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BRACES              DOGS                                               HANDLERS
     1.                            Sir Eaton (PM)                                                Blake Eaton
                                    Whippoorwill Red Rage (PM)                        Larry Huffman

     2.                            Miller’s Dialing In (PM)                                 Gary Lester
                                    House’s Ring Of Fire (PM)                            Ike Todd

     3.                            Conecuh Station Black Rock (PM)                Steve Hurdle
                                    Touch’s Adam County (PM)                          Ike Todd

     4.                            Leet’s Little Soldier (PM)                               Randy Downs
                                    Miller’s Lite Cruzier (PM)                              Steve Hurdle

     5.                            Miller’s Happy Jack (PM)                               Gary Lester
                                    Whippoorwill Blue Blood (PM)                     Larry Huffman

     6.                            Gamemaker (PM)                                            Fred Corder
                                    Lester’s Snow Game (PM)                             Gary Lester

     7.                            Ransom (PM)                                                  Steve Hurdle
                                    Dillinger C (PM)                                             Randy Downs

     8.                            Whippoorwill Wild Speck (PF) I S                 Larry Huffman
                                    Thunder Snowy (PF)                                      Steve Hurdle

     9.                            Rock Acre Rambo (PM)                                 Randy Downs
                                    Lester’s Knockout (PM)                                 Gary Lester

    10.                           Gametime C (PM)                                           Randy Downs
                                    Connor’s EZ Button (PM)                              Steve Hurdle

    11.                           Cassique’s Boss (PM)                                     Steve Hurdle
                                    Cedaroak Joe (PM)                                         Randy Downs

    12.                           Lester’s Snowatch (PM)                                 Gary Lester
                                    House’s White Fire (PM)                                Ike Todd

    13.                           Touch’s White Out (PM)                                Ike Todd
                                    Coldwater Warrior (PM)                                 Weldon Bennett


BRACES                       DOGS                                     HANDLERS

       1.                                      House’s Yellow Jacket (PM)              Ike Todd
                                                Hendrix Margin Call (PM)                  Steve Hurdle

       2.                                      Whippoorwill Skin It (PM)                 Larry Huffman
                                                Touch’s Snowline (PF)                       Ike Todd

       3.                                      Star Dust Chazz (SM)                         Steve Hurdle
                                                Touch’s Pond Dam (PM)                    Ike Todd

       4.                                      Game Watch (PM)                              Randy Downs
                                                Dunn’s All Get Out (PM)                   Will Dunn

       5.                                      Shadow’n Powder Bud (PM)             Steve Hurdle
                                                Touch’s Night Rider (PM)                  Ike Todd

       6.                                      Mega Ebony Princess (PF) I S            Steve Hurdle
                                                Cotton Plant Kate (PF)                       Randy Downs

       7.                                      Game Mark (PM)                                Ike Todd
                                                Reloaded (PM)                                   Steve Hurdle

       8.                                      Game Master (PM)                             Randy Downs
                                                Ironstone Rolex (SM)                         Steve Hurdle

       9.                                      Touch’s Game Point (PM)                  Ike Todd
                                                Erin’s Rough River (PM)                    Randy Downs

Buck Tuck All Age

Buck Tuck All Age
1st Erin’s Special Force/Luke Eisenhart
2nd Touch’s White Out/Ike Todd
3rd Stallion; O/Dr. Davey Deal; H/Tommy Davis

Monday, December 19, 2011

Region 4 Amateur All-Age Championship

Champion- Crouse's White Samuri, Mike Crouse O/H
RU-Champion- Johnson's Snowman, Tony Johnson, Dereck Layne O/ Layne H

December 16,17, 2011

American Quail Classic

Judges Gib Thomas and Jon Lamm

All age
1st Survivor's Little Bill   Blake Kukar O/ Randy Downs H
2nd  Rock Acre Rambo  Fred Corder O/ Randy Downs H
3rd  Gamemaker  Fred Corder O/H
1st Miller's  Dialed In  Will Dunn H
2nd  Philips White Light Nathan Phillips O/H
3rd  Chief Honcho's Millie  Perry Lacy O/H

