer male that is owned by Scott Jordan of Ogden, UT, and handled by Ritch Robertson. Third place went to Wells Fargo First Dude, a pointer male that was also owned and handled by Paul Wells. The derby was judged by Sean Kelly of Auburn, CA and Mike Stephens of Vacaville, CA.

From Dr. Hjerpe

Region 7 AA CH

CH Dynamite Memory-PM-Buck Neil handler
RU Phantom's Wizard-PM-Buck Neil handler

NC Open All Age

29 dog in AA
First, Strut for Tommy Davis
Second, Shake's Timmy for Bruce Jacobs
Third, Suits Me Playmate for Bruce Jacobs

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Master's Open Quail Champ

Champion - South Late Night, Rick Furney Dr. David Dickey, owner

RU - Miller's Online, Rick Furney
Mike Furney and Chip McEwen, owners

Friday, March 12, 2010

All American Quail Championship

Winner: Erin's Stoney River             Sean Derrig owner and handler
R-U: White Powder Pete                  Colvin Davis handler/Bert Wimmer owner

Judges Rich Boumeester and John Mathys 

Erin's Stoney River

 White Powder Pete

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mid-Atlantic Shooting Dog Championship

Champion  Phillip's High Line   PM     Luke Eisenhart
Runner-Up Serious Threat        PM owned by  Greg and Maggie Strasbaugh and handled by Mike Tracy.

CH Phillips High Line 

Elhew Hannabell wins 17th Open Shooting Dog Championship

Alabama Open Shooting Dog CH

Winner Elhew Hannabell PF Kinkelaar/Drs. Morgan

Runner Up Merrihills Dakota PF Kinkelaar/Bill Merrifield 

Merrihills Dakota 

With this win Hannabell now holds the record for most open shooting dog championships won by one dog.  She was previously tied with her 1/2 sister Elhew Swami at 16.  

West Coast SD CH

The West Coast SD CH concluded the running of 12 braces on Sunday evening with Super Express Coco (PF) named CH, and Tracer's Memory (PF) named RU-CH. The venue was the Brooks Quarter Horse Ranch near Jamestown, California.

Front row, left to right - Paul Wells with RU-CH Tracer's Memory, and Jerry Erickson with Super Express Coco. Back (Standing) Torben Hansen , owner/handler, Judges Lori Steinhouer and Jeff Gilbertson, and Sheldon Twer Handler.

The Dixie Classics

The Dixie Classics - March 13-15, 2010
Sponsored by the Dixie Classics Field Trial Association

Pat O'Neall Field Trial Grounds, Hatchechubee, Alabama

Please join us for supper
Saturday March 13
at the conclusion of the day's running

Courtesy of Owner Rick Hulse &
Handler John Ray and Mary Kimbrell

In Honor of

Winner of the 2009
Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic

Dixie Open SD Derby Classic - 1hr
Inaugural Running
Judges: John Alderson & Bill Harkins
1a Caladen's Rail Hawk PM Tracy
1b Spec PM Atkins

2a Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Kimbrell
2b Ding PM Perkins

3a Waiting Till Midnight PF Tracy
3b Jiggs PM Kimbrell

4a Uplander's Pocahantas PF Tracy
4b Rosie PF O'Neall

Dixie Open Shooting Dog Classic - 1hr
A Purina TSDA and Handler of the Year Points Trial
Judges: John Alderson & Buck Heard

1a No Rules PM Tracy
1b Perkin's Happy To Be Here PM Perkins

2a Santa Fe Pal PM Kimbrell
2b Voyager SM Tracy

3a Hi Drive Catt PM Tracy
3b Mowhawk Mill Rogue PM Thomas

4a Hamilton's Madison SF Perkins
4b Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy

5a R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM Tracy
5b Caladen's White Hawk PM Kimbrell

6a Hastie Hot Pepper PF Kimbrell
6b Little Things PF Tracy

7a Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM Tracy
7b Mountain Jam PM Allison

