Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Region 17 All Age Championship announces a change in one of our judges. Dr. Pat McInteer is unfortunately unable to ride due to a recent hip injury. Dennis Brugess from Iowa has graciously agreed to fill in for Dr. McInteer and join Greg St. John from Kentucky in the saddles.

Also, John Harmon owner of last year's Region 17 AA Champion will be hosting a reception for all in attendance on Thursday evening prior to the first day's running on Friday November 19.

All entries to Joe Worsham or Rodney Shoemaker. See American Field October 16th issue for further details. We are looking forward to this renewal on the time honored (Can it really be 60 Years?) prairie grounds at Onaga, KS. Come join us

Champion  Coveyrise's Offle Amazin      PM      Kinkelaar/Dr.'s Morgan and Gary Hertz owners

Runner Up  Les River Runner                 PM      Gearhart
CH Coveyrise's Offlee Amazin

The NBHA National Amateur Championship finished up Sunday, October 31st with an eight dog second series.  Emerging as Champion was Hobbs Silver Belle, lightly built pointer female owned and handled by Oklahoman Keith Foreman.  Belle had a very solid first hour with multiple broke finds to make the callback from the 26 dog starting field.  Her final hour demonstrated her rapport with her handler and excellent hunting skills rewarded with three finds in very difficult scenting conditions.  Belle was defending the title she earned last year at Dolan Lake inIllinois.  Gailen’s Lotto Kipp, nice moving pointer male owned by Gailen Cooper and handled by Shannon Shields of nearby Reading, Kansas was named runner up after two exceptionally strong ground efforts and the best find of the stake in the final hour.  This was Shield’s first placement in a championship trial and Kipp’s second.  The other finalists in the order of running were The Valedictorian, SM for owners Bob Caffey and Robert Dardenne handled by Robert; Greypointe Gladiador, PM for Doug Meyer; DuMore Jody B, PF for LG Barnard; Lady Victoria, PF for Keith Foreman; DuMore Gigolo Cruz, PM for Sean Snyder and Labur’s Gone Country, PM for Illinois sportsman Larry Burgard.
Judges Don Kimble and Chuck Maxson evaluated both one hour performances to determine the eventual winners at Scott Crawford’s beautifully groomed Tallgrass Farm south of BaldwinCity.  Purina hosted the trial along with TriTronics and Christie’s enterprises in support of the Stranger Creek and Eastern Kansas Field Trial Clubs.  A Friday night cookout on the grounds and excellent lunches were highlights.

Chris Gebhardt

Grand National Grouse Championship
Starting Nov. 2, 2010
Judges: Dave Bogle and Joe Dahl

Course Order:
Deer Mountain
Lonesome Ridge
Golden Rod

1. Star’s Southern Idol - Forman
Fireside High Noon – Minard
2 Shady Hills Bean – Forman
Chase Hills Molly - Stolgitis
3. Winterset Steadfast – Minard
Bog’s Brook Rigby – Stolgitis
4. Fireside Drama Queen – Minard
Thunderhills Cash – Hughes
5. Elhew Allegant – Hughes
Bodacious Hunter – Bressler
6. Fireside Interesting Linda – Minard
Lake Country Rayden – Forman
7. Long Gone Boston – Hughes
Upper Cove Desert Devil – Forman
8. Sutter’s Harley Blue - Hughes
Dateline Blacklist - Marnard
9. Full Tilt – Hughes
Blooms Old Dollar – Bressler
10. Bog Brook Daisy – Richardson Hughes
Grouse Ridge Sheena - Forman
11. My Cousin Vinny – Hughes
Chips Uncle Buzzy – Forman
12 Neddlepoint Tiger Lily – Bressler
Grouse Train’s Whirlwind - Fruchey

