Friday, December 31, 2010

Tootsie Hurdle Open All-Age

Tootsie Hurdle Open All-Age – Purina Points Stake, Purina Handler of the Year Award Stake
December 27, 2010
Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area, Blue Mountain, MS

Judges: Brian Peterson, Cecil, AL
Hunter McDuffie, Cecil, AL
38 dogs

1st: Touch’s White Out
Ike Todd and Keith Wright, Owners
Ike Todd, Handler

2nd: Thunder House
Myres Gray, O/H

3rd: Quicksilver Magic Man
Rick Stallings, Owner
Randy Sanderson, Handler

J.H.Rowland II Memorial Classic Feb 4 2010

J.H.Rowland II Memorial Classic Feb 4 2010

Hosted By: Buckeye Plantation Field Trial Club Midville, GA

Photos and Report By: Dennis Lutynski Reporter: Dennis Lutynski

Judges: Stacy Perkins and Dennis Lutynski

"Jam-Up” said John Neely while interlocked in conversation. “Buckeye is a Jam-Up plantation”.
With a Super Bowl party taking place inside the six room 7500 sq.ft main lodge host’s Hank, Julie and Carter Rowland grilled and served an assortment of fine foods. Carter is an active trial participant, and very passionate about this eco-friendly, family-oriented sport. In 2007, the Rowland family looked to Travis Gellhaus to unroll the new “habitat program” now totaling 2500 huntable acres. Travis’s knowledge for habitat and trialing is evident everywhere. The great looking grounds, lodge and club house are finely fitted to the hospitality of the Rowland family, and trial host Travis and Jenny Gellhaus. Some early arrivals stayed in the cotton barn that provides an additional ten rooms above the warm easy going club house. Club directors David and Sue Anderson hold golden key’s that kept this inaugural trial in top form. The employed Powers family, Doug, Katie and Neeil move about Buckeye like quiet ghosts. You see them everywhere, coffee bar, dog wagon, wrench, broom and none better than an evening of steaming and shucking oysters. It’s inevitable; Buckeye makes impressions, and will continue as a competitive trial venue.
The Courses
Pre-riding the courses was an available option before the evening cocktail party and Calcutta.
The hard-wearing weather of heavy rains equaled heavy cover on the three continuous one hour courses that covered all four points of the compass.
The Winners
"Destined to become a star” the winning dogs needed the character to iron out the field without going overboard, combining concise bird work, and style. These three winners posted that crisp vivid memory. Heard’s Queen Mary had a contrasting run through the thick, edging the field to the finish that left her uncluttered from second and third place. Queen pulled together three finds with a mid unproductive. As the hour ran down, handler Linn Heard stayed confident in the final minutes. The staunch advice of close friend’s ricocheted off as Heard displayed her -In It to End It- style, for a can't-miss recipe. Without precaution Heard let Queen roll on the opposite far edge to the finish. This bold finish completed an hour of style and flawless bird work wrapping up first place prize, the custom fit to order Haggis Saddle.

Neely’s New York was all team work from the time they “cut the leash”. With no alternative John Neely discreetly set the stage and threaded NY through the country. John, extraordinary handler, New York produced three crisp finds throughout the hour with NY adding a touch of excess. New York earned the unabashed nod for second place. Note: Queen and New York are littermates.

Without flip-flopping, Ralph Gillota handled with confidence, class, and character that will keep any gallery in a state of radiating smiles. Quick-firing Bitter Sweet Deluxe needed no primer; running hard with one find Bitter Sweet went solo up front in the final minutes. Out of time, Ralph moved up from an extended grosgrain search finding Bitter Sweet up front. This second find with head and tail rail high added the infrastructure to outlast 38 competitors. The 41 crusaders competed amongst a high level of handlers, owners and breeders.

After pick up, Judge; Stacy Perkins assists Thunderbird Jamer and handler 14 year old Carter Rowland.

Linn Heard flushing a covey for winner: Heard Queen Mary

Linn and Queen at Pick Up

Buckeye Plantation Main Lodge and Boat House

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dixie plantation - Greenville Fl
CH Lester's Gold Digger - Jack & Fran Miller
RU Hard Up Road Jessie - Tim Moore

The Field less Dereck Layne and Layne's Rebel Addition

American Quail Classic Open Derby

American Quail Classic Open Derby – points toward American Derby Invitational CH
December 20, 2010
Fort Campbell, KY

Judges:       John Burrows & Roger Watson
17 dogs
1st:    Touch’s Adam County
          Keith Wright, Owner
          Ike Todd, Handler

2nd:    Lester’s Snow Games
          Gary Lester, O/H

3rd:    Game Ty
          Randy Downs; Handler

Monday, December 20, 2010

American Quail Classic

American Quail Classic – qualifying stake for National CH & Purina award points trial

Ft. Campbell, KY

Judges: Bill Suiter, McKenzie, TN & John Burrow, South Fulton, TN

31 dogs

1st; Hendrix Headline

Owner: Keith Wright

Handler: Ike Todd

2nd; Cedar Oak Delta Dawn

Owner: Mary Honecker

Handler: Randy Downs

3rd; Game Maker

Owner/Handler: Dr. Fred Corder

US Open CH

Champion Chickasaw Bud, Handler Lee Phillips; Runner-Up Survivors Real Deal, Handler Mark McLean.

