Thursday, September 30, 2010


In order to provide the best user experience possible, Garmin would like to invite the public to help test a new beta software version for the DC 40. This new software is designed to improve GPS performance in difficult signal conditions such as steep canyons and dense tree cover.

Broomhill Trials

Manitoba Open All-Age Championship  
(29 dogs)
William Smith, Sonny Childers, judges

Winner: Patriote, Colvin Davis
R-U: Prairieland Pride, Randy Anderson

John S. Gates Memorial Open Derby Classic (14 dogs)
Mazie Davis, Chris Mathan, judges

Winner: Chinquapin Spec, Hunter Gates
R-U: Reachout Roscoe, Randy Anderson

Pelican Open All-Age Classic (30 dogs)
William Smith, Sonny Childers, judges

1. S. F. McKenzie, Robin Gates
2. Two Ten To Yuma, Randy Anderson
3. Lake Shore Legend, Robin Gates

Pelican Open Derby Classic (14 dogs)
Mazie Davis, Chris Mathan, judges

1. Chinquapin Eve, Hunter Gates
2. Shadow’s Jet, John Neely
3. Shadow’s Backtalk, Robin Gates
 Thanks to Chis Mathan for the results and photos.

Northeastern Grouse & Woodcock Championship

Northeastern Grouse & Woodcock Championship

10/02/2010 - 10/03/2010

Judges: Bob Kays - Dick Brennamen - Entries: 26

1 A Lilley Hills Secret Stash Dave Hughes Setter/M
B Chasehill Ben Franklin Mike Flewelling Pointer/M

2 A Long Gone Madison Dave Hughes Setter/F
B Magic Mist Riley Joe Dahl Setter/F

3 A Bog Brook Wilma Dave Hughes Setter/F
B Sweet Pee John Stolgitis Pointer/M

4 A Southbend Stretch John Stolgitis Pointer/M
B Magic Mist Bandit Joe Dahl Setter/F

5 A Thunder Hills Cash Dave Hughes Pointer/M
B Wynot Dallas Al Robbins Pointer/M

6 A My Cousin Vinnie Dave Hughes Pointer/M
B Bog Brook Ribgy Tim Kiselewski Setter/F

7 A Thunderhills Zeus Dave Hughes Pointer/M
B Chasehill Molly John Stolgitis Pointer/M

8 A Sutters Harley Blue Dave Hughes Setter/M
B True Patriot Kellie Short Setter/M

9 A Texas Red Hot Dave Hughes Setter/F
B Lakeside BeechNut Steve Smith Pointer/F

10 A Chasehill Bud John Stolgitis Pointer/M
B Spaulding Jetur Riggs Pointer/M

11 A Long Gone Boston Dave Hughes Setter/M
B Lakeside Jessica Steve Smith Pointer/F

12 A Texas O Reiley Dave Hughes Setter/M
B Bree’s Jessie Boy Leonard Sinclair Brittney/M

13 A Bella Joe Dahl Setter/F*i.s.
B Bog Brook Daisey Dave Hughes Setter/F*i.s.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

National Amateur Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog CH

Champion          Hideaway's Tall Boy              PM                    Todd Babbell

Runner Up         Bar P Guy                              PM                    Frank LaNassa

45 entries

NW Chukar Shooting Dog CH

Champion    Heaven's Elhew Taggert             PM              Gelhaus

Runner Up   Daisey A Nickle                        PF                J Leddington

25 entries

NW Chukar All Age CH

Champion     Spectre Pete               PM   Robertson

Runner Up   Levi's Painted Strike    PM    B Ledington

24 dogs entered.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The Winners Were:

First - Sugarknoll War Paint - Pointer Male owned by Peter & Christine Del Collo Handled by Luke Eisenhart - Breeder - Joan Labree
Second - The Thrill Is Gone - Pointer Female owned by Harry Blaine Handled by Jeanette Tracy - Breeder - Bob Reed
Third - Chiseled In Stone - Pointer Female owned and Bred by Joseph McHugh, Handler Jeanette Tracy
Fourth - Avatar Guada - Pointer Male owned by Tom Brigman Handled by Luke Eisenhart, Breeder Sean Derrig

All had multiple finds on pheasants on a cool rainy day in Baldwinsville.