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fitch Farms All Age

American Quail Classic

American Quail Classic Open All -Age, December 17- 18, 2011

All-Age Stake
Saturday, Dec. 17
Morning braces, starting @ 7:30

1A Coldwater Warrior            PM                Bennett
1B Game Buck                      PM                Downs

2A Little's Contender             PM                 Warren
2B Shadow's Miss America     PF                  Downs/Kukar

3A Prarieland Rocky              PM                 Warren
3B Coffee Cap Queen            PF                 Downs/Kukar

Afternoon braces, starting around 12:30

4A Rocky Knoll Jackson         PM                 Warren
4B Gamemaker                     PM                 Downs

5A Rock Acre Rambo             PM                 Downs
5B Quester                           PM                 Warren

6A Survivor's Little Bill           PM                 Downs
6B Harpeth Valley Hawkeye    PM                Warren

Sunday, Dec. 18
Morning braces, starting @ 7:30
7A Johnson's Snowman         PM                 Warren
7B Dunn's All Get Out            PM                  Dunn

8A Dillinger C                        PM                 Downs
8B Boxwood Bandana            PM                 Shears

9A Penny Shadow                  PF                 Downs/Kukar
9B  bye

Derby Stake
Sunday, Dec. 18
Afternoon braces, starting around 12:30

1A Game Master                  PM                 Downs
1B Dunn's All Get Out          PM                 Dunn

2A Phillips White Light          PM                 Phillips
2B Chief Honcho's Natalie     PF                 Lacy

3A Chief Honcho's Millie        PF                  Lacy
3B Coffe Cap Queen            PF                  Downs/Kukar

4A Millier's Dialed In            PM                  Dunn
4B Fly Peddler                    PM                 Downs

5A Game Watch                 PM                  Downs
5B Phillips Outline               PM                  Phillips

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Field Trial Magazine

Field Trial Magazine Is In Need of Help

Four times a year for the last 15 years Field Trial Magazine has been sent out to a very supportive readership.   Many people have contributed to the success of the magazine with letters, articles, advertisements, and subscriptions and I want to thank all of you.  I have done everything I can to keep the magazine going through changing media conditions and tough economic times.  Ironically in the last issue we saw a first real up-tick in ad revenue since the recession began in 2008.  However, like many other companies and even countries, I have reached a point where I cannot go on without help.  So, at this point I am hoping to find a way forward for the magazine with or without me.  What we have to offer is an established brand with a loyal following that led by the right person or group of people could continue to provide an entertaining and informative magazine as well as take advantage of other opportunities that new technologies provide.  I am open to all inquiries from anyone who has an interest in seeing Field Trial Magazine continue.  We already have most of the editorial content ready for the next issue as well as commitments from our major advertisers.  Please email me or call if you would like to talk further about continuing the independent voice we have created for the field trial community.

Call: 800-615-8392
Craig Doherty, Editor
Field Trial Magazine

Friday, December 9, 2011


Smith Farms - Gentry, MO
December 9-11, 2011
7:30 a.m. start time

New grounds for the Pony Express Club Trial - Larry and Linda Smith's new venue of 2400 acres of rolling hills and cropland near Gentry, MO. Larry and Linda have been working very hard to get the land and everything else in shape for this trial. They purchased this ranch in mid March and started changing the farming/grazing practices that day. Over 7.5 miles of fencing was taken out, numerous hours of dozer work, new farmer contracted, the garage was converted to a clubhouse/bunkhouse for trialers. This has been quite a makeover in a little less than 9 months - not just throwing down some new gravel and marking a couple courses. They have 3 - 1 hour courses marked out, with lots more course potential to come. There should be plenty of birds throughout the weekend. Dr. Gary Cowell will be chairing this trial. (641) 202-0239


The grounds are located 1 1/4 miles West of Gentry Missouri on State Highway O. It is the first farm house west of Gentry on the North Side of the Highway.