44 all age entries. Derby First Lester's Snow Games, Gary Lester; Second Stallion, Tom Davis; Third Lester's Sky Watch, Gary Lester. 22 derby entries

Amateur All Age Invitational

CH Game Maker Fred Corder O/H

RU-CH Marques Lucky Strike John Ivestor O/H

Dogs invited to the All Age Invitational

Arkansas Open Shooting Dog CH

Ch. Ninnescah Queen Bee handled by Chuck Stretz

Ru. Ninnescah Nicole handled by Chuck Stretz

50 plus entered.

Region 16 All-Age Results

Winner: Mohawk Mill Lexus, Gary Winall

Runner-Up: Erin's Traveling Soldier, John Milton

RU CH Erin's Traveling Soldier

Fitch Farms – Galena Derby American Derby Invitational Qualifier

Fitch Farms – Galena Derby American Derby Invitational Qualifier

1st House’s White Fire

Owners: Joe Don House, Keith Wright, Ike Todd

Handler: Ike Todd

2nd Touch’s Hard Times

Owners: Keith Wright, Ike Todd

Handler: Ike Todd

3rd Sky Miles

Owner:Karen Hurdle

Handler: Steve Hurdle

Ricky Chism Memorial Derby

Ricky Chism Memorial Derby American Derby Invitational Championship Qualifier

> West Kentucky Management Area, Paducah, KY

 Nov. 10, 2010

 1st Touch’s Adams County

 Owners: Keith Wright, Ike Todd

 Handler: Ike Todd

 2nd Lester’s Snowy Addition

 O/H: Gary Lester

 3rd Erin’s Braveheart

 O/H: Sean Derrig

Fitch Farm Galena Plantation Open All Age Trial

December 17, 2010

1st: House's White Fire

owned by Keith Wright, Ike Todd, & Joe Don House

handled by, Ike Todd

2nd: Hendrix Headliner

owned by, Keith Wright

handled by, Ike Todd

3rd: Survivor's Little Bill

owned by, Blake Kukar

handled by, Randy Downs


REMINDER: ****PRE-DRAWING**** THE DRAWING FOR THE TOOTSIE HURDLE FIELD TRIAL IS TONIGHT AT 7:00 p.m. THE TOOTSIE HURDLE FIELD TRIAL WILL BEGIN ON DECEMBER 27TH. You may call your entries into the phone number listed in the ad in the American Field. Thank you......

Karen Hurdle


Missouri State Field trial Assoc Classics

Winner of the MO State All-Age Classic
BOCOMO Black Belle PF owner/handler Jay Lewis
R/U Smalls Storm Cloud PM owner/handler Mike Small

Winner of the MO State Shooting Dog Classic
Westfalls Bel Express PF Richard Lewis
R/U Lawless Sam PM Jim Lawless

Shooting Dog winners pic

Monday, December 13, 2010

Gulf Coast Championship

Gulf Coast Championship

Champion Hardup Road Jessie Owned by Tim Moore and Fred Rowan
Runner Up Cassique's Blue Ridge Owned by Fred Rowan
Both Dogs handled By Doug Ray
56 entries
Birds were plentiful The winner had 4 finds & the Ru had 6
Ken Teague and Rich Lewis judged

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Region 4 All-Age Championship

Region 4 All-Age Championship

Lady Volunteer, Bill Suiter, O/H
Crouse's White Samuri, Mike Crouse O/H

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pictures from the South Carolina Open Shooting Dog CH

Ozark Open Shooting Dog Championship

Champion   Ninnescah Nicole    PF       Chuck Stretz Handler/ Dr. Richard Steckley Owner
Runner Up  Dogwood Meg        PF       Shawn Kinkelaar  Handler
68 Dogs drawn and run.

Runner CH Dogwood Meg 

Us open championship

Champion Chickasaw Bud, Handler Lee Phillips;  Runner-Up Survivors Real Deal, Handler Mark McLean.
44 all age entries.    Derby First Lester's Snow Games, Gary Lester; Second Stallion, Tom Davis; Third Lester's Sky Watch, Gary Lester.  22 derby entries

NC Celebration Hoffman North Carolina

NC Celebration            Amateur Shooting Dog
Saturday, December 11, 2010    8:00 a.m.