13.Chase Hills Little Bud – Stolgitis
Lily Hill’s Secret Stash – Hughes
14. Wild Apple Jack – Doherty
LB Horchan – Forman
15. Stokely’s Kerr B Bly
Bold Move - Hughes
16. Maddie May Lady Bressler
Long Gone Madison – Hughes
17. Rivers Edge Sadie - Forman
Grouse Ridge Digit – Hughes
18 Chip’s Charlie Brown – Forman
Rebellious Heartbreak – Minard
19.Wintergreen Max - Fancher
Bolt – Hughes
20. Mr. Ted Stokley – Forman
Wild Apple Duece – Doherty
21. Upper Cove Billy Babe – Forman
Ghost Train Liz – Fruchey
22. Fireside Fleetwood – Minard
True Patriot – Short
23 High Desert Dream – Forman
Grouse Wing Rowdy - Hughes
24. Grouse River Ace – Forman
Thunderhills Zeus – Hughes
25. Wintergreen Cody - Fancher
Long Gone Buckwheat – Hughes

26. High Five’s Wrangler – Minard
Texas Cherry Bomb – Forman
27 Bog Brook Wilma – Richardson/Hughes
Stokley’s Ginger B – Bly
28 . Dunroven’s Grouse Getter - Forman

Any questions please call Lloyd Murray at 1-603-636-2959 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-603-636-2959      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

We had a great Futurity today. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Our judges were Jeff Crum from McDonald,PA. and Jeff Mahaney from Alton ME. reporter/stakes manger was Lloyd B. Murray of Stark, N.H.

The wheather was more or less what you would expect this time of year in northern New England, cool, a little rain and snow mix and some sun.

The third place dog was Long Gone Zenna, English Setter female, owned by Todd Kalter AND Lloyd Murray and handled by Dave Hughes, she was bred by Long Gone Kennels.

Second place was English Setter male, Impact Player. He is owned by Dick and Helen Brenneman and Bob and Janet Watts. Joe and Pam Dahl of Bangor, Maine were the breeders and Dick was the handler today.

First place was awarded to Fernwood's Cove Bella, English Setter female owned by Jimmy Gill of Harrison, Maine and handled by Maine pro Joe Dahl. Bella is a litter mate sister to Impact Player which was bred by the Dahls.

We would like to thanks all the breeders and owner who came up for this event. Purina came up BIG and as always we appreciate their efforts.

A complete report will follow in the American Field.

Thanks again

Thom and Joanne Richardson

Champion – Erin’s Foolish Pride  Luke Eisenhart

RU – Independence Day Sam – Ed Hart.


1) Houses Snakebite      Daugherty

2) L.J. Confidential          Turtle

3) Lesters Tom Cruise     Daugherty

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Champion: Wild Apple Jack
Runner-Up: Autumn's Hot Cocoa 

42 dogs entered

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check out the Region 1 Blog for this nice report. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running Order: NBHA National Amateur Championship
Baldwin City, KS October 29, 2010

1. Gailen’s Lotto Kip PM Cooper/S. Shields
Carolina Breeze PF Keith Foreman

2. The Valedictorian SM Caffey/R. Dardenne
Honky Tonk Foxy PF Bell/LG Barnard

3. Rockwood Bess PF Barry Ward
Dixie Thrill PF Keith Foreman

4. Greypointe Gladiador PM Doug Meyer
Salty Dog Sugar PF Jeff Fraser

5. Go For Broke SM Caffey/R. Dardenne
DuMore Jody B PF LG Barnard

6. Bittercreek Top Grade PM Frank Schoenborn
Lady Victoria PF Keith Foreman

7. Shield’s Big Attitude PF Shannon Shields
Hobb’s Silver Belle PF Keith Foreman

8. Salty Dog Playmaker PM Jeff Fraser
Trader’s Sugarknoll Roc PM Keith Foreman

9. Greypointe Fandango PM Doug Meyer
Billy Jackson SM Don Dack

10.DuMore Gigolo Cruz PM Sean Snyder
Delaware River Jackpot PF Jim Corpening

11.Penrosa Knox SM Tim Penn
Labur’s Gone Country PM Larry Burgard

12.DuMore Back in Black PF LG Barnard
Daytime Delivery PM Keith Foreman

13.Skydancer Skyview Ace SM Jason Patty
Thrillogy Railway Tina PF Caffey/M. Dardenne

Lots of nice dogs and great grounds with good weather expected. There is a one hour first series with one hour call back and both performances to weigh in for the judge's decision.

