Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All American Open Shooting Dog CH Update

After the second days running the two dogs on the board are:

Awsum Angel SF Kinkelaar
Miller's Atomic Rain PF Kinkelaar

One more day of the Championship then the derby.

Monday, August 30, 2010

All American Open Shooting Dog Derby

Should begin on Thursday AM

1)Wicked PF Kinkelaar
1)Max M PM Williams

2)Jock PM Kinkelaar
2)Sue's Stardust PF LJ Lunstrom

3)Rascal PM Kinkelaar
3)Pearl PF Williams

4)Full Stride Abby PF Lord
4)Chan PM Williams

5)Mandy PF Williams
5)Full Stride's Joe Cool PM Lord

6)Echo PF Doug Ray
6)Dan PM Williams

7)Max G PM Williams
7)Riggs PM Kinkelaar

All American Open Shooting Dog CH

After the first days running the judges have put two dogs on the Leaderboard, they are Miller's Atomic Rain and Merrihill Carolina.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


1. East Coast Pete, PM, John Malone
2. Book, PM, Tom Tracy
3. Great River Magnum, PM, Brian Sanchez

All American Shooting Dog Championship

Carson, ND
Starting August 30th 2010

1)Millers Atomic Rain PF Kinkelaar
1)Mule Creek SF Lord

2)Ward's Rockin Robin Hawk PF Williams
2)Merrihill Carolina PF Kinkelaar

3)Island Grove Revenge PM Kinkelaar
3)Blackhawk Wiley PM Lord

4)Comeback Tuff RSF Williams
4)Hot Topic PF Kinkelaar

5)Bomberstone Diva SF Kinkelaar
5)Comeback Silverado RSM Williams

6)Pointo's Sraight Shot SM Lord
6)Four River's Covergirl PF Kinkelaar

7)Street Sense PM Williams
7)Blackhawk Tex PM Lord

8)Copper's Sunrise SF Heaton
8)Awsum Angel SF Kinkelaar

9)Merrihill Dakota PF Kinkelaar
9)Spider Bite Rip PM Lord

10)Pistol Patty Love PF Lord
10)Phillip's Stormfront PM Williams

11)Ridge Creek Cody SM Kinkelaar
11)Tall Oaks Cotton SF Smith

12)Lyndsey PF Lord
12)Shattered PF Manns

13)Gypsy's Elhew Hannah PF Williams
13)Big Hawk PM Lord

14)Pickin Time PM Tande
14)Mom's Apple Pie PM Williams

15)Coveyrise Offlee Amazin PM Kinkelaar
15)Hawthorn Big Shooter PM Tande

16)Masterhawk PM Lord
16)Lester's Chism Trail PM Williams

17)Four River's Crusader PF Kinkelaar
17)Hytest Spymaster SM Tande

18)Gus Elhew McGuire PM Lord
18)Sparrowhawk PF Williams


Running order for the OSD Classic follows:

1-1 Bay Country Hope PF J. Tracy
1-2 Buffalo Bull PM Tracy
2-1 Coosawhatchie Chief PM Tracy
2-2 Ard Righ Rockette PF J. Tracy

3-1 Erin's Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart
3-2 Voyager ESM Tracy

4-1 Great River Razor PM Tracy
4-2 I Wanna Be A Cowgirl PF Basilone

5-1 White Spider ESF J. Tracy
5-2 Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM Tracy

6-1 Gamestopper PF Tracy
6-2 Fazan's Stress Free ESM Basilone

7-1 Hightailing Miss Daisy PF Tracy
7-2 Erin's Black Fury PM Eisenhart

8-1 Calico's Big N Rich PM Tracy
8-2 TS Steel Force PM Basilone

9-1 Heritage PM Tracy
9-2 Snow Warning PM Eisenhart

10-1 Great River Class PF Tracy
10-2 Sound Investment ESF Eisenhart

11-1 Little Things PF Tracy
11-2 Enhancement Tess PF J. Tracy

12-1 Erin's Box Car Willie PM Tracy
12-2 Fazan's Delight ESF Basilone

13-1 Calico's Dynomite PM Tracy
13-2 Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart

14-1 Lawless Lady PF Tracy
14-2 Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Eisenhart

15-1 Bittersweet Alibi PM Eisenhart
15-2 Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy

16-1 Stone Tavern Matrix ESM Tracy
16-2 Marques Earl PM Basilone

17-1 Great River Ice PM Tracy
17-2 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy

