Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Sky Field Trial Classic

Concluded on April 17th on the trial grounds at Circle, MT.

Shooting Dog Classic (17 starters)

1st - Lone Mountain Reliant, SM - owner/handler: John Mandell
2nd - Railita, PF - owner/handler: Austin Turley
3rd - Willow Creek Aunt Peg, PF - owner/handler, Isaiah Todd

Open Derby (All Age Standards) - 11 starters

1st - Circle Distant Buckeroo, handler, Shannon Nygard, owner, Tom Nygard
2nd - Flatlands New Look, owner/handler, Dave Pearson
3rd - Prairie Ramblin' Sampson - owner/handler, Brad McCardle

Open All Age (8 starters)

1st - Railita - owner/Handler, Austin Turley
2nd - Longhollows Luke - owner/handler, Tim Powell
3rd - Flatlands Whiteout - owner/handler, Dave Pearson

Shooting Dog Derby (16 starters)

1st - Rambling Prairie Rebel -owner/handler, Austin Turley
2nd - Gin and Tonic Livewire - owner/handler, Dave Noell
3rd - Carbonado Pennita - owner/handler, Terry Walsh

Please note that Ike Todd's nephew, Isaiah Todd placed his dog Peg in the Shooting dog stake in his first trial and at 10 yrs old.


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