8a Windflower PF Pombrio
8b M's Kid Rock PM Tracy

9a Big 'N' Rich PM Tracy
9b Panther Creek Bess PF Lee

10a Santa Fe Patches PM Kimbrell
10b Sign Here PM Tracy

11a Calico's Dyno Mite PM Tracy
11b Bobby's Back PM Renfroe

12a Cox's Tomahawk PM Lee
12b High Noon Sport PM Tracy

13a Blue Bar Dot PF Tracy
13b Fix Me Up PM Lee

14a Caladen's Rail Hawk PM Tracy
14b BYE

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



1.Quicksilver Snow Angel PF Stallings
Jambacks Sugar PF Capps

2.Long Shot PM White
Just One Time PM Northcutt

3.Choirboy PM Stallings
Jambacks Miss America PF Capps

4.River Juniper PF Arlington
Time Line Lane PF Peterson

5. Moss Hill Magic PM Spears


1. One Wicked Woman PM Nitchman
Jock PM Hilyer

2. Class Act Mark PM Walker
Time Out PM Northcutt

3. Sue PF Hilyer
Lawless PM Hicks

4. Panther Creek Snapshot PF Rutland
Boone PM Hilyer

5. Street Sense PM Johnson
Spectacular Gold Streak PM Walker

6. Josey Wales PM Crosby
Perfect Shine SF Hyder

7. Pineywoods Nail Biter SM Henley
Dot PM Bowden

8. HRs Wrangler PM Thomas
Spring Beauty PF Arlington

9. Maggie PF Smith
Tripmaker PM Perry

10. Section Hand PM Thomas
PC Snowhite PF Rutland

11. Sport PM Harkins
Quaking Lady PF Arlington

12. G I Jane PF Perry
Rachaels Reward PM Thomas

13. Gin & Juice PF Montgomery Gene SM Henley

14. Jambacks Sugar PF Capps
RJs Hardcopy PM Walker

14. Jambacks Sugar PF Capps
RJs Hardcopy PM Walker

15. Paul's Pinkone Micky SM Thomas
Cisco Kid PM Perry

16. Western Union PM Goodwin

1. Schools Out PM Gibbs
Sam PM Hartwig

2. Buck PM Dick/Stallings
Grace SF Hart

3. Mar PM Hart
Windtalker PM Perkins

4. Billy SM Hart
Rocky PM Cox

5. Gal PF Hartwig
Liz PF Dick/Stallings

6. Crush SM Hart
McRees Scarlett PF McPherson

7. Dot PF Hart
Speck PM Atkins

8. McRees Button PM McPherson
Kate PF Hart

9. Rock PM Thomas
Freddie Dew PM Vaughn

10. Spud PM Thomas
Sport PM Hart

11. Babe PF Thomas
Ginger PF Hartwig


1. Caladen Whitehawk PM Tracy/Kimbrell
RF Hardcopy PM Walker

2. Santa Fe Pat PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Street Sense PM Williams

3. Hamilton's Madison SF Perkins
Spectacular Gold Streak PM Walker

4. Piper's Power Attitude PM Vaughn
Santa Fe Patches PF Tracy/Kimbrell

5. Northern Express Lucy PF Vaughn
Class Act Mark PM Walker

6. Perkins Happy To Be Here PM Perkins
Caladens Sawmill Strutten PM Tracy/Kimbrell

7. Voyager SM Tracy/Kimbrell
Class Act Special PM Walker

8. Ben PM Cox
Calico's Dynomite PM Tracy/Kimbrel

9. Mr. Closer PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Gypsy Elhew Hannah PF Williams

10. Cox's Tomahawk PM Cox
Big N Rich PM Tracy/Kimbrell

11. RJs Shortstop PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Moms Apple Pie PF Williams

12. Calico's Catch n Release PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Hart's Fancy Dancer PF Hart

13. Blue Bar Dot PF Tracy/Kimbrell
Panther Creek Bess PF Lee

14. Aspen Covert Mask SF Hart
Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy/Kimbrell

15. High Drive Catt PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Fix Me Up PM Lee

16. Winterset WB PF Hart
Little Things PF Tracy/Kimbrell

17. RJs Carbon Copy PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Bobbys Back PM Hartwig/Renfroe

18. Sign Here PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Hart Stopper PM Hart

19. Mac's Silver Dollar PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Mohawk Mill Rogue PM Thomas

20. Silverado SM Williams
High Noon Sport PM Tracy/Kimbrell

21. Cisco Kid PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Fibulator PM Hart

22. M's Kid Rock PM Tracy/Kimbrell
Independence Day Sam SM Hart

23. Takoe's Black Spot SM Hart
GI Jane PF Tracy/Kimbrell

24. Bayou Special Additon PM Hart
Hasty Hot Pepper PM Tracy/Kimbrell

25. Gene SM Hart
Caladens Railhawk PM Tracy/Kimbrell

TX OPEN-Derby Winners

Derby winners

1) Irish River PF Vincent

2) Sabana Cobb/ Vincent PF

3) Capitols Market Anderson PM

Dixie FT Club Open All Age- national qualifier

32 dogs- national qualifier

1st   Thunder Snowy- Doug Arthur O/ Steve Hurdle H
2nd  Lester’s Blizzard  Billy Wayne Morton H
3rd  Survivor’s Little Bill  Blake Kukar O/ Randy Downs H