18-1 G.I. Jane PF Tracy
18-2 Erin's Backstreet Affair PF Eisenhart

19-1 Waiting Til Midnight PF Tracy
19-2 Erin's War Creek PM Eisenhart

20-1 Caladen's White Hawk PM Tracy
20-2 Windfall's Silver Rain PM Eisenhart

21-1 The Insider ESM Eisenhart
21-2 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez

22-1 Green Mountain Keeper PF Tracy
22-2 Phillip's High Line PM Eisenhart

23-1 Calico's Catch N Release PM Tracy
23-2 Richfield Silver Belle PM Eisenhart

24-1 Talisman PM Tracy
24-2 Triple Nickel Nick PM Basilone

25-1 Our Big Bully PM Tracy
25-2 Erin's Little Soldier PM Eisenhart

26-1 No Rules PM Tracy
26-2 Erin's Skydancer ESF Eisenhart

27-1 Avalon Creek PF Tracy
27-2 Grousewood Skeeter ESM Basilone

28-1 Klee's Handsome Hank PM Tracy
28-2 Great River Dominator PM J. Tracy

29-1 M's Kid Rock PM Tracy
29-2 Enhancement Trey PM J. Tracy

30-1 Harbor City Cash PM Basilone
30-2 Caladen's Railhawk PM Tracy

31-1 Klee's Shooting Star PF Tracy
31-2 Enhancement Alice June PF J. Tracy

32-1 Annafield Buck PM Tracy
32-2 Erin's Dog Soldier PM Eisenhart

33-1 Buffalo Creek PM Tracy
33-2 Erin's Foolish Pride PM Eisenhart

34-1 RJ's Carbon Copy PM Tracy
34-2 Indian Creek White Snake PM Eisenhart

35-1 Caladen's Railway Max PM Tracy
35-2 Mt. View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy

36-1 Serious Threat PM Tracy
36-2 Erin's Little Engine PM Eisenhart

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Montana Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners

Champion Heaven's Elhew Taggert   PM Owned by David Gates and Handled by Travis Gelhaus

Runner-Up Pickin Time PM Owned by Chuck Wingard and Handled by Jim Tande

Both owners reside in MN.

CH Heaven's Elhew Taggert

Friday, August 27, 2010

All American Prairie

All American Prairie CH-32 Starters National Qualifier
Brian Peterson/ Jim Davis Judges
Kennebec, SD

CH House River Fever- Billy Wayne Morton H
RU-CH Lesters Pretty Boy Dr Deal O/ Lee Phillips H

All American Derby

First - Stallion Tommy Davis O/H
Second - Skydancer Dancing Bull Dennis Lutynski O/H (Setter) 
Third ?  (Pointer) Slade Sykes Handler 
Skydancer Dancing Bull 

US Chicken Championship Derby

US Chicken Ch- Open Derby
1. Erins Broken Arrow- Sean Derrig O/H
2. Erins Doc Rivers Sean Derrig O/H
3. Stallion Tommy Davis O/H

US Chicken Championship

US Chicken Chapionship 42 starters- National Qualifier
Judges Garland Priddy/ Ned Meyers
Kennebec, SD 

                                   CH Erin's Kentucky Gambler 

CH Erins Kentucky Gambler- Sean Derrig O/H 1 find true all age race
RU-CH Lester's Pretty Boy- Dr Deal O/Lee Phillips H 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Sunflower State Open Shooting Dog Championship

Just added to the schedule page. Championships Page
The Scott Wilnerd Memorial Shooting Dog Classic to start Oct. 15,2010
The Sunflower State Open Shooting Dog Championship to Start Oct 18,2010
At The Westfall Brothers Ranch, Elk City,Kansas Roger Duncan 11714 SW 60th St.,Augusta,ks. 67010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Weather from WeatherBug

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Product Highlight of the week

Here is a sample of the quality and action you will get from these great videos.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Montana Open Derby

24 entries

1st   Niecie, PF, Doug Ray
2nd Dusty, PM,  Justin Wiseman
3rd  Hawthorn Showgirl, PF, Jim Tande

Championship starts in the morning. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog CH Winners

Champion Lone Mountain Magique - ES, female - Sean Kelly

Runner-up  Waybetter Rex - Pointer, male- Carl Bishop

These two dogs and handlers from Canada and PA respectfully bested a large field of 54 competitors from around the country.  

