Thursday, April 28, 2011

US Complete Shooting Dog Association Mid Atlantic Region Championship

Judges Dick Breneman and George Gundrum
Warriors Mark Field Trail Club's
US Complete Shooting Dog Association Mid Atlantic Region Championship
Beginning Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Running Order Championship

Brace Dog Breed Sex Handler Name
1 Red P M Jerry Raynor
Redbud's Raging River P M Tony Bingham
2 Portermeadow Elroy P M Bob Ecker/Bush
Indian Creek Shine P M Garry Malzone
3 Merritt's Pearl ES F Garry Malzone/Terry Merritt
Redbud's Bleeding Heart P F Tony Bingham
4 Jade P F C. Bishop
Merritt's Zachery ES M Garry Malzone/Terry Merritt
5 Verlene's Ringo Star P M Tony Bingham
Indian Creek Whitesnake P M Garry Malzone
6 Fieldstone Farm Clyde ES M Bob Ecker/Millet
Peacedale Blackjack ES M Garry Malzone
7 Triple L's Brute P M Tony Bingham
Hank P M Jerry Raynor
8 Iron Will Thriller P M Tony Bingham
Marsal's Wild Apache P M Bob Ecker/Romeo
9 Lady P F Jerry Raynor
Elhew Signature P M Bob Ecker/Kazic
10 Lumber Ridge Buck P M Tony Bingham
Hirollin Main Attraction P M Bob Ecker/Parrot
11 Cover Charge P M George Crumlich
Grousewoods Reese ES M Bob Ecker/Brobsts
12 Miss Fibber Magee P F Tony Bingham
Cass Tiny P F Bob Ecker
13 Indian Creek Riptide P F Garry Malzone
Miss Anna P F Tony Bingham

Running Order Derby
Brace Dog Breed Sex Handler Name
1 Merritt's Spud ES M Garry Malzone/Terry Merritt
Max P M Tony Bingham
2 Cruise P M George Crumlich
Molly P F Bob Ecker
3 Merritt's Bell ES F Garry Malzone/Terry Merritt
Rosie P F Tony Bingham
4 Grouse Ridge Remi ES M Garry Malzone
Regie P M Bob Ecker
5 Dixie P F Tony Bingham
Merritt's Bubba ES M Garry Malzone/Terry Merritt
6 Peggy ES F Brian Tiffany
Sue P F Bob Ecker
7 Buster P M Bob Ecker
Ruby P F Jerry Raynor
8 Chance P M Bob Ecker/Nemshick
Bull P M Tony Bingham
9 Hudson P M John Anehr/ Garry Malzone

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Running Order - Region 1 AHSD Championship

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Sixteen pointers and six setters have been entered in the 2011 Region 1 Amateur Horseback Shooting Dog Championship to be held Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24, 2011, at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Judges are Steve Merton of Manchester, Conn., and Patrick Callahan of Winsted, Conn., who is replacing advertised judge Kellie Short.

Championship chairman is Jeff Smith of Loudon, N.H.

Order of running is:

1-1 Calico’s Tom Thumb PM Sanchez
1-2 LH Chain ESM LeVasseur

2-1 Jack PM Fino
2-2 Sam PM J. Braman

3-1 Duke ESM Casale
3-2 Jungle King ESM Richardson

4-1 Iron Lady ESF Bonnetti
4-2 Storm Dor PF LeVasseur

5-1 East Coast Pete PM Malone
5-2 Wink PF B. Braman

6-1 Southbound Strech PM Fino
6-2 Jarhead PM McLaughlin

7-1 Great River Class PM Sanchez
7-2 Kash PM O’Brian

8-1 Caladen's Railway Max PM Casale
8-2 Thin Ice ESM LeVasseur

9-1 East Coast Slick PM Malone
9-2 Pete PM Ballester

10-1 Railway Danny PM Casale
10-2 Roy ESM Bembenek

11-1 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez
11-2 Threshold PM LeVasseur

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Sky Field Trial Classic

Concluded on April 17th on the trial grounds at Circle, MT.

