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January 2, 2011


Derby:                                             Quail Championship:

Harold Ray, Waynesboro, GA        John Lee, Statesboro, GA

Tim Moore, Colquitt, GA                Freddie Rayl, Sylvester, GA

                      John Ray Kimbrell, Stake Manager

Fish Fry, Tuesday, January 4th, Exchange Club following the days running

Steak Dinner, Wednesday, January 5th, in the Clubhouse, immediately following the days running

Oyster Roast, Thursday, January 6th, at the Clubhouse

Hay is available for $6/bale

Stalls are $5/day

Please see Connie for assistance.

Georgia Derby CH Running Order

1 Bad Prairie Dust Storm PM Quinton Wiseman

 Lester's Snow Games PM Gary Lester

2 Ward's Dan Hawk PM Williams

Erin's Broken Arrow PM Eisenhart

3 Walnut Tree Freightline PM Steve Mills

Lester's Knock Out PM Gary Lester

4 Black Hawk's Pony Express PM Quinton Wiseman

PM Calvary Man PM Bubba Moreland

5 Erin's Brave Heart PM Eisenhart

Kool Whip PM Leisfield/Furney(M)

6 Kiki's Bud Lite PM Bubba Moreland

Lester's SkyWatch PM Lester

7 Eisenhower PM Charles Morton

 Chinquapin Eve PF Gates

8 Manteo Brownie PF Furney/Hurdle

Black River PF Eisenhart

9 Snowy Addition PM Furney/Leisfield

Tiny Tornado PF Gates

10 Sky Dancing Bull SM Gellhaus

Lester's Sky Jam PM Hurdle/Furney

11 Stand the Man PM Gellhaus

Erin's Little River PM Eisenhart

12 Graces White Top PM Furney/Hurdle

Crown Jack Consumer PM FurneyM/Leisfield

13 Chinquapin Spec PM Gates

 Sky Miles PM Hurdle/Furney

14 More Than Words PM Hunter Wilcox

Touch's Green-Day PM Ike Todd

15 Erin's Doc River PM Eisenhart

Touch's Adam Country PM Ike Todd

16 Bush Ranger PM Gates

Conecuch's Black Market PM Hurdle/Furney

17 Quick Silver Magic Man PM Sanderson

Showtime Charlie Chan PM Copeland

18 Shadow's Perfection PM Gates

Touch's Hardime's PM Ike Todd

19 Shadow's Back Talk PM Gates

 Stallion PM Davis

20 Quick Silver Cut Above PM Sanderson

Beckworth Ginger PF Gellhaus

21 Wide Open PM Wilcox

Shadow Oak Mac PM Gates

The Georgia Championship

1Touch's White Out PM Ike Todd

1 Strut PM Davis

2 Survivor's Real Deal PF McClean

Shake's Tag PM Gates

3 Search Light Mac PM Sanderson/Stallings

Fast Forward PF McClean

4  King Cotton PM Gates

4 South's Late Night PM Furney/Hurdle

5 Quick Silver Magic Man PM Sanderson/Stallings

Shell Creek Coin PM Hurdle/Furney

6 White's Twist PM Gates

Traveling Soldier PM Furney/Hurdle

7 Choir Boy PM Stallings/Sanderson

Bodacious PM Furney/Hurdle

8 Broadway Drifter PM Gates

Connor's E-Z Button PM Hurdle/Furney

9 Quick Silver Bearax PM Stallings/Sanderson

Lester's Cobra PM Copeland

10 McKenzie PM Gates

10 L.J. Confidential PM Hurdle/Furney

11 Story Teller PM Furney/Hurdle

Phillips Time Line PM Stallings/Sanderson

12 Phillip's StormLine PM Furney/Hurdle

Distant Shadow PM Gates

13 G I Jane PF Copeland

Iron Stone Jungle King PM Hurdle/Furney

14 Thunder Snowy PF Hurdle/Furney

In The Shadow PM Gates

15 Showtime Charlie Chan PM Copeland

Miller On Line PM Furney/Hurdle

16 Thunderbird Punch Buggy PM Gelhaus

16 Shadow Oak Bo SM Gates

17 Canecuh's Station Black Rock PM Hurdle/Furney

MoHawk Mill Ride PM Warren/Henry

18 Rocking H Roy PM Hurdle/Furney

Phantom Last Time PM Gates

19 Why Wait PM Gates

Dixie Chick PM Furney/Hurdle

20 Chief Two Feathers PM Hurdle/Furney

Waumpum PM Gates

21 White's Solid Reward PM Henry/Warren

Spike Yautepec Marpi PM Latty

22 Rock Wood chief PM Warren/Henry

22 Struttin PM Furney/Leisfield

23 Mucho Yautepec Marpi PM Latty

Zumbro Ace PM Gellhaus

24 Clovis Point Chism PM Furney/Leisfield

Marques Pure Gold PM Henry/Warren

25 Seago Yautepec Marpi PM Latty

Quester PM Warren/Henry

26 Snowy Addition PM M. Furney/Leisfield

Harpeth Valley Hawkeye PM Warren/Henry

27 Outland Super Sam PM Warren/Henry

Sky Dancer Making Time SM Gellhaus

28 Lester's Thunderbird PM Furney/Leisfield

28 Marques Lucky Strike PM Henry/Warren

29 Thunderbird Sky Dancer SM Gelhaus

Ray's Choice PM Warren/Henry

30 Heaven's Elhew Taggert PM Gellhaus

Walnut Tree High Line PM Steve Mills

31 Pure Outlaw PM Gellhaus

S F Cuff Link PM Furney/Leisfield

32 Decision Mker PM Shenker

Class Act Bandit SM Gellhaus


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