1-1    Wade’s Strong Medicine        PM        Hulse
1-2    Jack                    PM        Young

2-1    Millie’s Pride                PM        Ruff
2-2    Santa Fee Pal                PM        Kimbrell

3-1    Erin’s Last Emporer            PM        May
3-2    Stoney Run’s Abby            PF        Snyder

4-1    Santa Fee Patches            PF        Hulse
4-2    Breakstone                RSM        Boser

5-1    Peacedale Scooter            SM        Maier
5-2    Harbor City Cash            PM        May

6-1    Picture Perfect                PM        Kimbrell
6-2    Hasty’s Hot Pepper            PF        Hulse

7-1    Tarheel John’s Topper        PM        Bradshaw
7-2    Racey Kate                PF        Drew

NC Celebration         Open Shooting Dog   
Sunday, December 12   

1-1    Double Trouble Joe            PM        Basilone
1-2    Caladen’s Railway Max        PM        Calloway

2-1    Fazen’s Deelite            SF        Basilone
2-2    Anderson’s Spice            SF        Jacobs

3-1    Tall River Chico            PM        Hester
3-2    Elhew Doctor Sam            PM        Deal

4-1    Elhew’s Dancing Fire            PF        Jacobs
4-2    Gazzola’s Pepe            PF        Hester

5-1    It’s Miller Time            PM        Basilone
5-2    Caladen’s Rail Hawk            PM        Calloway

6-1    Triple Nickel Nick            PM        Basilone
6-2    Rocky Ridge Dan            SM        Hester

7-1    Bell Field Silver            PM        Hester
7-2    Ravenwood D.T. Joe            SM        Basilone

8-1    Ragged Hill Danny            SM        Jacobs
8-2    Erin’s Special Force            PM        Basilone

9-1    Quick Marksman            PM        Hester
9-2    Ida O’Chess                SF        Deal

10-1    Shakes    Timmy                SM        Jacobs
10-2    Sportser                PM        Hester

11-1    Fazen’s Stress Free            PM        Basilone
11-2    Hickory Level Chap            SM        Jacobs

12-1    Harbor City Cash            PM        Basilone
12-2    Prime Suspect                PM        Hester

13-1    Idaho Molly                SF        Jacobs
13-2    Caladen’s Elhew Sarah        PF        Calloway

14-1    Gazzolo’s Big Boe            PM        Hester
14-2    Marquis Free Agent            PM        Basilone

15-1    Easy Terms                PM        Hester
15-2    Grousewood’s Skeeter        SM        Basilone

16-1    High Maintenance            PF        Jacobs

NC Celebration  Open Derby        Wednesday, December 15

1-1    It’s Miller Time            PM        Basilone
1-2    Caladen’s Pistol Pete            PM        Calloway

2-1    Alamance Zeb Boy            SM        Hester
2-2    Clayhill John                PM        Britt

3-1    Blue Jean Baby            PF        Henry
3-2    Caladen’s Coolhand Luke        PM        Calloway

4-1    Winston                PM        Jacobs
4-2    Marquis Limited Edition        PM        Henry

5-1    Ragged Hill Billy            SM        Jacobs
5-2    Quick Marksman Wheeler        PM        Hester

6-1    Keck                    PM        Miller
6-2    Caladen’s Rein Dancer        PM        Calloway

7-1    Arcanum’s Durk            PM        Jacobs
7-2    Captain Ben                SM        Drew

8-1    Duke                    SM        Hodges
8-2    Excellence In Motion            SM        Jacobs

9-1    Marquis Canary’s Diamond        PF        Henry


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amateur All Age Invitational

CH Game Maker  Fred Corder  O/H
RU-CH  Marques Lucky Strike  John Ivestor O/H

Benton County Open All Age- National Qualifier

Benton County Open All Age- National Qualifier
Dancyville TN
Judges: Greg St John / Keith St John
37 Dogs

1st Erin’s Whisky River Sean Derrig O/H
2nd Touch’s Adams County Keith Wright O/Ike Todd H
3rd Ard Righ Justina Blake Kukar O/ Randy Downs H