Shooting Dog Classic (17 starters)

1st - Lone Mountain Reliant, SM - owner/handler: John Mandell
2nd - Railita, PF - owner/handler: Austin Turley
3rd - Willow Creek Aunt Peg, PF - owner/handler, Isaiah Todd

Open Derby (All Age Standards) - 11 starters

1st - Circle Distant Buckeroo, handler, Shannon Nygard, owner, Tom Nygard
2nd - Flatlands New Look, owner/handler, Dave Pearson
3rd - Prairie Ramblin' Sampson - owner/handler, Brad McCardle

Open All Age (8 starters)

1st - Railita - owner/Handler, Austin Turley
2nd - Longhollows Luke - owner/handler, Tim Powell
3rd - Flatlands Whiteout - owner/handler, Dave Pearson

Shooting Dog Derby (16 starters)

1st - Rambling Prairie Rebel -owner/handler, Austin Turley
2nd - Gin and Tonic Livewire - owner/handler, Dave Noell
3rd - Carbonado Pennita - owner/handler, Terry Walsh

Please note that Ike Todd's nephew, Isaiah Todd placed his dog Peg in the Shooting dog stake in his first trial and at 10 yrs old.


Gailen’s Lotto Kipp - Daniels Creek John

Hobbs Silver Belle - Gailen’s Lotto Kipp - Daniels Creek John - Newhawka Blackjack - Notorious Bodacious - Fairchase Jiggs

Derby Placements
1 Penrosa Stoneyox - 2 Tim's Setter Rosie - 3 Dale Creek Pebbles

Michigan Open Shooting Dog CH DERBY STAKE

Derby Winners
Winner - Erin's Black River      PM         Eisenhart
Runner up - Spitfire Jack         SM         Spencer ray

Monday, April 18, 2011

Michigan Championship

Mondays Derby running cancelled.3 inches of snow.Hope to run the Derby Classic tomorrow?? 

Jim Cipp

21st National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity

Gene Uhlman Puppy Classic
1. Gus - Catanzarite
2. Bell - Catanzarite
3. Cello - Swank

21st National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity
1. Goruse Hill Bell - Marc Forman-H/John Capocci-Owner and Breeder
2. Cover Charge Crusader - George Crumlich-H,O,B
3. HiLo Sugar Tim - James Chris Howerton-H,O/Andy Johnson-B
4. Bad River Frankie - Tom Vanecek-H,O/Dave Hawk-B

Open Shooting Dog
1. Pirate - Swank
2. Hoss - Catanzarite
3. Roger - Fazenbaker

NBHA National Championship

NBHA National Champion Gailen's Lotto Kip, PM, Shannon Shields owner and handler.
R/U Daniels Creek John, PM, Meyer owner and Buck Daniels handler.

Open Derby.
1st. Penrosa Stoneyox, SM, Tim Penn owner and handler.
2nd. Tim's Setter Rosie, SF, Callahan owner and Tom Waite handler.
3rd. Dale Creek Pebbles, PF, Borchardt owner and Tom Waite handler.

Open Puppy.
1st. Pure Justice, PM, Chris Gebhardt owner and handler.
2nd. Greypointe Rusty, Doug Meyer owner and handler.
3rd. Carpenter's Mr. Sky Hawk, SM, Larry Carpenter owner and handler.

From Doug Meyer

Grove Spring, MO

"The NBHA National Open Championship was concluded the afternoon of April 17th at the excellent Sportsman’s Association grounds near Grove Spring, MO. Taking the championship after the two hour final series was beautiful white and orange pointer male, Gailen’s Lotto Kipp in the ownership of Shannon Shields of Reading, KS. Kipp had an excellent two hour final series with an anxious wait at the end as scout Gailen Cooper searched long and hard to locate Kipp on point. This stylish find was Kipp’s seventh after having run a reaching race with five finds in his qualifying hour. Running in very warm conditions, Daniels Creek John piloted by handler Buck Daniels from Wisconsin.was named runner up with six finds in the two hours and a finish indicating he was still searching. Newhawka Blackjack, pointer male who could have changed things made a mistake on birds at 1:53 to shock both those riding and handler Buck Daniels.