Monday, September 27, 2010

New England Open Grouse Championship

Champion Long Gone Madison
Runner Up Chasehill Little Bud 

31 entered. 

Two dogs the judges wanted mentioned at the announcement as closest to the winners
Long Gone Buckwheat
Chasehill Ben Franklin

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Region 4 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Judges Bryan Wood and Ron Levitan named:
Champion Fireside Drama Queen,SF, Mary Beth Esser, o/h
Runner-up Champ. Texas Honey B,SF, Kevin Klein, o/h 

Companion Derby Stake

1st: Dukes Clear Grappa, Ron Sposita, o/h

2nd: Bad River Frankie, Tom Vanacek, o/h

3rd: Sam I Am, Gary Vitali, o/h

Our own Delmar Smith on National Public Radio

National Open Pheasant Shooting Dog CH

CH M's Kid Rock, Bill & Muriel Primm, George Tracy
RU Coosawatchie Chief, Andrea Clark, Mike Tracy

54 entries.

RU CH Coosawatchie Chief

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship

27 entries

Champion        Magic City Sunrise   SF          Dave Noell owner and Handler

Runner U p    White Powder Grip  PM         Mayhew

NE Classic Grouse Championship

Judges Lloyd Murray and Joe Wessling

1st place Whim- Sarah Cunyngham
2nd Place Libby Dr. Roger McPherson
3rd Penny- Ray Gorman
4th- Jasper- Sarah Cunyngham

Reporter Arthur Hembrough

Nebraska All Age Brittany Chicken Classic Championship

Held in Northwest Nebraska.

67 dogs entered.

1st   TM Tennessee Twister      Pollock
2nd  Dakota Luke                    Kalina
3rd   TJ's Prairie Blizzard          Tillson
4th    Jayhawk's Georgia Girl    Tracy

Region #4 A.F.T.C.A. 2010 Walking Championship

The Region #4 A.F.T.C.A. 2010 Walking Championship
Judges: Bryan Wood and Ron Levitan
Commence Saturday September 25th at Highland, Michigan until its conclusion
1.Zumaya Hawk PF Jones
1.Fireside Drama Queen SF Esser