Montana Open Derby

1a) Stan the Man, PM, Travis Gelhaus
1b) Dusty, PM,  Justin Wiseman
2a) Stormy, PF, Glenn Conover
2b) Saddle Up Sally, PF, Sonny Clark
3a) Niecie, PF, Doug Ray
3b) Carbonado Ranchita, PF, Austin Turley
4a) Swing for the Fence, PM, Travis Gelhaus
4b) Hawthorn Showoff, PF, Jim Tande
5a) Lady, PF, Justin Wiseman
5b) Hawthorn Showgirl, PF, Jim Tande
6a) Girt, SM, Justin Wiseman
6b) High & Tight, SM, Jim Tande
7a) Echo, PF, Doug Ray
7b) Jackie, PF, Shannon Nygard
8a) Traveler’s Prairie Sioux, SF, Greg Sand
8b) Hawthorn Victory, PF, Jim Tande
9a) Pam, SF, Marion Brown
9b) Max, SM, Shannon Nygard
10a) Junior, PM, Glenn Conover
10b) Beckworth Ginger, PF, Travis Gelhaus
11a) Hawthorn Little Scooter, PF, Jim Tande
11b) Thunderbird Ace of Spades, PM, Travis Gelhaus
12a) Rick, PM, Justin Wiseman
12b) Wild Blue Yonder, PF, Travis Gelhaus

Montana Open Shooting Dog CH Draws 63 contenders

Judges Jim Michaletz and Mike Griffin
1a)  Gypsy’s Elhew Hanah, PF, Jason Williams
1b) Heaven’s Houdini Gates, PM, Travis Gelhaus
2a) Awsum Angel, SF, Sean Kinkelaar
2b) Prairieland Kate, PF, Justin Wiseman
3a) Lester’s Chism Trail, PM, Jason Williams
3b)  Picking Time, PM, Jim Tande
4a) Skyview Ace, SM, Travis Gelhaus
4b) Smarty Smith, SM, Doug Ray
5a) S. F. Pocketknife, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
5b) Magnotta’s Pinot Noir, SM - Travis Gelhaus
6a)  Salty Dog Playmaker, PM, Marvin McDowell
6b) Beckworth Zeke, PM, Travis Gelhaus

7a) Barbaro, SM, Doug Ray
7b) Phillip’s Storm Front, PM, Jason Williams
8a) Leo’s Anna, PF, Doug Ray
8b) Ridge Creek Cody, SM, Sean Kinkelaar
9a)  Comeback Tough, RSF, Jason Williams
9b)  Hawthorn Big Shooter, PM, Jim Tande
10a) Island Grove Revenge, PM, Sean  Kinkelaar
10b) Bittersweet Delux, PM, Travis Gelhaus
11a) Hardup Road Jessie, PF, Doug Ray
11b) Coveyrise Offlee Amazin, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
12a) Four River Covergirl, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
12b) Duke’s Berlla Dancer, PF   ********IN SEASON*******, Travis Gelhaus

13a) Sparrowhawk, PF, Jason Williams
13b) Zumbro Molly Mae, PF *******IN SEASON*******, Travis Gelhaus
14a) Ward’s Rockin’ Robinhawk, PF, Jason Williams
14b) I B Anxious, PF, Tom Nygard
15a) Magic City Sunrise, SF, Dave Noel
15b) Railita, PF, Austin Turley
16a) My Mustang Sally, PF, Doug Ray
16b) Four River Crusader, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
17a) Heaven’s Elhew Taggert, PM, Travis Gelhaus
17b) Glory Attack Jack, SM, Shannon Nygard
18a) Class Act Bandit, SM, Travis Gelhaus
18b) Shattered, PF , Sean Kinkelaar

19a) Bomberstone Diva, SF, Sean Kinkelaar
19b) Cassiques Low Rider, PM, Doug Ray
20a) Comeback Silverado, PM, Jason Williams
20b) Hytest Spymaster, SM, Jim Tande
21a) Thunderbird Skydancer, SM, Travis Gelhaus
21b) Cassiques Boss, PM, Doug Ray
22a) Cassiques Blue Ridge, PF, Doug Ray
22b) Zumbro Ace, PM, Travis Gelhaus
23a) Kaw Valley Sam, PM, Marvin McDowell
23b) Our Rowdy Friend, SM, Dave Noel
24a) Merrihill Carolina, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
24b) Bridge’s Lake Pat, PF, Doug Ray