                       Survivor’s Little Bill

All American Derby CH

Outland Ranch, IL
29 entries

Winner Lester's Whiteout PM Todd/Lester

RU Erin's Stoney River PM Derrig

 Erin's Stoney River


FRIDAY, MARH 12, 2010
1A     Nemaha Taxi                 p/m                       Pat McInteer
1B     Blackhawk Jet               p/m                       Cecil Cole

2A     Easy Button’s Best                 p/f                        Bobbie Davis                
2B     Lawless Playboy Sam    p/m                       Jim Lawless

3A     Rockacre Delightful       p/f                        Cecil Cole
3B     Nemaha Wipeout           p/m                       Pat McInteer


4A     Girl Talk                        p/f                        Bobbie Davis
4B     No Cat Fiddlin’ Crude   p/m                       Gary Ward

5A     Rockacre Playmaker      p/m                       Cecil Cole
5B     Unabridged                    p/m                       Gib Thomas

6A     Barnhill Jake                  p/m                       Jim Michaletz
6B     Absolute Hard Rock      p/m                       Johnny Taylor

7A     No Cat Rockin’ On                 p/m                       Gary Ward
7B     Rockacre Powderkeg               p/m                       Cecil Cole

8A     Crossfire Farm Hand               p/m                       Weaver/Young
8B     Vireton Sweet Dreams            p/f                        Kelly Ward

9A     Barker’s Big Coon                            s/m                       Bob Barker / Curtsinger
9B     Phantom Spook                      p/f                        W.L. Jaggars


10A   Rock Diamond Dee                 p/f                        Harold Patton
10B   Crossed Saber                         p/m                       Pat Morgan / Nolan

11A   Deep Powder                           p/m                       Dan Hensley
11B   Blackland                                p/m                       Bobbie Davis

12A   Barker’s Blue Horizon            s/f                         Bob Barker / Curtsinger
12B   Bittercreek Jill                         p/f                        Harold Patton


SUNDAY, MARH 14, 2010
13A   Phantom Nemaha Jake            p/m                       W.L. Jaggars
13B   Easy Button’s Joe                             p/m                       Bobbie Davis

14A   Lawless Liz                              P/F                       Jim Lawless
14B   Barshoe Brush Hog                 p/m                       Weaver/Young

15A   Tommy Rocket                        s/m                       Paul Roederer
15B   Vireton Rascal Flats                p/m                       Kelly Ward


16A   Lucy                                        p/f *I/S                 Stan Haag
16B   Rockacre Windstorm               p/f *I/S                 Cecil Cole

17A   Big Slate Road                        p/m                       Humphrey/Brightwell
17B   Sage Creek Outlaw                  p/m                       Harold Patton

18A   Rockacre Trail Blazer              p/m                       Cecil Cole
18B   Bound to Please                      p/m                       Gib Thomas

MONDAY, MARH 15, 2010
19A   Rockacre Santana                    p/m             Cecil Cole
19B   Mack                                       p/m             Stan Haag

20A   Buckcherry                              p/m             Jamie Brightwell/Humphrey
20B   Rockacre Rambo                     p/m             Cecil Cole

21A   Easy Button                                      p/m             Bobbie Davis
21B   Stylish Victor                          p/m             Tom Curtsinger / Barker

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

East Alabama Trials

East Alabama Classic - 63 dogs
Herman Smith Memorial OSD

Winner: Great River Ice - PM
Owner: Great River Kennels
Central Islip, NY
Handler: Mike Tracy

2nd.: Sukara's Come Home Jessie - SF
Owner: Clair Gross, Ted & Joan Foust
Harrisburg, PA
Handler: Jeanette Tracy

3rd: BW Zeke  
Owner: Alan York, Louisville, GA
Handler: Travis Gellhaus, Canada

Open S.D.Derby
Handler Stacy Perkins
Owner Pat Mattingly

2nd. Uplander's Pocahontas - PF
Owner: David & Laural Steele
Signal Mountain, TN
Handler: George Tracy
3rd. Caladen's Rail Hawk - PM
Owner: Ross Callaway, Echo Plantation
Charlotte, NC
Hanlder: George Tracy 

