Thursday, January 5, 2012




1a Hi Adventure Rick Furney PM
1b Elhew Sinbad Andy Daughtry PM

2a Thunder Snowy Steve Hurdel PF
2b Dream Hawk Mark McLean PF *IS

3a Hilltopper Duke Boss John Russell PM
3b Riverton’s Funseeker Scooter Rich Robertson PM

4a Phillip’s Storm Line Rick Furney PM
4b Soggy Bottom Reward Fred Robinson PM

5a Lester’s Intimidator Lee Phillips PM
5b Wildlife Sis Woody Watson PF

6a Chief Two Feathers Steve Hurdel PM
6b Barshoe Osama Ben Allen Vincent PM

7a Calvary Man Bubba Moreland PM
7b Lester’s Pretty Boy Lee Phillips PM

8a South’s Late Nite Rick Furney PM
8b 310 to Yuma Randy Anderson PM

9a Story Teller Rick Furney PM
9b White Powder Grip Rich Robertson PM

10a Frontline Solid Bat Rich Robertson PM
10b White’s Solid Reward Lefty Henry PM

11a Texas Silver Star Andy Daughtry PM
11b Survivor’s Real Deal Mark McLean PF

12a Lester’s Storm Lee Phillips PM
12b Another Reward Fred Robinson PM

13a Reach Out Roscoe Randy Anderson PM
13b Marques Lucky Strike Lefty Henry PM

14a Texas Wild Again Allen Vincent PM
14b Houses Muddy River Judd Carleton PM

15a Shor Nuf Mae Bubba Moreland PF
15b Strut Tommy Davis PM

16a Rapidan Rich Robertson SM
16b Prairie Land Pride Randy Anderson PM

17a Stallion Tommy Davis PM
17b Natural Bottom Phil Napier PM

18a Lester’s Tom Cruise Andy Daughtry PM
18b Mark These Words Lefty Henry PM

19a Lake Shore Legend Robin Gates PM
19b Landline Shepard/Watson PM

20a Lester’s Jack Up Robin Gates PM
20b Senator’s Chicken Hawk Andy Daughtry PM

21a Shadow’s Effigy John Neely PF
21b Rebel Debutante Rich Robertson PF *IS

22a Fast Forward Mark McLean PF
22b Scottish Glory Dave Grubb PM

23a Shadow’s Perfection Robin Gates PM
23b Hope Springs Big Time Allen Vincent PM

24a Capital’s Market Maker Randy Anderson PM
24b Geisha Dave Grubb PF

25a White Twist Robin Gates PM
25b Barshoe Busy Andy Daughtry PF

26a Phantom’s Last Dime Robin Gates PM
26b Reward’s Chinquapin Fred Robinson PM

27a Silverado’s Blew Bijou Rich Robertson PM
27b White Dollar Randy Anderson PM

28a Dixie Chick Rick Furney PF
28b Kazican Robin Gates SM

29a Ransom Steve Hurdel PM
29b Houses Snakebite Andy Daughtry PM

30a Distant Shadow Robin Gates PM
30b Peace River Mac Rich Robertson SM

31a Conner’s EZ Button Steve Hurdel PM
31b Mack’s Pale Rider Randy Anderson PM

32a Chinquapin Speck Robin Gates PM
32b Touches Green Day Allen Vincent PM

33a White Powder Flyer Rick Furney PM
33b Lester’s Snow Games Gary Lester PM

34a Sand Mountain Sonny Charles Morton PM
34b Chinquapin Troubadour Slade Sykes PM

35a L.J. Confidential Steve Hurdel PM
35b In the Shadow Robin Gates PM

36a Lester’s Snow Watch Gary Lester PM
36b Search Light Mac Randy Sanderson PM

37a Lester’s Bodacious Rick Furney PM
37b Shadow Oak Bo Robin Gates SM

38a Eisenhower Charles Morton PM
38b Raelyn’s Sky Andy Daughtry PM

39a Miller’s Lite Cruzer Steve Hurdel PM
39b Miller’s Happy Jack Gary Lester PM

40a Conecuh Station Black Rock Steve Hurdel PM
40b Law N Order Robin Gates PM

41a Raelyn’s High Cotton Allen Vincent PM
41b Misty Acres Abby Bubba Moreland PF

42a Erin’s Traveling Soldier Rick Furney PM
42b Solid Power Robin Gates PM

43a Big Sky Pete Robin Gates PM
43b Lester’s Knock Out Gary Lester PM

44a Clovis Point Chism Rick Furney PM
44b Youngstown Thrill Seeker Rich Robertson PF

45a Cassique’s Boss Steve Hurdel PM
45b Scooby Doo Allen Vincent PM


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