2.Grouse Ringer Purdy SF Vitali
2.Texas Copper Top SM Klein

3.Fireside Interesting Linda SF Esser
3.Quail Trap Max SM Hawk

4.Kodachrome PF Traxler
4.Hi-Five Rock Solid PM Larue

5.Treeline Sandra PF McClellan
5.Double Duce Brodi PM McMillan

6.Wirthalls Dali SF Hall/Esser
6.Bell PF Darr

7.Silverwhip PF Jones
7.Michigan Havelock Zee SF Beniak

8.Fireside Shady Banker SM Esser
8.Dateline Blacklist PM Burney/Larue

9.Fireside Fleetwood SM Esser
9.Grousewing Rowie SF Sutter

10.Quail Trap Sadie SF Hawk
10.Bad River Brandie SF Vanecek

11.Labor Gone Country PM Buneard
11.Prickly Ash Annie Mae SF Purvis

12.Rocky Point Lilly SF McMillan
12.Texas Honey Bee SF Klein

13.Fireside Highnoon PM Esser
13.Moustache Bob SM Vitali

14. Hi Fives Wrangler PF Ross/Larue

National Prairie Chicken Open Shooting Dog Championship

National Prairie Chicken Championship
Open Shooting Dog

1 Notorious B.I.G. P/M Daniels
Jan's Ultimate Cash S/M Waite
2 Dale Creek Chelsea P/F Waite
Eldad Nicanor P/M Shure
3 All That Jazz Jasmine P/F - IS Waite
Aspen Covert Mask S/F Hart
4 Erin's River Road P/M Jordan
Grouse Feather Mark S/M Dunbar
5 Colonel Crush S/M Hart
Touches Approved P/M Ihrke
6 Master Edition P/F Hart
Notorious Red Bull P/M Mathys
7 Romeo's Attitude P/M Waite
Independence Day Sam S/M Hart
8 Blair's Bella Dancer P/F - IS Waite
Cotton S/F Smith
9 Skydancer Dancing Bull S/M Lutynski
Colton's Little Duke P/M Daniels
10 Ihrke's Winchester P/M Ihrke
Winter Set WB P/F Hart
11 Aspen Fibulation P/F Hart
Dale Creek Cowboy S/M Waite
12 Homemade P/F Lanasa
Daniels' Creek John P/M Daniels
13 Hawthorne Big Shooter P/M Tande
Bar P Guy P/M Lanasa
14 Cameo's Dixie Chick P/F Daniels
Running Woods Cree S/F - IS Waite
15 Gunner's Mate P/M Hart
Panovski GF Gretzky S/M Dunbar
16 Tekoa's Black Spot S/M Hart
Dale Creek Rail P/M Waite
17 Tim's Setter Ruby S/F - IS Waite
JoHo's Cool Breeze P/F Hart
18 Newahawka Black Jack P/M Crayne
Madtown's Bad Boy P/M Schaefer
19 Brown's Brute Justice P/M Daniels
Madtown's Set 'em Up Joe P/M Schaefer
20 Newahawka Bodacious P/M Crayne
Erin's California Girl P/F Lutynski
21 Hart's Fancy Dancer P/F Hart
Houston's Blackjack S/M Lanasa
22 Bayou Special Edition P/M Hart
Hytest Spy Master S/M Tande
23 Notorious Doc Holiday P/M Mathys
Skydancer Big Time S/M Lutynski
24 Pickin' Time P/M Tande
Grouse Feather Trooper S/M Dunbar

National Prairie Chicken Championship Derby

National Prairie Chicken Shooting Dog Championship

1 Jack P/M Jordan
Jet P/M Carrol
2 Dance Master P/M Hart
Austin P/M Arnold
3 Black Hawk's Free Mary P/F Hart
Everbreeze Romeo S/M Corliss
4 Sport P/M Hart
Everbreeze Pearl S/F Corliss
5 High and Tight S/M Tande
Cupid P/F Daniels
6 Selene P/F - IS Arnold
Edge Burning Kate P/F Hart
7 Jack P/M Mathys
Otis P/M Daniels
8 Humper P/M Daniels
Skydancer's Dancing Bull S/M Lutynski
9 Star P/F Daniels
Pearly May P/F Hart
10 Hawk P/M Daniels
Gordon P/M Arnold
11 Duke P/M Daniels
Notorious Soldier Boy P/M Mathys
12 Winter Set Arriba P/F Hart
Charles P/M Arnold
13 Creek Haven Jack S/M Ray
Tater P/M Waite
14 Frank S/M Waite
Rich P/M Daniels
15 Hawthorne Show Off P/F - IS Tande
Rosie S/F - IS Waite