Judges Named Champion Thunder Hills Zeus with a 3 find performance today handled by Dave Hughes and owned by Harry T. 

Runner-up is Long Gone Madison also handled by Dave Hughes. 

56 dog entered

Brad Harters slide show from the Amateur Pheasant Ch

Great photos of Championship and the new Ohio grounds.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ohio PA Shooting Dog Championship
Field Trial Held At : Tri Valley Wildlife Area
Date of Trial : October 2010

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex Handler
1 Caladen's Rail Hawk Pointer M Tracy
Tekoa's Black Spot Setter M Hart

2 Caladen's Sawmill Strut Pointer M Tracy
Colnel Crush Setter M Hart

3 The Insider Setter M Eisenhart
Avalon Creek Pointer F Tracy

4 Heritage Pointer M Tracy
Independence Day Setter M Hart

5 Klee's Hansome Hank Pointer M Tracy
High Winds Isobar (Wally) Setter M Long

6 Ragg's Miss Lightfoot Pointer F Wheeler
Mohawk Mill Dana Pointer F Eisenhart

7 Caladen's Bimbo Jones Pointer M Eisenhart
Bayou's Special Edition Bayou's Special Edition PointerPointer MM HartHart

8 Stone Tavern Matrix Setter M Tracy
Boot Bay Billy Setter M Hart

9 Klee's Shooting Star Pointer F Tracy
Phillips High Line Pointer M Eisenhart

10 Buffalo Creek Pointer M Tracy
Erin's War Creek Pointer M Eisenhart

11 Buffalo Bull Pointer M Tracy
Erin's Lady Luck Pointer F Eisenhart

12 Green Maointain Keeper Pointer F Tracy
Erin's Sky Dancer Setter F Eisenhart

13 Our Big Bully Pointer M Tracy
Buckeye Express Pointer M Wheeler

14 Serious Threat Pointer M Tracy
Erin's Dog Soldier Pointer M Eisenhart

15 Cooswathchie Chief Pointer M Tracy
Aspen Covert Mask Setter F Hart

Ohio PA Shooting Dog Championship
Field Trial Held At : Tri Valley Wildlife Area
Date of Trial : October 2010

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex Handler
16 Winterset WB Pointer F Hart
Richfield Silver Belle Pointer F Eisenhart

17 Lawless Lady Pointer F Tracy
Master Edition Pointer F Hart

18 Great River ice Pointer M Tracy
Erin's Little Engine Pointer M Eisenhart

19 Erin's Foolish Pride Pointer M Eisenhart
Hart's Fancy Dancer Pointer F Hart

20 Richfields Silver Lining Pointer F Eisenhart
Gunner's Mate Pointer M Hart

21 Boxcar Willy Pointer M Tracy
Erin's Dancing Queen Pointer F Eisenhart

22 Bittersweet Dot Pointer F Harter
Aspen Fibulation Pointer F Hart

23 Talisman Pointer M Tracy
Erin's Black Fury Pointer M Eisenhart

24 Hart Stopper Pointer M Hart
Erin's Backstreet Affair Pointer M Eisenhart

Ohio PA Shooting Dog Championship
Field Trial Held At : Tri Valley Wildlife Area
Date of Trial : October 2010

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex Handler
1 Erin's Little River Pointer M Eisenhart
Sport'n Style Pointer M Hart

2 Edge Burning kate Pointer F Hart
Kraftsman's Black River Pointer F Eisenhart

3 Sugerknoll Diva Pointer F Eisenhart
Dance Master Pointer M Hart

4 Winterset Arriba Pointer F Hart
Avatar Pointer M Eisenhart

5 Erin's Stone Cutter Pointer M Eisenhart
Pearly May Pointer F Hart

6 Eddie Setter M Long
Erin's Ghost Dancer Pointer M Eisenhart

7 Blackhawks Free Mary Pointer F Hart

23 entered
1st  Oakspring Big Time           PM         Vincent
2nd Reachout Roscoe              PM          Anderson
3rd  Southwind's Jetset Drifter  SF           Michaletz/Eades 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tail Feathers Field Trial Club - Dorie Martin Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic
1st. Smarty Smith - SM - owners: Fred Rowan & Harold Ray - handler: Doug Ray
2nd. Mom's Apple Pie - PF - owners: Jamie & Jessica Fisher, Eagle, CO.- handler: Jason Williams
3rd. R.J's. Carbon Copy - PM- owner: Allen Linder, Livingston, TN.- handler: George Tracy