Also finishing the two hours and braced with the runner up was Fairchase Jiggs, pointer female handled by Tom Woods from Oklahoma with a 9 find effort. Jigg’s finish showed the effects of the 75 degree temperatures although she had her final find at 1:56. The other callback dogs were Notorious Bodacious for Daniels and Hobbs Silver Belle for Keith Foreman. I’m Wrong Too, setter male for Iowan Dennis Ireland and handler Ryan Eichelberger and All That Jazz, pointer female for owner and handler Mike Duvall of Wisconsin were given honorable mention after the 15 brace first series by judges Scott Crawford and Chris Livingston.

The Missouri Bird Hunters Association led by Chairman Chris Gebhardt did an outstanding job hosting this trial. Kevin Western of Greentop, MO headed up the tailgate parties each evening cooking smoked pork chops one night, burgers and brats another and then Chris Gebhardt stepped in to wrangle a fish fry Saturday night. We also enjoyed visits from numerous field trialers and previous NBHA officers including former NBHA President Gene Swadley, Don Vice, Don Arnold, Jerry Hailey, Jamie Euliss and his mother, Andy Daugherty, Dennis Kennedy and Dick Fortner. Purina was well represented with both Steve Grossman and Gailen Cooper in attendance. Full particulars will follow."

This was the Special Bulletin going in to the Field. The Derby and Puppy stakes were very competetive as would be expected for a national event.

The Derby was won by Tim Penn's shiny setter male Penrosa Stoneyox after an excellent race and find with Tom Waite handling the second and third place Derbies in Tim's Setter Rosie and Dale Creek Pebbles. This was a strong field of Derbies.

The Puppy was also quite a show with pups burning the creek bottom edges and showing some precocious pointing manners. Chris Gebhardt walked in front of Pure Justice on a find to take first after a nice race. Greypointe Lefty took second for Doug Meyer after a reaching race and Carpenter's Mr Sky Hawk, braced with Lefty was third for Larry Carpenter.

I would like to personally thank everyone for attending and helping out with the NBHA National Open Championship. Chairman Chris Gebhardt and co-chair Tim Penn, Kevin Western and all their Missouri Bird Hunters' helpers did an absolutely outstanding job of putting this renewal together. The Sportsman's Assn grounds could not have been better - a real place to showcase a bird dog. Purina and Tri Tronics have been outstanding sponsors all year with representatives at our major stakes and the NBHA Futurity. Christie's Saddlery owner Larry Cox also provides a beautiful product and supports our trials.

It has been an excellent year for the NBHA and the dogs that have competed. Congratulations to our 2010-2011 Champions and our Dog of the Year points winners - when all trial results are in.

These dogs and our Handlers of the Year will be feted in Tunica, MS the second weekend of August. Please plan on attending as we will have lots to talk about and plan for a super upcoming 2011-12 season.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Inv

