Monday, September 26, 2011

National Amateur Grouse Championship Draw

The Championship will start Thursday morning, Sept 29. There was a point we thought we would be starting on Wednesday but we had a few dogs dropped. We have enough courses left on Sunday to run our Derby, therefore we will use Sunday to complete the Championship and run derby on fresh courses. I apologize for any confusion.

Saturday following the running we will have the now famous walleye fry to honor Purina and hosted by Capt. Ron & Deb Levitan, R&D Sportfishing Charters. Lunches will be served each day at the Alibi. Note that the requested donation is $7.00 (more is always welcome) We will have drinks available thru out the day in whose ever truck is leading the way about the area. Just ask. Please find Chris Demattio to pay your entry fee's.

We will run 7 braces per day in this order:


1A Texas Red Hot SF Kevin Kline
1B QuailtrapMax SM Ken Moss

2A Norton SM Ed Morgan
2B Wintergreen Max SM Mickey Fancher

3A Been There SM Ed Morgan
3B Bad River Frankie SM Tom Vanecek

4A Quailtrap Sadie SF-IS Ken Moss
4B North Wind Dancer PF Reggie Durant

5A Vitale's Grouse Ringer Purdey SF Gary Vitale
5B Upper Cove Desert Devil SM Bob Grassi

6A Ghost Train Liz SF Tom Fruchey
6B Mains One Dot PF Tom Mains

7A Captain Jack SM Brent Peters
7B Springpond Marshall SM Roger Johnson

8A Vitale's Grouse Ringer Sam I Am SM Gary Vitale
8B Wintergreen Cody SM Mickey Fancher

9A Moss Meadow Travler SM Ken Moss
9B Texas O'Riley SM Kevin Kline

10A Wintergreen Foster Sm Mickey Fancher
10B Rowling's Lone Ranger SM Chuck Rowling

11A Pine Straw Katydid SF-IS Mike Reeves
11B Texas Copper Top SF Kevin Kline

12A Lucky Luke Star SM George Najor
12B John's River Pearl SF John Crisenbery

13A Mains Sunshine Hunter PM Tom Mains
13B River's Edge Duke SM Pat Cooke

14A Sutter’s Harley Blue SM Larry Sutter
14B Ruby's Shadow SM Bob Wheelock

15A KDeL's Wanbli Owankiye BF Ken DeLong
15B Miss Canada SF-IS Greg Hilla

16A Willowood's LL Bean SF Chris DeMattio
16B Star's Misty Willow SF Pete Casgrain

17A Chip's Charlie Brown SM Mike Reeves
17B Call Me Kate SF Craig Merlington

18A Sutter’s Grousewing Rowdie SF-IS Larry Sutter
18B Pinehill Silent Echo PF Eric Naus

19A Dunroven's Gentleman Doc SM Kline/McKellip
19B River's Edge Sadie SF Pat Cooke

20A Dunroven's Gary SM Kline/McKellip
20B HiFive's Magickal Merlin SM Harris/Peters

21A Elhew Juniper PF Reggie Durant
21B Ramblin' Ruby Lou SF-IS Bob Wheelock

22A Grouse River Ace PM Bryan Wood
22B Ghost Train Whirlwind SF Tom Fruchey

23A Shocka Zulu PM Bill Nettles
23B Upper Cove Billie Babe SF Bob Grassi

24A Birch Run Susie Q SF Russ Gingras
24B Wild Apple Faith PF-IS Ken DeLong


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