25a) Hot Topic, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
25b) Thunderbird Punch Buggy, SM, Travis Gelhaus
26a) Street Sense, PM, Jason Williams
26b) Tall Oaks Cotton, PF, Jim Smith
27a) Eboga Doc, PM, Jason Williams
27b) Bloomer’s Elhew Luke, PM, Marvin McDowell
28a) Mom’s Apple Pie, PF, Jason Williams
28b) Pure Outlaw, PM, Travis Gelhaus
29a) Miller’s Atomic Rain, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
29b) Carablue’s Tootsie, PF, Jim Smith
30a) Ace Freehley, PM, Sean Kinkelaar
30b) Skydancer Making Time, SM, Travis Gelhaus

31a) Merrihill Dakota, PF, Sean Kinkelaar
31b) Fearless Little Bit, PF, Marvin McDowell
32a) Cassiques Bohicket, PM , Doug Ray

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rick Smith benefit for Bird dog foundation

Rick Smith Seminar
September 17-19th
Grand Junction TN
All proceeds go to the betterment of the
Bird Dog Foundation
If you’re looking for a better relationship with your dog, both at home and in the field, you’ve come to the right place. From puppy hood through the basics of being a bird dog, all the foundation skills you and your dog will need can be found here. You will be trained to train your dog, with Rick’s guidance. You’ll work with the Delmar Smith lead, check cord, and whoa post, as well as the chain, and your dog will have numerous opportunities to work birds.
Rick is dedicated to helping each and every individual, the classes are fun, entertaining and full of information. From problem dogs to complete beginners, there is something for every person and every dog no matter what breed age or hunting style.
Come join the fun and help support the Bird Dog Foundation and give thanks to Rick giving his time and expertise.
Additional Information
Rick Smith
P O Box 130
Crozier, Virginia 23039
David Smith
Bird Dog Foundation
505 W Highway 57
Grand Junction, TN 38039

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Field Trial Hall of Fame Class of 2010


Elhew Sunflower
Elhew Swami

Tom Honnecker
Lt. Col Ben Adams

                                                          CH Elhew Swami
                                                          CH Elhew Sunflower
Tom Honnecker

                                                                  Lt. Col. Ben Adams

Monday, August 16, 2010



Judges: John Mandell, Gallatin Gateway, MT & Pat Lockhart, Bozeman, MT

1a) Lily’s Hunting Cry - ES, female - Greg Sand
1b) Mantao Mattie - RS, female - Paul Falkowski (handled by Sean Kelly)
2a) Neely’s Strictly Business - EP, male - John Neely
2b) Traveler Prairie Run, ES, female - Greg Sand
3a) Jackson’s White Line - EP, female - Mike Jackson
3b) Nemaha Taxi - EP, male - Pat McInteer
4a) Glory Attack Jack - ES, male - Shannon Nygard
4b) Lovet’s Cutin’ & Struttin’ - EP, male - John Neely
5a) Sand Creek Yeller - EP, male - Charlie Hjerpe
5b) Neely’s Hot Pepper - EP, male - John Neely
6a) High Falutin’ - EP, female - ********IN SEASON - Neil Walker
6b)  Lady Star B - ES, female - ********IN SEASON - Marion Brown
 7a) Waygoing Rip - EP, male - Mike Stevens
 7b) Clovis Point Ty - EP, male - Neil Walker
 8a) Blue Issue - ES, male - Donnie Mullins
8b) Billy Jackson - ES, male - Don Dack
9a) Busterado - EP, female - Austin Turley
9b) Neely’s New York - EP, female - John Neely
10a) Touchstone B - ES, female - Marion Brown
10b) Hardup Road Jessie - EP, female *******IN SEASON - Tim Moore  
11a) Waygoing Hoot - EP, male - Mike Stevens
11b) Touchclass B - ES, female - Marion Brown
12a) Way Better Jade - EP, female - Carl Bishop
12b) Our Rowdy Friend - ES, male - Dave Noel
13a) Touch Angel B - ES, female - Marion Brown
13b) Lone Mountain Magique - ES, female - Sean Kelly
14a) Railita - EP, female - Austin Turley
14b) Heard’s Hill Queen Mary - EP, female,Buck & Lynn Heard (handled by John Neely) 
15a) Bearwallor Lefty - EP, male - Donnie Mullins
15b) RJ’s Final Shot - EP, male - Neil Walker
16a) Touchstar B - ES, male - Marion Brown
16b) Traveler Prairie Girl, ES, female - Greg Sand
17a) Flatland’s By Design - EP, female - Dave Pearson
17b) Breakstone - RS, male - Roger Boser
18a) Mesaba Iron - EP, male - Don Dack
18b) Sandcreek Max - EP, male - Charlie Hjerpe
19a) Class Act Special - EP, male - Neil Walker
19b) Way Better Rex - EP, male - Carl Bishop
20a) Against the Wind (Joey) - ES, male - Sean Kelly
20b) I B Anxious - EP, female - Tom Nygard
21a) Salty Dog Playmaker, EP, male - Jeff Fraser
21b) RJ's Hardcopy - EP, male - Neil Walker
22a) Lucky Me - EP, male - Steve Geller
22b) Salty Dog Sugar - EP, male - Jeff Fraser
23a) Spectacular Goldstreak - EP, male - Neil Walker
23b) Houston’s Blue Diamond (Sam) - ES, male - Ross Leonard
24a) Touchstone - RS, male - Roger Boser 
24b)Phillip’s Storm Front - EP, male - Shannon Nygard
25a) Traveler Prairie Sioux, ES, female - Greg Sand
25b) Bridges Lake Pat - EP, female *******IN SEASON - Tim Moore
26a) Flatland’s Tuff Anuff - EP, male - Dave Pearson
26b) Class Act Mark - EP, male - Neil Walker
27a) Magic City Sunrise - ES, female - Dave Noel
27b) Zumbro Ace - EP, male - Dale Windhorst