Region 6 All Age Championship

Region 6 All Age Championship

Entry Fee: $100.00 Field Trial Held At : Whippoorwill Farms

Judges: Ray Warren Date of Trial : December 9-12, 2010
Mark Haynes

Brace # Dog Name Breed Sex Handler

1 Erin's Whiskey River Pointer M Sean Derrig
Touch's Hard Times Pointer M Keith Wright

2 Erin's Little Soldier Pointer M Bob Leet
Crouse's White Samuri Pointer M Mike Crouse

3 Crouse's Unforgetable Pointer FM Mike Crouse
Coldwater Flirt Pointer FM Gary McKibben

4 Rockacre Rambo Pointer M Dr. Fred Corder
Merrifield's Vision Pointer M Bill Merrifield

5 Hilltopper Solid Anne Pointer FM/IS John Russell
Dakota Magic Pointer FM David Williams

6 Touch's Green Day Pointer M Keith Wright
Downeast's Millicent Pointer FM Mike Crouse

7 Hilltopper Duke Boss Pointer M John Russell
Boxwood Bandana Pointer M Michael Shears

8 Erin's Stony River Pointer M Sean Derrig
Merrifield's Dakota Pointer FM Bill Merrifield

9 Hendrix Headline Pointer M Keith Wright
Marque's Lucky Strike Pointer M John Ivester

10 Erin's Kentucky Gambler Pointer M Sean Derrig
White's Solid Reward Pointer M John Ivester

11 Leet's Southern Bell Pointer FM Bob Leet
Touch's Adams County Pointer M Keith Wright

12 House's White Fire Pointer M Keith Wright
Dakota Mystery Pointer FM David Williams

13 Hard Young Rocker Pointer M Keith Wright
Shadow's Miss America Pointer FM Blake Kukar

14 Rester's Fannie Mae Pointer FM Cecil Rester
Wild Wing High Anxiety Setter FM Betty Shearouse

15 Shadow's Tennessee Girl Pointer FM Blake Kukar
Merrifield's Alliance Pointer M Bill Merrifield

16 Survivor's Little Bill Pointer M Blake Kukar
Rester's Wild Jack Pointer M Cecil Rester

17 Merrifield's Boomer Pointer M Bill Merrifield
Saddle Up Nonbelievers Pointer FM Sean Kelly

18 Rester's Mutual Fund Pointer FM/IS Cecil Rester
Ard Righ Justina Pointer FM Blake Kukar

19 Ben Adams Pointer M Blake Kukar
Touch's Whiteout Pointer M Keith Wright

20 Kelly's Talkin Smack Pointer M Sean Kelly
Merrifield's Brute Pointer M Bill Merrifield

21 Kung Fu Pointer M Bob Leet
Rester's ProLine Pointer M Cecil Rester

22 Fantastic Samantha Pointer FM Blake Kukar
Boxwood Blizzard Pointer M Michael Shears

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Judges: Brian Sullivan, Latta, S.C. and Dr. Allen Dunbar, Oconto, WI

 1. Dubose Flash Jr.                             Dubose                                  
 1. Mohawk Mill Pirate                       Winall                         

2. Decision Maker                              Sholar/Watson                    
2.Wide Spread Panic                         Goodson                     

 3. Lester’s Bodacious                         Futch                           
 3. Prairie Scout                                   Waltz 
 4. Wildlife Express                            Watson/Scholar           
 4. Silverline Pride                               Goza                            

 5. Dubose Bobby                               Dubose                        
 5. Holopaw Spike                              Muzynski                    

 6. Get Back Jack                                Winall
 6. Results May Vary                          Goodson

 7. Lester’s Cobra                                Copeland
 7. Sharpshooter                                  Littell

 8. Dubose Flash                                 Dubose
 8. Erin’s Traveling Soldier                 Milton

 9. Exit Lane                                       Peterson
 9. Crouch’s Cybercast                        Crouch

10. Dubose Spot                                 Dubose
10. Chiorboy                                       Stallings

11. Mohawk Mill Blaze                      Winall
11. Beckworth Zeke                           York

12. Bridges Lake Pat                          Moore
12. Silverline Gold                              Goza

13. Crouch’s Scoot Coot                    Crouch
13. S F Cufflink                                  Leisfield/Furney

14. Mohawk Mill Ride                        Winall
14. High Adventure                            McDavid

15. Phillip’s Stormline                         Milton
15. Quicksilver Snow Angel               Stallings

16. Spectactular Gold Streak              Hicks
16. Cox’s Arc Fault                            Cox/Rutland

17. Clovis Point Chism                       Furney/Leisfield
17. Hardup Road Jesse                       Moore

18. Packsaddle Sadie              Milton
18. Avalanche                         Rutland/Cox 

19. Southbound John L          Leisfield/Furney 
19. Ice-O-Matic                      Sholar/Watson

20. The Story Teller                Littell
20. Showtime Juillette             Copeland    

21. Struttin                              Leisfield/Furney
21. Mohawk Mill Lexus          Winall

22. Anticipation’s Allegretto  McDavid
22. Wildlife Sis                       Watson/Sholar