Tom Taylor Amateur Shooting Dog

1st: Jamback's Sugar    pf
Owners: Johnny Capps/ Ruben Richardson
Handler: Johnny Capps

2nd: Heard's Hill Queen Mary  pf
Owners: Buck and Lynn Heard
Handler Buck Heard

3rd: Southern Rose  pf
Owners : Buck and Lynn Heard
Handler: Buck Heard

Texas Open All Age CH

Winner Barshoe Busy                    PF      Handled by Andy Daugherty   Owned by Tom Faller

RU       Lester's Thunderstorm       PM    Handled by Randy Anderson  Owned by  Joe and Brenda Knowlin

           Lester's Thunderstorm

Eastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

Champion: Erin's Little Engine (Eisenhart)
Runner-Up: Serious Threat (M.Tracy)

Southeastern Open All Age Champ

Champion - House's Apache, Billy Wayne Morton, owned by Ruben Richardson

R-U - In The Shadow, Robin Gates, owned by Carl Bowman

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tom Honnecker Patron Plaque

Fred Corder, Randy Downs, Brad Harter and I are heading up a campaign to raise money for a patron plaque for Tom Honnecker. I haven't called the foundation to set up an account, but after tomorrow anyone interested in helping can make a tax deductible donation to the BDHOF in the memory of Tom Honnecker. You can call 731-764-2058 for particulars. David Smith and barbara can help. You can also call me for additional information @ 901-270-7222 the foundation is closed on monday.


Blake W. Kukar

Sunday, March 7, 2010


American Bird Hunters Association National Champion - Ch. Nemaha Butterfly - strong forward race with 4 upfront finds. 

Ch. Nemaha Butterfly is a Pointer Female - owned by Albert Lee and Adrian Jackson - Fly is bred by Dr. Pat McInteer. Fly is sired by Champion Nemaha City Slicker and her dam is Nemaha Pepper.

25 dogs were drawn for the ABHA National Championship. Dogs compete for 1 hour intial series and 1 hour call back.

ABHA Awards Banquet was held during the trial and Poker Straight Flash won National Shooting Dog of the year. Flash is owned and handled by Adrian Jackson.








Ina, Ill.—Judges Mark Garrett and Ron Ward named Starfire Supersport champion of the Region 5 Amateur Walking Championship on February 20.

The five-year-old white and liver pointer male was handled by his owner Ray Brown of Paducah, Ky. During his hour he had three finds and a very strong forward race. His second find was a limb find, the find of the Championship.

Runner-up was awarded to Island Grove Threat, four-year-old white and liver pointer male handled by his owner Ken Black of Washington, Ill. He had two finds and a forward race.

Fifteen dogs were drawn and run for the championship title.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 NBHA National Champ

2010 NBHA National Champ
Patrick, SC

WR Merritt's Pearl

RU Merritt's Bruno

Both dogs are owned by Terry Merritt of Pinehurst, NC and handled by R. J. Ecker Jr.

Friday, March 5, 2010

IL Open Shooting Dog Championship

My sources report that Lock ‘N Load a Pointer Female handled by Chuck Stretz was named the winner at the IL OSD CH,Runner Up was Lawless Liz, PF handled by Jim Lawless. 

Arrangement for Ohio/MS Sportsman Tom Honecker

Viewings will be Sunday March 7, 2010   2 – 4 and 6 – 8
Service will be Monday March 8 at 11:00 am

All will be at;
Coldren-Crates Funeral Home
205 W. Sandusky St.
Findlay, OH 45840

National champion field trialer Honecker suffers fatal heart attack

I found out earlier today that longtime field trialer Tom Honecker died this morning after suffering a heart attack in Ohio.
Honecker took part in the National Championship for Field Trialing Bird Dogs last month in Grand Junction, Tenn., and he seemed fine. That's how quickly things can go bad, I guess.
This kind of tragedy has been all too common in the field trialing community the past few years.
In 2006, just minutes after being named national champion, Steve Hurdle collapsed with an aortic aneurism and was lucky to survive.
Then in November 2007, a few months after winning the national championship at Ames, trainer/handler Fred Dileo was killed in a car accident.
Honecker won the national championship in 1998 with CedarOak Kate. He served as owner, trainer and handler at this year's event for CedarOak Bee Sting.

This is from