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2010 NBHA Raffle and Auction

2010 NBHA Raffle and Auction

Drink Raffle 3 Tickets for $5
4 Buckets of 6 Beers
Bottle of Crown Royal
Sweet Tea
Green Bucket Playing Card Raffle $20 per Card
Ch. Elhew Sinbad Stud Fee
Travis Gelhaus Summer Training in Canada
Ch. Therapy Stud Fee (Frozen Semen)
Ch. Elhew Fibber McGee Male Puppy from Sunbury Kennel
Blue Buckets (Blue Ticket) 2 for $10 or 5 for $20
Ch. Westfall's Black Ice or Westfall’s Black Cloud Stud Fee
1x Ch. & 3x R/U Ch. Elhew Signature Stud Fee
Ch. The Valedictorian Stud Fee
R/U Ch. Go For Broke Stud Fee
Eddy Taylor Summer Training in Nebraska
1 Month of Training at Midnight Kennel with Pro Robert Ecker & 1 Tri-Tronics Bark Collar
1 Month of Training at Whitt Kennel with Pro Oscar Whitt
Choice Wind N Rain Puppy from White Lightning Kennel
Female Hytest Silverado Puppy from Carpenter Kennel

Red Buckets (Red Ticket) 5 for $10 or 15 for $20
1.  Check Cord, Amish Bridle & Holster
2. Amish Holster, Dog Stake, and Roading Harness
3.  Tri-Tronics 500 Collar & Dog Stake
4.  Super-Duty Chain Gang
5.  Tri-Tronics Sport Basic Collar & Roading Harness 
6.  Framed Hand Sketched Pencil Dog Portrait by Patti Garrett

Live Auction
1 Year Gun Dog Central Website
Aluminum Dog Stakes
2 Amish Made NBHA Holsters
1 NBHA Engraved Bottle of Jack Daniels
Stud Fee to Hytest Silverado
2 1/2 Day West Texas Quail Hunt

Door Prizes
Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter Collar
Tri-Tronics Hats
Purina Hats
Roading Harnesses and Holster
Horse Tack
Special Thanks To Our Auction Sponsors!!!