Winner Wintergreen Max, Runner-Up Dateline Black List

Michigan Championship

Michigan Championship 78 dogs
1 Rock Acre Giterdone EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn George Gage
1 Great River Ice EP - M Tracy, Mike Sanchez, B.
2 Heart's Fancy Dancer EP - F Hart, Ed Dr. Ed Heart
2 Doc A's Sixgun EP - F (IS) Taylor, Eddy Dr. Bob Anderson
3 Four River Covergirl EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Jack Harang
3 Scottish Glory EP - M Grubb, David David Grubb
4 Miller's Atomic Rain EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Dr. Wade Rosenberg
4 Gazzolo's Little Pepe EP - M Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzolo
5 Master Addition EP - F Hart, Ed
5 Runnymeade ES - M Tracy, Mike McConnell, Mary
6 Four River Crusader EP - F (IS) Kinkelaar, Shawn S.Smith & S. Schrum
6 The Wild Flower ES - F Tracy, Mike McConnell, Mary
7 The Insider ES - M Eisenhart, Luke John Fort
7 Kozican ES - M Taylor, Eddy Bobby & Mildred Taylor
8 Geisha EP - F (IS) Grubb, David Bruce Young
8 Tall River Silver EP - F Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzolo
9 Dogwood Meg EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn M. Watkins & C. Nalley
9 Windfall Serious Jack EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. G. Spiotta & H. Hazilip
10 Bittersweet Alibi EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Ralph Gillotta
10 Klee's Handsome Hank EP - M Tracy, Mike Duerksen, S&R,
11 Fazan's Delite ES - F Basilone, Matt Fazan
11 Calico's CatchNRelease EP - M Tracy, Mike Harris/Calico Kennel
12 Ridge Creek Cody ES - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Larry Brutger
12 Merihill's Bravo EP - M Taylor, Eddy Robert Thomas
13 Erin's Little Engine EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Tucker Johnson
13 Octavio ES - M Tracy, Mike McConnell, Mary
14 Offlee Amazin EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn G. Hertz & Dr.s Morgan
14 Coosawhatchie Chief EP - M Tracy, Mike Clark, A.
15 Caladen's White Hawk EP - M Krist, Kyle Echo Plantation, Calaway
15 Buffalo Bull EP - M Tracy, Mike Sangia, E & K
16 Erin's Dog Soldier EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Bill Bruchey
16 Jw's Flaming Jackpot EP - M Hester, Mike Eva Frigo
17 Island Grove Revenge EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Ron Prewitt
17 Spectacular Attraction EP - M Taylor, Eddy Johnny & Rita Ornsby
18 Sugarknoll Snow Warning EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Pete & Chris DelCollo
18 Tall River Chico EP - M Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzolo
19 Fazan's Stretch Free ES - M Basilone, Matt Fazan
19 Windfall Silver Rain EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. Dan Gaw
20 Erin's Special Force EP - M Eisenhart, Luke John May
20 Heritage EP - M Tracy, Mike Hance/Sanchez
21 Caladen's Rail Hawk EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Echo Plantation, Calaway
21 Swami's Pride EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. Gene Spiotta
22 Erin's Backstreet Affair EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Tom Downs
22 Belfield Silver EP - M Hester, Mike Don Frigo
23 Fort River Megabucks ES - M Basilone, Matt Trevaris & Bleauch
23 Quickmarksman's Hard Terms EP - M Hester, Mike L.S. Earls
24 Richfield Silver Belle EP - F Eisenhart, Luke Bill McNamee
24 Avalon Creek EP - M Tracy, Mike Kane, R.
25 Triple Nickle Nick EP - M Basilone, Matt Bergen
25 Tall River EP - M Hester, Mike Don Frigo
26 Erin's Sky Dancer ES - F Eisenhart, Luke Tucker Johnson
26 Kozican Six Popgun ES - M Taylor, Eddy Bobby & Mildred Taylor
27 Grousewoods Skeeter ES - M Basilone, Matt Larry Craig
27 Our Big Bully EP - M Tracy, Mike Sangia, E & K
28 Merihill's Carolina EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Bil Merifield
28 R.J.'s Carbon Copy EP - M Tracy, Mike Linder, A.
29 Erin's War Creek EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Tom Downs
29 Rocky Ridge Dan ES - M Hester, Mike Phil Daniels
30 Winterset WB EP - F Hart, Ed L. Winter & S. Heart
30 Big'N'Rich EP - M Tracy, Mike Hamilton, T.
31 Richfield Silver Lining EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Bill McNamee
31 Gazzolo's Big Boe EP - M Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzolo
32 Just Big EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn K. Bryant & S. Wilson
32 Lawless Lady EP - F Tracy, Mike McHugh/Donze, J.
33 Erin's Foolish Pride EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Bill McNamee
33 Boogie Time EP - F Taylor, Eddy Johnny & Rita Ornsby
34 Leet's Southern Belle EP - F Leet, Bob Bob Leet
34 Talisman EP - M Tracy, Mike Duerksen, S
35 Double Trouble Joe EP - M Basilone, Matt Dempsey & Terlizzi
35 Buffalo Creek EP - M Tracy, Mike Kane, R.
36 Kung Fu EP - M Leet, Bob Bob Leet
36 Easy Terms EP - M Hester, Mike L.S. Earls
37 Erin's Black Fury EP - M Eisenhart, Luke Tucker Johnson
37 Maple Sugar Nugget EP - M Tracy, Mike Joyal, Frank
38 Independence Day Sam ES - M Hart, Ed Jim Breece
38 Prime Suspect EP - M Hester, Mike Lon Miller
39 Caladen's Bimbo Jones EP - M Krist, Kyle Echo Plantation, Calaway
39 Klee's Shooting Star EP - F Tracy, Mike Clark, A.