46 entries
CH Buffalo Creek - Tracy
RU Sugarknoll Snow Warning - Eisenhart

1 Sutter's Grouse Wing Rowdy SF Hughes 1 WC, 2 UP
1 Mains One Dot PF Mains 1 Gr, Picked Up

2 Long Gone Madison SF Hughes 1 Gr
2 Two Acre Hope SF McCarl FNB

3 Keystone Red Ryder SF Peters Picked-up
3 Swank's Blackbeard SM Swank 1 UP
2 GR no dogs involved

4 Elhew Allegant PM Hughes FNB
4 Wycoff Run Freestone SM Bogle 1 UP FNB

5 Sutter's Harley Blue SM Hughes 1 GR (Divided Find)
5 Keystone's Red Rage SM Peters 2 GR, LTJ at 57

6 Hard Driving Rita PF McCarl 1 GR Picked Up
6 Chip's Apple Pie SF Groy 1 GR Picked Up
1 Gr no dogs involved

7 Hard Driving Lucy PF McCarl FNB
7 Bold Move SM Hughes FNB

8 Mains Sunshine Hunter PM Mains FNB
8 Pleasant Valley Katie PF Stiteler FNB

I used some shorthand notations. Here's the key;
FNB - Finished No Bird
LTJ - Lost to Judgement
UP - Unproductive
GR - Grouse
WC - Woodcock

The Pennsylvania Grouse Trial Club Championship will begin Sunday, October 24, at 7:30 a.m. at course number 1 at Loleta

Courses to be used 1-4 at Loleta and 1-4 at Lamonaville. We will start each day on course number 1 at Loleta.

Lunch available each day at the Loleta club house following the fourth brace.

Dinner Tuesday evening at the Loleta club house following the day's running. Everyone invited!