Ch. Elhew Sinbad Stud Fee – Donated By Stan Howton  ($1500 Value)                                                                                

Summer Training in Canada – Donated By Travis Gelhaus ($1500 Value) 
Ch. Elhew Fibber McGee Puppy Donated By Sunbury Kennels ($1200 Value)
Summer Training in Nebraska Donated By Eddy Taylor  ($1200 Value)

Ch. Westfall's Black Ice or Black Cloud Stud Fee Donated By Ryan and Bill Westfall ($1000 Value)

Ch. Therapy Frozen Semen Stud Fee Donated By Scott Crawford ($1000 Value)

Ch. The Valedictorian Stud Fee Donated by Bob Caffey and Robert Dardenne ($750 Value)
R/U Ch. Go For Broke Stud Fee Donated By Bob Caffey and Robert Dardenne ($600 Value) 

Wind N Rain Puppy Donated By White Lightning Kennel ($600 Value)

Hytest Silverado Puppy Donated By Carpenter Kennel ($600 Value)

1 Month Training at Midnight Kennel with Robert Ecker ($500 Value)

1 Month Training at Whitt Kennel with Oscar Whitt ($500 Value)

R/U Ch. Elhew Signature Stud Fee Donated By Midnight Kennel ($500 Value)

1 Year Gun Dog Central Website Donated By Jeff Davis ($300 Value)

Hytest Silverado Stud Fee Donated By Jack Elliott with Hytest Kennel ($600 Value)

2 1/2 Day West Texas Quail Hunt and Tri-Tronics Pro 500 Collar Donated By Ken Sauer ($1500 Value)

1 NBHA Engraved Bottle of Jack Daniels Donated By John Everett ($100 Value)

1 Super-Duty Chain Gang Donated by Brian and Georgie Casey ($180 Value)

1 Framed Pencil Sketched Personalized Dog Portrait by Patti Garrett Donated by Gailen Cooper ($150 Value)

Check Cords, Crown Royal, and Specialty Beers Donated By Chris and Deborah Gebhardt ($200 Value)

Horse Tack Donated By Wild Covey Kennel – Tony and Michelle King ($100 Value)

“Special Thanks to Tri-Tronics and Purina for their Donations”

“Over $14,000 Value in Donated Auction Items!”

If you wish to purchase any raffle tickets or place a bid on any live auction items please contact Tony King via email at wildcovey@dishmail.net  or call me at 573-239-1665 or Chris Gebhardt at kitgebhardt@msn.com or 573-356-6175.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Field Trial Fantasy League

I have responses from 21 people for the league and will be sending out final details later tonight or tomorrow.  If you are interested and haven't filled out the response form click on this link and do it right away.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MI Dog of the Year Awards

Front row from left, Ron Sposita with Duke’s Clear Grappa, Walking Puppy of the Year Runner-Up, Mark Beniak with Michigan Havelock Zee, Walking Shooting Dog of the Year, Bill Branham with Huron Creek MacDaddy, Horseback Derby of the Year, Runner-Up, Bruce Minard with Fireside Fleetwood, Walking Shooting dog of the year Runner-Up, Scott Grush,.with Fireside Tipster, Walking Puppy of the Year Winner.
Back Row from left, John Paul Jones, with Silverwhip, Walking Derby of the Year, Bernie Matthys, Dave Vernasco with Doubledown Easter Sunday, Horseback Derby of the year winner, Sheila Hart with Edge Burning Kate, Tom William’s Horseback Derby of the Year, Bob Leet, representing his Kung Fu. Horseback Shooting Dog of the Year,
And Bill Klenner with Bill Branham’s Huron Creek Mr. Twister, Horseback Derby of the Year, Runner-Up 

Front Row Kneeling, Ken DeLong with K Del’s Wanabli Owankiye, Restricted ShootingDog of the Year, John Bulloch with Bulloch’s First In Line Alvin, Restricted Shooting Dog of the Year Runner-Up, Scott Chaffee with Jack Harang’s Autumn Moon, Cover Dog of the Year, Runner-Up Back row from left, Dave Fletcher AMFTC Sect/Treas., Dave Terhaar with Terhaar’s Elvis, Cover Dog Shooting Dog of the Year, Jean Terhaar with Terhaar’s Daisey, Cover Dog Puppy of the Year  Runner-Up, Johnathon Fricke with Terhaar’s Rogue, Cover Dog Derby of the Year, Runner-Up Chris DeMattio with Willowoods LL Bean, Cover Dog Derby of the Year, Runner-Up, Mike Lareau with Hifive’s Rock Solid, Cover Dog Derby of the Year, Bruce Minard, Roger Johnson and AMFTC president Jim Cipponeri 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Broomhill Open All Age Classic

Monday, August 2, 2010

Manitoba Open All Age Championship and companion stakes.

New Facebook Fan Page

Join our new Facebook Fan Page.  I am excited about the starting of the new season, just around the corner.