10 braces in the Derby. Will start Monday morning. The Ch. will start early Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



April 5, 2011

Dear Field Trialers:

For the pasts two years, the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee of the AFTCA have been studying our expenses and revenues with the goal of making our organization both more efficient and ultimately self-sufficient to the end that we are not dependent on outside sponsors to furnish the monies necessary to meet our annual operating costs for trials, championships and win certificates.

With the loss of the Bass Pro Contract this past year (which provided more than $30,000.00 to us annually), the Executive Committee has determined that it is time for us to raise additional monies from our sanctioned trials in order to balance our revenues with operating expenses. The committee has approved the recommendation of a by-law change (SEE PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGE BELOW) to be considered at the upcoming annual meeting of Trustees in June in Kansas City, MO, that would impose a $3 per dog additional fee for each dog entered in a stake for which a member club intends to award win certificates. The fee would be collected by the club as part of the entry fee for the trial and forwarded to the AFTCA secretary with the essential data form reporting the dogs earning win certificates at the trial.

Realizing that additional charges are never welcome unless absolutely necessary for the continuing operation of the organization, the Executive Committee is also considering trying to reduce our expenses by learning to post our win certificates on line so that the recipient can simply download the certificate and print it (thereby avoiding the mailing and handling costs for paper certificates).

As your President, I ask for your support for this proposed by-law change in order that our organization can remain strong and viable into the future and preserve such sponsor money as we may be able to attract for uses in line with the goals of our twentieth century fund.

Please let your position on this proposed change be known to your Trustee in order that he may properly vote the conscience of his region on this issue.

Thank you for your consideration of this proposal and for all each of you does to make our sport more enjoyable and successful for all!





WHEREAS, Preston A. Trimble serves as a dutiful and loyal member of the AFTCA and moves for the adoption of this proposal; and
WHEREAS, the present bylaws fail to provide for a charge per each dog entered in every amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued; and
WHEREAS, a $3.00 charge per each dog entered in every amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued could cumulatively defray a large cost to the AFTCA; and
WHEREAS, a $3.00 charge per each dog entered in every amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued would not pose an undue financial burden on competition entrants; and
WHEREAS, a $3.00 charge per each dog entered in every amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued would ensure greater future financial stability to the AFTCA:


A. This proposal be included in the official agenda for the proximate meeting; and
B. That the assembly adopt this proposal at the outset of the meeting; and
C. The present bylaws be amended to provide for $3.00 charge per each dog entered in every amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued; and
D. Chapter Three, Article 1, Section 1 be expanded to include a sub point (j); and
E. That this sub point (j) be worded and adopted as follows:
“All entrants shall pay an additional $3.00 fee per each dog to the AFTCA upon entering an amateur stake in which a placement certificate is issued. This fee shall be paid in advance of participating in the trial and added to other registration fees incurred and membership dues owed.”
In example, if one entrant registered ten dogs in a single amateur stake in which a placement certificate was issued, this entrant would owe $30.00 in fees.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grand National G & W Invitational Draw

Day 1

1)Wintergreen Max (Fancher)
Chip's Uncle Buzzy (Forman)

2) Hi Five's Wrangler (Minard)
Thunderhills Zeus (Hughes)

3) Moss Meadow Traveler (Chaffee)
Dateline Blacklist (Minard)

4) Lillyhills Secret Stash (Hughes)
TerHaar's Rogue (TerHaar)

5. Full Tilt (Hughes)
Autumn Moon (Chaffee)

6. Chip's Charlie Brown (Forman)
Quail Trap Max (Chaffee)

7) Pinestraw Katydid (Forman)
True Patriot (Short)