1 Sutter's Grouse Wing Rowdy SF Hughes
1 Mains One Dot PF Mains

2 Long Gone Madison SF Hughes
2 Two Acre Hope SF McCarl

3 Keystone Red Ryder SF Peters
3 Swank's Blackbeard SM Swank

4 Elhew Allegant PM Hughes
4 Wycoff Run Freestone SM Bogle

5 Sutter's Harley Blue SM Hughes
5 Keystone's Red Rage SM Peters

6 Hard Driving Rita PF McCarl
6 Chip's Apple Pie SF Groy

7 Hard Driving Lucy PF McCarl
7 Bold Move SM Hughes

8 Mains Sunshine Hunter PM Mains
8 Pleasant Valley Katie PF Stiteler

9 Chip's Charlie Brown SM Forman
9 Texas Red Hot SF Klein

10 Upper Cove Billie Babe SF (IS) Forman
10 Texas Honeybee SF (IS) Klein

11 Chip's Uncle Buzzy SM Forman
11 Sportsman's Molly Brown PF Stewart

12 Full Tilt SF (IS) Hughes
12 Land Cruiser Rain SF Forman

13 Grouse River Sheena PF (IS) Forman
13 The Sequel PF Hughes

14 River Edge Bella PF Forman
14 Texas Coppertop SF Klein

15 Dunroven's Grouse Getter SM Forman
15 Thunder Hills Cash SM Hughes

16 Bucks Cherryeyed Girl PF McCarl
16 River Edge Sadie PF (IF) Forman

17 High Desert Dream PF (IS) Forman
17 Pal O'Mine PF McCarl

18 Upper Cove Titan SM Forman
18 Bucks Boy Dunkin PM McCarl

19 Jumpstart SF (IS) Spotts
19 Shady Hills Bean SF (IS) Forman

20 Mojo's Will SM Hughes
20 Wolf's Elhew Jack PM Wolf

21 L. B. Horchen SM Forman
21 Texas O'Riley SM Klein

22 Grouse River Ace PM Forman
22 Doodle Ridge Jiggs SM Hughes

23 Cover charge PM Crumlich
23 Lilly Hills Secret Stash SM Hughes

24 Star's Southern Idol SM Forman
24 Blue Sky Moonshine SM Groy

25 Texas Cherry Bomb SF (IF) Forman
25 Alley Cat SF Hughes

26 Thunder Hills Zeus PM Hughes
26 Lake Country Rayden SM Forman

27 Montera's Rock SM McCarl
27 Grouse Hill Bullet PM Forman

28 My Cousin Vinnie PM Hughes
28 Upper Cove Desert Devil SM Forman

Judges Paul holland and Harold Davis

1)Four Rivers Crusader       PF              Kinkelaar
1)Salty Dog Playmaker        PM             McDowell

2)Lock N Load                   PF              Stretz
2)Ranch Hand                     PM             Newcomb

3)Dumor Gigilo Cruz           PM             Zink
3)Kaw Valley Sam              PM             McDowell

4)Coveyrise Offlee Amazin PM             Kinkelaar
4)Gitr done Ozarks Jim       PM             Hailey

5)Honor Bound                  PF              Zink
5)Last Crude                      PM            Gearhart

6)Cutter                             PM             Hazelwood
6)Greypoint Gladiator        PM              Beeler

7)Absolute Hardrock         PM             Kinkelaar
7)Ninescah Nicole             PF               Stretz 

8)Superstitions Desert Hawk PM         Newcomb
8)Big Hawk                         PM          Lord

9)Merrihill Carolina            PF             Kinkelaar
9)Les River Runner            PM            Gearhart

10)Ninnescah Highthawk   PM            Stretz
10)Island Grove Revenge   PM           Kinkelaar

11)Labur's Gone Country   PM           Waggoner
11)Ridge Creek Cody       SM            Kinkelaar

12)Over Yonder Hank      PM            Smith
12)Ninnescah Nightengail  PF             Stretz

13)Blazing Glory               PF              Waggoner
13)Hot Topic                   PF               Kinkelaar

14)Awsum Angel             SF                Kinkelaar
14)Lawless Liz                PF                Lawless

15)Ninnescah Queen Bee  PF              Stretz
15)Sunstroke                    SM             Hailey

16)Beeler's Country Clipper  PM        Beeler
16)Lawless Playboy Sam     PM         Lawless

17)Deep Powder               PM           Smith
17)Appalachee Pretty Pearl  PF          Kinkelaar

18)Buckheart Diamond      PF            Waggoner
18)Blackhawk Wiley         PM            Lord

19)Blackhawk Jet              PM            Lord

19)Stormin Arrow Smith    PM            Herriage

20)Otter Creek Hope        PF             Herriage
20)Sequoya's Playing Too PF             Smith
21)Masterhawk                PM            Lord
21)Bloomer's Elhew Luke PM            McDowell

22)Miller's Atomic Rain    PF              Kinkelaar
22)Hailey's High Dollar     PM             Hailey

23)Dreamhawk                PF              Kinkelaar
23)Fearless Little Bit        PF              McDowell
24)Baby Luke Keilly        PF              Waggoner
24)Dogwood Meg           PF               Kinkelaar

25)Ninnescah Blue           PM             Stretz
25)Hightail Cowboy         PM             Hailey

26)Tiawah's Lightning Rod  PM          Smith
26)Max Jack's Tot            PF             Herriage

27)Goshen Bull Market    PM            Waggoner
27)Stormin Steely Dan     PM             Herriage

28)Four River Covergirl   PF              Kinkelaar
28)Ninnescah Trigger       PM             Stretz

29)Bobmerstone Diva      SF              Kinkelaar
29)WildCovey Coldfront  PM            Hailey

30)Max Elhew Gauge      PM             Gearhart
30)Just Big                      PM             Kinkelaar

31)Cedar Hills Tornado   SM             Gearhart

8am Start time on Wednesday, October 27th. Courses in order each day 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13.
Judges: William Wendt and Steve Groy.