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

National Amateur Prairie Chicken SD Championship

National Amateur Prairie Chicken SD Championship
Sept 24
Wisconsin Rapids WI

1a Homemade PF Frank Lanasa
1b Touch's Approve PM George Ihrke
2a Jakes Paducah PM Don Arnold
2b Madtown Setemjp Joe PM Bob Schaefer
3a Oak Grove Gingersnap PF Reisner/Ihrke
3b Tameron's Best Buddy PM Dennis Burgess
4a Ihrke's Winchester PM George Ihrke
4b Clovis Point Ty PM Neil Walker
5a Grouse Feather Mark SM Allen Dunbar
5b True Confidence PM Frank Lanasa
6a Nemaha Taxi PM Pat McInteer
6b Katybar the Door PM Todd Babbell
7a Tameron's Last Shot PM Dennis Burgess
7b Skydancer Dancing Bull SM Dennis Lutynski
8a Shattered PF Todd Manns
8b Sage PF(IS) Don Arnold
9a Oregon PM Don Arnold
9b Class Act Special PM Neil Walker
10a Madtown Moonshine PM Bob Schaefer
10b Nehawka Black Jack PM Jim Crayne
11a Attitude's Tornado PF Todd Manns
11b Erin's Wildwood Flower PF(IS) Pat Sheehan
12a R J's Hardcopy PM Neil Walker
12b Ima Redneck Woman PF Todd Babbel
13a Panovski GF Gretsky SM Allen Dunbar
13b Hideaway Tall Boy PM Todd Babbel
14a Spectacular Gold Streak PM Neil Walker
14b Oak Grove Pacemaker PM Reisner/Ihrke
15a Class Act Mark PM Neil Walker
15b Nehawka Bodacious PM Jim Crayne
16a Nemaha Freeway PM Pat McInteer
16b Bar P Guy PM Frank Lanasa
17a Redneck Justice PM Todd Babbell
17b Lil Miss Sunshine PM Frank Lanasa
18a Grouse Feather Trooper SM Allen Dunbar
18b Skydancer Big Time SM Dennis Lutynski
19a Eldad Nicanor PM John Shure
19b Ringafire's Eclipse PF David Taylor
20b Notorious Doc Holiday PM John Mathys
20a Erin's River Road PM Scott Jordan
21a Notorious Red Bull PM John Mathys
21b Nemaha Wipeout PM Pat McInteer
22a Erin's California Girl PF(IS) Dennis Lutynski
22b Ringafire's Sweetwater PF(IS) Pat McInteer
23a Nemaha Copper PF(IS) Pat McInteer

New England Open Grouse Championship

New England Open Grouse Championship 

Brace Dog Breed/Sex Handler 

1A Mojo Will SM Ryan Frame 
1B Lilly Hill's Secret Stash SM Dave Hughes 

2A Penn's Briar SM Clint Demusz 
2B Thunderhill's Zues PM Dave Hughes 

3A Chase Hill Molly PF John Stolgitis 
3B Thundershill's Cash PM Dave Hughes 

4A Stokely's Kir -B SM Tony Bly 
4B Texas Red Hot SF Dave Hughes 

5A Full Tilt SF Dave Hughes 
5B Sportsman's Molly Brown PF Bob Stewart 

6A Texas O'Riley SM Dave Hughes 
6B Chase Hill Ben Franklin PM John Stolgitis 

7A Bog Brook Daisey SF Dave Hughes 
7B Magic Mist Bandit SF Joe Dahl 

8A Long Gone Boston SM Frame/Murray 
8B Sutter's Harley Blue SM Dave Hughes 

9A Chase Hill Little Bud PM John Stolgitis 
9B Elhew Allegant PF Dave Hughes 

10A My Cousin Vinny PM Dave Hughes 
10B Stoneybrook Fargo SM John Stolgitis 

11A Bog Brook Rigby SF Tim K 
11B The Sequel PF Dave Hughes 

12A Magic Mist Riley SF Joe Dahl 
12B Doddle Ridge Jigs SM Dave Hughes 

13A Bold Move SM Dave Hughes 
13B Alley Cat SF Frame\Murray 

14A Bog Brook Wilma SF Dave Hughes 
14B Long Gone Buckwheat SM Kalter\Murray 

15A Long Gone Madison SF Dave Hughes 



September 22 - September 26, 2010 Baldwinsville N. Y. 
Judges: Kevin Joyce and Ray Rinker 

1 Erin's Skydancer SF Luke Eisenhart Tucker Johnson 
Big N' Rich PM George/Mike Tracy Tom Hamilton 

2 Sukara's Come Home Jessie SF Jeanette Tracy Clair Gross / T. & J. Foust 
Waiting Till Midnight PF** George/Mike Tracy Bill Perry 

3 Phillip's High Line PM Luke Eisenhart Bill & Margie Ricci 
Great River Ice PM George/Mike Tracy Brian Sanchez 

4 Erin's War Creek PM Luke Eisenhart Tom Downs 
Green Mountain Keeper PF George/Mike Tracy Frank Joyal 

5 R.J.'s Shortstop PM George/Mike Tracy Tom Hamilton 
Coosawhatchie Chief PM George/Mike Tracy Andrea Clark 

6 Bittersweet Alibi PM Luke Eisenhart Ralph Gillota 
Caladen's Rail Hawk PM George/Mike Tracy Ross Callaway & Echo Plantation 

