Friday, September 30, 2011


September 27 - September 30, 2011 Baldwinsville N. Y.
Judges: Randy Hopkins and Ray Wheeler

1 Serious Threat PM Mike Tracy Greg Strausbaugh
Marques Free Agent PM Matt Basilone Larry Craig

2 Waiting Till Midnight PF George Tracy Bill Perry
Klee's Calypso PM Roger&Susan Duerksen

3 Enhancement Tess PF** Jeanette Tracy Joe McHugh
Great River Class PF** George Tracy Jack Sanchez

4 Coosawhatchie Chief PM Mike Tracy Andrea Clark
Sukara's Grace SF Jeanette Tracy Becky Johnson

5 Triple Nickel Nick PM Matt Basilone Robert & Linda Bergen
Maple Sugar Nugget PM George Tracy Tom Hamilton

6 Great River Dominator PM Jeanette Tracy Phyllis Bosse / W. & G. Stover
Klee's Shooting Star PF Mike Tracy Andrea Clark

7 Panther Creek Snapshot PF** George Tracy Al Linder
White Spider SF Jeanette Tracy R.B. Powell

8 Thomas' Adirondack Ringo SM Jim Thomas Jim Thomas
Erin's Box Car Willie PM M. Tracy Greg Strausbaugh /Gatuso

9 Calico's Dyno Mite PM George Tracy Dom Conicelli / M. Tracy
Caladen's Railway Max PM Mike Tracy R. Callaway & Gene Casale

10 DiMegillo's Bobbi PM M. Basilone Luigi DiMegillo
High Drive Casey PM George Tracy Al Linder

11 Chisled In Stone PF Jeanette Tracy Joe McHugh
Moonlite Magic PF**George Tracy Muriel Primm

12 Avalon Creek PF Mike Tracy Jeff Ruth
Fazan's Stress Free SM Matt Basilone George Fazan

13 Texas Honeybee SF Spencer Ray Kevin Klein
Klee's Handsome Hank PM M. Tracy Roger & Susan Duerksen

14 R.J.'s Carbon Copy PM George Tracy Al Linder
Grousewoods Skeeter SM Matt Basilone Larry Craig

15 Heritage PM M. Tracy Tom Hance & J. Sanchez
Spitfire's Jack SM Spencer Ray Jeff Phelps

16 The Lobbyist PM J. Tracy Bob Reed/Harry Blaine
Great River Ice PM Mike Tracy Brian Sanchez

17 Spitfire's Auggie Dog PM Jeff Phelps Jeff Phelps
Big N' Rich PM G. Tracy Tom Hamilton

18 Our Big Bully PM Mike Tracy Ernie Saniga
The Thrill Is Back PF Jeanette Tracy Dave Breslin

19 Maple Valley Cowgirl PF Jeanette Tracy Merv Eisenhart
Written In Stone PF Mike Tracy Joe McHugh

20 Heaven's Elhew Taggert PM Spencer Ray David Gates
Octavio SM Mike Tracy Mary McConnell

21 Enhancement Trey PM Jeanette Tracy Joe McHugh
Buffalo Bull PM Mike Tracy Harry Blaine & Ernie.Saniga

22 Sugarknoll War Paint PM G. Tracy Pete & Chris Delcollo
Klee's Show Boat PF Roger&Susan Duerksen

23 Land Cruiser Scout SM Jeanette Tracy Mike Cook
Runnymeade PM Mike Tracy Mary McConnell

24 Calico's Catch N Release PM G. Tracy Palmer & Calico Kennel
Double Trouble Joe PM Matt Basilone TroyTerillizi/ Jed Dempsey

25 Richfield Silver Belle PF Mike Tracy Bill & Claudie McNamee
Sukara's Come Home Jessie SF J. Tracy Ted & Joan Foust

26 Skydancer Making Time SM Spencer Ray Ben Johnson
Richfield Silver Lining PM Mike Tracy Bill & Claudie McNamee



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