Brace Handler Dog Name Breed
01A Rowling Rowling's Lone Ranger SM
01B Bly Stokely's Ginger-B SF
02A Butler Izzy SF
02B Minard Fireside Fleetwood SM
03A Mains Main's Gypsy PF
03B Minard Fireside Drama Queen (Marly) SF
04A Ecker Foxfire PF
04B Hilla Miss Canada ESF-IS
05A Minard Winterset Steadfast (Stevie) SF-IS
05B Chaffee Cooper Mountain Pepsi SF-IS
06A Minard Rebellious Heartbreak (Reba) PF
06B Bressler Bo SM
07A Ecker Grouse Woods Reese SM
07B Chaffee Quail Trap Max SM
08A Bly Mr. Ted Stokely SM
08B Ecker Neel's One Eyed Jack SM
09A Bly Stokely's Kerr-B SM
09B Moss Moss Meadow Traveler SM
10A Minard Fireside Interesting Linda (Lindy) SF
10B Chaffee Autumn's Hot Cocoa PF-IS
11A Bly Wild Apple Jack PM
11B Minard HiFive's Rock Solid (Rock) PM
12A Fricke/TerHaar Fricke N Coco ESF-IS
12B Chaffee Quail Trap Sadie SF-IS
13A Casgrain Star's Misty Willow SF
13B Ecker Field Stone Farms Clyde SM
14A Mains Main's Sunshine Hunter PM
14B Vitali Purdy SF
15A Fruchey Ghost Train Whirlwind SF
15B Chaffee Kodachrome PF-IS
16A Minard Fireside High Noon (Johnny) PM
16B Ecker Cas Tiny PF
17A Minard Springpond's Autumn Grace SF-IS
17B Bressler Maddie SF
18A Ecker Mask of Zorro SM
18B TerHaar Elvis SM
19A Ecker Urban Brilliance PM
19B Bressler Tiger SF
20A Minard HiFive's Wrangler (Rudy) PF-IS
20B Bressler Dolly SF
21A Minard Dateline Blacklist (Butch) PM
21B TerHaar Rogue SF
22A Ecker Porter Meadow Elroy PM
22B Fruchey Ghost Train Liz SF
23A Ecker Richfield Gypsy Rose PF

Lunches will be served each day at Alibi Hall for a $5 donation. There will be a steak fry Friday night at Alibi Hall hosted by the Club.




#1  Ard Righ’s Buckaroo PM Randy Anderson
 #1 WW True Grit PM Allen Vincent

#2  Texas Wild Agin PM Allen Vincent
#2 Capital’s Market Maker PM Randy Anderson

#3  Forty View Jill PF Allen Vincent
#3 Dee Bone Dixie PF Gary Hill

#4  Southwind’s Jetset Drifter SF Jim Michaletz
 #4 Tina PF Gary Hill

#5  Reach Out Rosco PM Randy Anderson
 #5 Oakspring Big Time PM Allen Vincent

#6 Margin Call PM Tom Leesfield
#6 Bull Creek Irish PM Steve Hurdle

#7 Conecuh’s Black Market PM Steve Hurdle
#7 Crown Jack Consumer PM Tom Leesfield

#8 Sunny Hill Showdown PM Steve Hurdle
#8 Calico Danny Boy PM Tom Leesfield

#9 Salty Dog Bullet PM Jeff Fraser
#9 San Jacinto Rex PM Allen Vincent

#10 Salty Dog Golden Boy PM Jeff Fraser
#10 Senator’s Chicken Hawk PM Randy Anderson

#11 Skydancer’s Dancing Bull SM Travis Gelhaus
#11 Salty Dog Bee Sting PF Jeff Fraser

#12 Shotgun Alibama PF Andy Daugherty
#12 —BYE—




#1 Mark’s Promise PM Gary Hill
#1 Lester’s Tom Cruise PM Andy Daugherty

#2 Snow Goose PF Allen Vincent
#2 South Bound John PM Tom Leesfield

#3 Shadow’s Restless Wind PF Gary Hill
#3 Trailrider’s Delight PF Andy Daugherty

#4 Thunderbird’s Skydancer SM Travis Gelhaus
#4 Brad’s Amazing Grace PF Andy Daugherty