Judges: Dennis Adams, Doug Meyer

1A - Molly PF Rich Lewis
1B - Butch SM Greg Sand

2A - Case IH PM Garvin Collins
2B - Yank PM Dr. Pat McInteer

3A - Jack PM Tim Thorton
3B - Al PM Rich Lewis

4A - Jessie SF Greg Sand
4B - Patty PF David Uphoff

5A - Reb PM Tim Thorton
5B - Hanna SF Greg Sand

6A - Reb PM Dr. Pat McInteer
6B - Jake PM Les Neer

ALL-AGE DERBY - 12 Entries

Judges: Greg Sand, Jake Sloan

1A - Dice PM Larry L. Smith
1B - Kate PF Galen Cooper

2A - Lefty PM Doug Meyer
2B - Sam PM Larry L. Smith

3A - Rose PF Rich Lewis
3B - Rose PF Larry L. Smith

4A - Jane PF Larry L. Smith
4B - Molly PF Rich Lewis

5A - Map PM Dr. Pat McInteer
5B - Mark PM Joe Worsham

6A - Case IH PM Garvin Collins
6B - Al PM Rich Lewis


Judges: Larry Meek, Jamie Brightwell

Drawing will be held on the grounds Friday evening, December 9 for a Saturday, December 10th morning start. We have 12 Entered so far but you still have time to get entered. Contact Gary Cowell for entries (641) 202-0239.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG - 14 Entries (One Hour)

Judges: Larry Meek, Jamie Brightwell

1A - Ben PM Garvin Collins
1B - Joy PF Rich Lewis

2A - Zeke PM Mark Livingston
2B - Mac of Snowcreek PM Stan Haag

3A - Paducah PM Don Arnold
3B - Bud SM Greg Morgan

4A - Sara of Snowcreek PF Stan Haag
4B - Max PM Doug Meyer

5A - Suzy SF Greg Sand
5B - Charles PM Don Arnold

6A - Saline PF Don Arnold
6B - Susie PF Mark Livingston

7A - Hell Creek PF Stan Wint
7B - Spike PM Mark Livingston

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Judges: Mike Cheely and Chip Pendergrass