Day 2

1) Full Tilt
Quail Trap Max

2) TerHaar's Rogue
Chip's Charlie Brown

3) True Patriot
Pinestraw Katydid

4) Hi Five's Wrangler
Moss Meadow Traveler

5) Autumn Moon
Lillyhills Secret Stash

6) Thunderhills Zeus
Wintergreen Max

7) Chip's Uncle Buzzy
Dateline Blacklist

Monday, April 11, 2011




APRIL 14-18, 2011

DOG                                               BREED     SEX          OWNER               HANDLER
1.   Trader's Sugarknoll Roc                        P                    M                   Foreman                    Foreman
          Penrosa Knox                                     S                    M                   Penn                           Penn

2.       I'm Wrong Too                                    S                    M                   Ireland                        Eichelberger
          Goshen's Bull Market                        P                    M                   Hansen                       Hansen

3.       Gailen's Lotto Kip                              P                    M                   Shields                       Shields
          Fairchase Jiggs                                  P                    F                    Woods                        Woods

4.       All That Jazz                                       P                    F                    Duvall                         Duvall
          Hobb's Silver Belle                             P                    F                    Foreman                    Foreman

5.       Romeo's Attitude                               P                    M                   Matthews                   Waite
          Going For Broke                                 P                    M                   Robinson                   Robinson

6.       Notorious Bodacious                        P                    M                   Crayne                        Daniels
          Carolina Rose                                     P                    F                    Foreman                    Foreman

7.       Dale Creek Jack                                  P                    M                   Duvall                         Duvall            
          Miss Em                                               P                    F                    Cartwright                 Waite

8.       Bee Crude Baby                                  P                    F                    Roberts                      Woods
          Nehawka Blackjack                            P                    M                   Crayne                        Daniels

9.       Wild Covey Heatwave                        P                    M                   Kemna/King              King
          Daniel Creek John                              P                    M                   Meyer                          Daniels

10.     Barker's Big Coon                              S                    M                   Barker                         Barker
          Greypointe Gladiador                        P                    M                   Meyer                          Meyer

11.     Treeline's Sandra                                P                    F                    McClellan                   McClellan
          Attitude's River Kate                          P                    F                    Robinson                   Robinson

12.     Dale Creek Chelsea                            P                    F                    Duvall                         Duvall
          Dale Creek Cowboy                            P                    M                   Gudgeon                   Waite

13.     Lady Victoria                                       P                    F                    Foreman                    Foreman
          Dale Creek Rail                                    P                    M                   Matthews                   Waite

14.     Colton's Little Duke                           P                    M                   Meyer                          Daniels
          Running Woods Cree                        S                    M                   Kremer                       Waite

15.     Tim's Setter Ruby                               S                    F                    Callahan                     Waite
          Cameo's Dixie Chick                          P                    F                    Sutfin                         Daniels


DOG                                               BREED     SEX          OWNER               HANDLER
1.       Dale Creek Pebbles                            P                    F                    Borchardt                  Waite
          Wild Covey Encore                             P                    M                   Kemna/King              King

2.       Pee's Tater                                           P                    F                    Hourhan                     Waite
          Cajun's Raging Cajun                        GSP              M                   Russell                       Woods
3.       Tim's Setter Rosie                              S                    F                    Callahan                     Waite
          Penrosa Stoneyox                              S                    M                   Penn                           Penn                              

4.       Blair's Highway Man                          P                    M                   Blair                            Waite
       Hytest Horizon                                       S                    F                    Carpenter                   Carpenter

5.       Dale Creek Cajun Queen                   P                    F                    Dlobik                         Waite
          Carpenter's Sky Hawk                        S                    M                   Carpenter                   Carpenter

6.       Barker's High Plains Drifter               S                    M                   Barker                         Barker


DOG                                               BREED     SEX          OWNER               HANDLER
1.       Pure Justice                                        P                    M                   Gebhardt                   Gebhardt
          Carpenter's Last Misty                       S                    F                    Carpenter                   Carpenter

2.       Blackhawk Down                                P                    M                   Crook                         Crook
          Carpenter's Mr Sky Hawk                  S                    M                   Carpenter                   Carpenter

3.       Greypointe Rusty                               P                    M                   Meyer                          Meyer
          Carpenter's Sky Hawk Star                S                    F                    Carpenter                   Carpenter      

4.       Pure Desperado                                  P                    M                   Gebhardt                   Gebhardt