#5 Rebel’s High Noon Drifter PM Jim Michaletz
#5 Texas Silver Star PM Andy Daugherty

#6 Total Eclipse PM Randy Anderson
#6 Mint Mark PF Steve Hurdle

#7 Ironstone Jungle King SM Steve Hurdle
#7 Skydancer’s Dancing Bull SM Travis Gelhaus

#8 Connor’s E Z Button PM Steve Hurdle
#8 House’s Snake Bite PM Andy Daugherty

#9 Lester’s White Out PM Tom Leesfield
#9 Pure Outlaw PM Travis Gelhaus

#10 Shell Creek Coin PM Steve Hurdle
#10 Barshoe Osama Ben PM Allen Vincent

#11 Tula Warrior SM Gary Hill
#11 Top Crude PM Allen Vincent

#12 Chief Two Feathers PM Steve Hurdle
#12 Spider Bite Rip PM Allen Vincent

#13 Struttin PM Tom Leesfield
#13 Arapho Beauregard PM Gary Hill

#14 Jetsetter SM Allen Vincent

#14 Heaven’s Elhew Taggert PM Travis Gelhaus

#15 Raelyn’s Sky PM Andy Daugherty
#15 Brazo’s Jim PM Gary Hill

#16 San Jacinto’s Windstorm PM Allen Vincent
#16 Lester’s Thunderstorm PM Randy Anderson

#17 Three Ten To Yuma PM Randy Anderson
#17 High View Hank PM Andy Daugherty

#18 Push The Limit PM Randy Anderson
#18 Conecuh Station’s Black Rock PM Steve Hurdle

#19 Elite Marco’s Mahal PM Gary Hill
#19 Barshoe Busy PF Andy Daugherty

#20 LJ Confidential PM Steve Hurdle
#20 Mega Touch PM Andy Daugherty

#21 Heaven’s Houdini Gate PM Travis Gelhaus
#21 Clovis Point Chisum PM Tom Leesfield

#22 Elhew Sinbad PM Andy Daugherty
#22 Erin’s Southern Pride PM Randy Anderson

#23 Thunder Snowy PF Steve Hurdle
#23 Thunderbird Punch Buggy SM Travis Gelhaus

#24 SF Cufflink PM Tom Leesfield
#24 Cherokee White Powder PM Allen Vincent

#25 Prairie Land Pride PM Randy Anderson
#25 Rockin H Roy PM Gary Hill

#26 WW Hot Dame PF Allen Vincent
#26 Zumbro Ace PM Travis Gelhaus

#27 Zumbro Molly Mae PF Travis Gelhaus
#27 Clovis Point Chief PM Tom Leesfield

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Champion Dateline Blacklist   PM    Minard/Burney

Ru            Wintergreen Max   SM   Mickey Fancher

86 dogs entered.

CH Dateline Blacklist

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winner Erin's Kentucky Gambler PM Derrig
RU Erin's Bad River PM Derrig
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caladen's Sawmill Struttin', a pointer male handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Ross Callaway and Echo Plantation, earned the blue ribbon at the 2010 New England Open Championship held Oct. 18-20 at Harry Townshend's Ragged Hill Farm. The pointer had seven finds and a powerful race for the win.

Runnerup was Great River Ice, a pointer male also handled by Tracy and owned by Great River Kennels. Brian Sanchez was in the gallery to watch his pointer run. Ice earned five finds and also had a strong race.

Honorable mention went to Mt. View Decision Maker handled by Jeanette Tracy; Chasehill Molly, owned and handled by John Stolgitis; and Ragged Hill Danny, owned by Harry Townshend and handled by Bruce Jacobs.

We were able to get 8 braces run today. However please note that because of two scratches one in the 7th brace and one in the 23rd brace the dog from the 23rd brace was brought up to run in the 7th today thus brace 23 no longer exists. And all braces after that 23rd will move forward so be sure to re figure your brace time and day.
Here is an unofficial list of dogs who pointed birds today.