1 Phillips Time Line – Davis
Lakeshore Legend - Gates

2 Lester’s Jacked Up - Gates
Miller’s Happy Jack - Lester

3 Scottish Glory - Grubb
Thunderbird Sky Dancer - Gellhaus

4 Geisha - Grubb
Lester’s Snow Games - Lester

5 Patriote - Davis
Zumbro Molly Mae – Gellhaus

6 Phantom’s Last Dime - Gates
Fast Forward - McLean

7 Dixie Chic - Furney
Big Sky Pete - Gates

8 Miller’s Dialing In - Lester
Distant Shadow - Gates

9 Thunderbird Punch Buggy - Gellhaus
Conner’s Easy Button - Hurdle

10 Chief Two Feathers – Hurdle
Lester’s Snowatch - Lester

11 Survior’s Real Deal - McLean
White Twist - Gates

12 Zumbro Ace - Gellhaus
Bodacious – Furney

13 Conecuh Station Black Rock - Hurdle
Sharpshooter – Littell

14 In the Shadow - Gates
Eisenhower - Morton

15 White Power Flyer - Furney
Shadow’s Back Talk - Gates

16 Sir Battle Cry - Moreland
Sand Mountain Sonny - Morton

17 High Adventure - Furney
Chincapen Spec - Gates

18 Southwind Jetset Drifter - Gellhaus
Storyteller - Furney

19 Pearl Again - Daniels
White’s Scattergun – Gates

20 South Late Nite - Furney
Lester’s Knockout - Lester

21 Cassique’s Boss - Hurdle
Shadow Oak Bo – Gates

22 Calvary Man - Moreland
Thunder Snowy – Hurdle

23 Choirboy – Stallings
Heaven Elhew Taggert – Gellhaus

24 Sholar’s Honeybee – Daniels
Erin’s Traveling Soldier – Furney

25 Clovis Point Chism – Furney
Bittersweet Deluxe – Gellhaus

26 High Value Duece – Daniels
Soggy Bottom Reward – Robinson

27 Quicksilver Magic Man – Stallings
Dream Hawk – McLean

28 Phillips Stormline – Furney
Final Chapter – Littell

29 Sinbad’s Diamond Lil – Daniels
Sho Nuff Mae – Moreland

30 Shadow’s Perfection – Gates
Miller’s Lite Cruiser – Hurdle

31 Manto Levi – Furney

Judges: Chip Pendergrass and William Morton

1 Chinquapen Reward – Robinson
White’s Scattergun - Gates

2 Lester’s Get Ready - Lester
Ramblin Footloose - Moreland

3 Pearl Again - Daniels
Shadow’s Powder Bud - Hurdle

4 Lester’s Willie Nelson - Lester
Special Ops - McLean

5 Mega Ebony Princess - Hurdle
Thunderbird Jaxinabox - Gellhaus

6 Lester’s Whiteout - Lester
Haggerty Road Jack - Moreland

7 Hendrix Margin Call - Hurdle
Jim - Lester

8 Dunn’s All Get Out - Dunn
Legends Sky Man - Moreland

9 Lester’s Silver Dollar - Lester
Reloaded – Hurdle

10 Ball Bustin Bubba - Moreland
Sholar’s Honeybee - Daniels

11 Stardust Chaz - Hurdle
Miller’s Dialing In – Lester

12 Haggerty Road Hawk - Moreland

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jimmy Hinton

TUSCALOOSA James Lucien Hinton, age 88, of Tuscaloosa, died Dec. 3, 2011, at DCH Regional Medical Center after a brief illness. A memorial service will be held Dec. 6, 2011, at 11:00 am at First Presbyterian Church with the Reverend Doctor Charlie Durham officiating. Tuscaloosa Memorial Chapel Funeral Home is directing.

Jimmy was born in Tuscaloosa, Ala. on April 8, 1923, and grew up in the Little Sandy Community. He was preceded in death by his parents, George Lycurgis Hinton and Mary Alice Strong Hinton; and his brother, George Hinton, Jr. and wife, Marjorie.

Jimmy is survived by his wife, Jean; son, Jimmy Hinton (Favor); daughter, Mary Katherine Gibson (Rusty); daughter, Elizabeth Pruett (Henry); and grandchildren, Jimmy III, Laura, Baker, Ford Hinton, William, George, Jon Blakeney, Katherine and Harry Pruett. He is also survived by his sisters, Elon Hamner Mackey, Mary Jean Hinton, Dorothy Hinton Crawford (David), and Elizabeth Holman Thomson (Jim).

He attended the University of Alabama in the 1940's and was a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. He served in the United States Army. In 1958, Jimmy married Jean Jolly and they lived in Tuscaloosa where Jimmy Jr., Mary Katherine, and Elizabeth were born. Jimmy dearly loved his wife, Jean, his children, and his grandchildren. He enjoyed spending time with his friends in Tuscaloosa and at his farm, Sedgefield Plantation in Dallas County.

Jimmy was a business entrepreneur and a passionate supporter of the University of Alabama Athletics Program. He was a strong advocate for wildlife conservation.

Jimmy was involved in many business enterprises during his lifetime and started his own sawmill company at the age of 16. He also was engaged in the lumber business, real estate development, box and pallet factory, automobile business, asphalt business and the family owned meat packing company, R.L. Zeigler Co, Inc, where he served as Chairman of the Board. He was a developer with Ward McFarland of McFarland Mall, Tuscaloosa's first shopping mall. In 1999, he was inducted into the Alabama Business Hall of Fame.

Jimmy was passionate about his family, and he loved hunting and fishing with them at Sedgefield. He enjoyed his bird dogs, quail and turkey hunting. He regularly opened Sedgefield for national and state field trials, and he also allowed hunts for persons with disabilities and terminal illness. Jimmy began the first Life Hunts for such hunters over 25 years ago, and today more than 8,000 persons with disabilities or terminal illnesses have benefitted from his concern for them.

In 1975, Jimmy was inducted into The Field Trial Hall of Fame and in 1998, he received the Governor's Award and was named Conservationist of the Year for his lifelong efforts on behalf of conversation in the state. Jimmy served on The Conservation Advisory Board for many years and was its chairman.

Jimmy was an original member of the Board of Directors of Indian Hills County Club, The Tuscaloosa Academy, The University of Alabama Presidents Cabinet, the Board of Visitors of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, and the deToqueville Society. He previously served as a Board Member for the First National Bank of Tuscaloosa and Southern United Life Insurance Company.

Visitation will be at home following the service.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the First Presbyterian Church or the