7 Erin's Backstreet Affair PF Luke Eisenhart Tom Downs 
Stone Tavern Matrix SM George/Mike Tracy Dom Conicelli 

8 Mohawk Mill Dana PF Luke Eisenhart Tom Downs 
R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM George/Mike Tracy Al Linder 

9 Sugarknoll Snow Warning PM Luke Eisenhart Pete & Chris Delcollo 
Voyager SM George/Mike Tracy Dom Conicelli 

10 Caladen Elhew Sarah PF** George/Mike Tracy Ross Callaway & Echo Plantation 
Gamestopper PF George/Mike Tracy Joe and Joe Lordi 

11 Bay Country Hope PF Jeanette Tracy Keith Thomas 
Klee's Shooting Star PF George/Mike Tracy Andrea Clark 

12 Great River Dominator PM Jeanette Tracy Phyllis. Bosse/W.&G. Stover 
M's Kid Rock PM George/Mike Tracy Muriel & Bill Primm 

13 Erin's Dancing Queen PF Luke Eisenhart Tom Downs 
Maple Sugar Nugget PM George/Mike Tracy Frank Joyal 

14 Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Luke Eisenhart Dale Herndon 
Avalon Creek PF George/Mike Tracy Roland Kane 

15 Caladen 's White Hawk PM George/Mike Tracy Ross Callaway & Echo Plantation 
Klee's Handsome Hank PM George/Mike Tracy Roger & Susan Duerksen 

16 Richfield Silver Belle PF Luke Eisenhart Bill & Claudie McNamee 
Annafield Buck PM George/Mike Tracy Al Linder 

17 Sound Investment SF Luke Eisenhart Bill & Claudie McNamee 
Serious Threat PM George/Mike Tracy Greg Strausbaugh 

18 Talisman PM George/Mike Tracy Susan Duerksen 
The Insider SM Luke Eisenhart John Fort 

19 Calico's Catch N Release PM George/Mike Tracy Doug Harris & Calico Kennel 
Erin's Little Engine PM Luke Eisenhart Tucker Johnson 

20 Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM George/Mike Tracy Ross Callaway & Echo Plantation 
Buffalo Bull PM George/Mike Tracy Harry Blaine & Ernie.Saniga 

21 Buffalo Creek PM George/Mike Tracy Roland Kane 
Indiancreek Whitesmoke PM Luke Eisenhart Gary Malzone 

22 Our Big Bully PM George/Mike Tracy Ernie Saniga 
White Spider SF Jeanette Tracy R.B. Powell 

23 Heritage PM George/Mike Tracy Tom Hance & Jack Sanchez 
Erin's Dog Soldier PM Luke Eisenhart Bill Bruchey 

24 G I Jane PF George/Mike Tracy Bill Perry 
Enhancement Tess PF Jeanette Tracy Joe McHugh 

25 No Rules PM George/Mike Tracy Al Linder 
Erin's Box Car Willie PM George/Mike Tracy Greg Strausbaugh/Gatuso 

26 Calico's Dyno Mite PM George/Mike Tracy Dom Conicelli/M. Tracy 
Enhancement Trey PM Jeanette Tracy Joe McHugh 

27 Enhancement Alice June PF Jeanette Tracy Tom Hance 
Lawless Lady PF George/Mike Tracy J McHugh & J. Donze

Monday, September 20, 2010

DE Hawthorne Border Classic

Columbus, ND

1st  Conecuh Station Blackrock   PM         Hurdle
2nd Barshoe Osama Ben            PM         Vincent
3rd Strut                                    PM         Davis

50 dogs drawn.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog CH

Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

- 28 dogs drawn

- Judges: Glenn Weise & Tim Fullerton

Champion: Willow Creek Aunt Peg, PF, owned by John Todd, handled by Austin Turley

Runner Up: Flatland’s Tuff Anuff - PM - owned & handled by Dave Pearson

Northern New England Woodcock Championship

Winner True Patriot                   SM           Kellie Short
Runner-up Chasehill Little Bud    PM           John Stolgitis

Region 19 Walking Shooting Dog Championship Winners

Judges kevin Burney and Sonny Piekarz name the following winners of the Championship.