Izzy: 2 woodcock
Quail Trap Sadie: 1 Woodcock
Neddle Point Tiger Lilly: 2 grouse 1 Woodcock
Grouse River Sheena: 1 Woodcock
Land cruiser Rain: 1 woodcock
Rebellious Heartbreak: 2 woodcock
Springponds Shooting star: 2 Woodcock
Blooms Ole Dollar: 1 Grouse

Running begins Monday, Oct. 18, at 8 a.m.

Order of running follows:

1-1 Fazan's Delite ESF M. Basilone
1-2 Gamestopper PF M. Tracy

2-1 Mt. View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy
2-2 Caladen's Sawmill Struttin' PM M. Tracy

3-1 Waybetter Rex PM Bishop
3-2 Stone Tavern Matrix ESM M. Tracy

4-1 Fazan's Stress Free ESM M. Basilone
4-2 Nottingham's Classy Chance PF M. Tracy

5-1 Harbor City Cash PM M. Basilone
5-2 Caladen's Railway Max PM M. Tracy

6-1 Sugarknoll Jack PM Fino
6-2 Serious Threat PM M. Tracy

7-1 Grousewood Skeeter ESM M. Basilone
7-2 Our Big Bully PM M. Tracy

8-1 Chasehill Molly PF Stolgitis
8-2 Caladen's Rail Hawk PM M. Tracy

9-1 Richfield Silver Lining PM M. Basilone
9-2 Talisman PM M. Tracy

10-1 Klee's Gentle Ben PM J. Tracy
10-2 Klee's Shooting Star PF M. Tracy

11-1 Triple Nickle Nick PM M. Basilone
11-2 Great River Ice PM M. Tracy

12-1 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy
12-2 Buffalo Bull PM M. Tracy

13-1 Bay Country Hope PF J. Tracy
13-2 Caladen's Elhew Sarah PF M. Tracy

14-1 Great River Dominator PM J. Tracy
14-2 Klee's Handsome Hank PM M. Tracy

15-1White Spider ESF J. Tracy
15-2 M's Kid Rock PM M. Tracy

16-1 I Wanna Be A Cowgirl PF M. Basilone
16-2 Buffalo Creek PM M. Tracy

17-1 Ragged Hill Danny ESM Jacobs
17-2 Caladen's White Hawk PM M. Tracy

18-1 Southbound Strech PM Fino/Stolgitis
18-2 Coosawhatchie Chief PM M. Tracy

19-1 Elhew Dancing Fire PF Jacobs
19-2 Avalon Creek PF M. Tracy

20-1 Erin's Box Car Willie PM M. Tracy
20-2 Chasehill Little Bud PM Stolgitis

21-1 Green Mountain Keeper PF M. Tracy
21-2 Bye

The Fleetwood Classic held in Booneville Ark. concluded on Fridat 10/15/10.  Drawing 26 entries.

1st Millers Atomic Rain   PF      Kinkelaar/Rosenburg
2nd Merrihills Carolina    PF      Kinkelaar/Merrifield
3rd Superstition's Hawk  PM     Newcomb

The International Pheasant Championship concluded Sunday;

Champion; GameMaker, Handler Randy Downs

RU; Quester Handler Ray Warren.

Both dogs were placed with multiple finds.

Several other dogs completed the hour with multiple finds.

One brace this morning had 10 bird contacts during the brace between the dogs and birds flushed by the gallery.

The International Derby will start on Monday morning,  The national Open Pheasant Championship will start Tuesday morning.

J. Randy Hopkins

The 75th New England Futurity winners are:
 First:  THE LOBBYIST, PM, bred by Bob Reed, owned by Bob Reed and Harry Blaine, and handled by Jeanette Tracy.
Second: KRAFTSMAN'S BLACK RIVER, PF, bred by Sean Derrig, owned by Kevin Stuart, and handled by Luke Eisenhart.
Third: BULLERINA, PF, bred by Roger Dvorak, owned by Ernie Sangia and Dennis Hood, handled by Mike Tracy,
Fourth: SOUTH BOUND SALLY, PF, bred, owned and handled by Pat Casey.
   Margaret C. Drew, chairman