Champion     I'm Blue Gert     SF      Dave Moore owner and handler 
Runner Up   Seattle Slew       PM     Dave Moore owner and handler 

This was Gerts second time winning this championship and Slew is following in his fathers footsteps, Wingard his sire was named runner up in this championship once also.

Pictured from L to R: Chuck Wingard, Brad Holt, Kevin Burney (judge), Rochelle Moore (with R-U Seattle Slew), Rod Lein, Dave Moore (with Ch. I'm Blue Gert), Brent "Sittlow" Sittlow (dutiful scout for the winners)

Not pictured: Sonny Piekarz (judge and first class guy). 

Friday, September 17, 2010


Stoughton, Sask.—Topping the field of 20 dogs in the Border International Championship was Connor’s E Z Button, pointer male owned by David T. O’Connor of Bullard, Tex., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Raelyn’s Skyy, pointer male also owned by David O’Connor, and handled by Andy Daugherty, earned the runner-up spot. Button and Skyy each had one find.

The Open Derby (6 entries) was won by Conecuh’s Black Market, pointer male owned by Tony Gibson of Union Springs, Ala., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Shotgun Allie Bama, pointer female owned by Rob and Lisa Butler of LaGrange, Ky., and handled by Andy Daugherty, placed second. Third was Salty Dog Bullet, pointer male owned by Jeff Fraser of Teton Village,Wyo., and handled by Mike Lundy.

Advertised judges Mike Cheely of Fayetteville, Ga., and Collier Smith of Hurtsboro, Ala., presided.


Elhew Sinbad
Stoughton, Sask.—The Sullivan Club’s open stakes were held at Stoughton, Sask. First in the Derby with six contenders was Salty Dog Bullet, pointer male owned by Jeff Fraser of Teton Village, Wyo., and handled by Mike Lundy. Salty Dog Golden Boy, also owned by Fraser and handled by Lundy, was second. Bull Creek Irish, pointer male owned by David T. O’Connor of Bullard, Tex., and handled by Steve Hurdle, was third.

In the 20-dog Open All-Age, Elhew Sinbad was awarded first. The white and orange pointer male is owned by Rob Butler of LaGrange, Ky., and Stan Howton of Bainbridge, Ga., and was handled by Andy Daugherty. Sinbad had three finds and a back. Second was Sinbad’s bracemate, Chief Two Feathers. The white and orange pointer is owned by Thorpe McKenzie and Bob Walthall of Tallahassee, Fla., and was handled by Steve Hurdle. Two Feathers also had three finds. Third was Mega Touch, pointer male owned by Bob and Sarina Craig of Hatchechubbee, Ala., and John Sayre of Richmond, Ind., and handled by Andy Daugherty. Touch also was credited with three finds.

Judges for both stakes were Mike Cheely of Fayetteville, Ga., and Collier Smith of Hurtsboro, Ala.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010




1ST    MILLER'S ONLINE                  PM      FURNEY

Region 19 Walking Shooting Dog Championship

Amateur Championship Running Order.

1a Beavercreek Lucy-pf- Rod Lein 
1b Satin from silk-sf- Greg Gress

2a Billy Jackson-sm- Don Dack 
2b Bluefish Blitz-pf- Brent Sittlow 

3a Electric Belle-pf- Rod Lein 
3b Show and Tell-pf- Chuck Wingard 

4a Paige-pf- Mergens-Lein 
4b Lil Francine-pf- Brent Sittlow 

5a Wirthall Dali-sm-Greg Gress 
5b Wingard-pm- Dave Moore 

6a Girt-sf- Dave Moore 
6b Max-pm- Bill Frahm 

7a Seattle Slew-pm- Dave Moore 
7b Mesaba Iron-pm- Don Dack 

8a Atta Girl-sf- Ben Mckean
8b Twilight glow-pf- Chuck Wingard 

Open Derby 
1a willy-pm- Wingard 
1b Jackie-sf- OWENS 

2A Patty-sf- Wingard 
2b Fletch-pm- Davidson 

3a Louie-pm- Mergens 
3b Wild-pf- Windhorst 

4a Rusty-sm- Wingard 
4b Koby-sm- Frahm