Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

Judges: Tommy Stargell & Ivan Clark

Eastern Open
Shooting Dog Championship
March 5, 2012

1. Big ‘N Rich PM Mike Tracy
Fazen’s Stress Free SM Matt Basilone

2. Chasehill Little Bud PM John Stolgitis
The Lobbyist PF Jeanette Tracy

3. Written in Stone PF Mike Tracy
White Spider SF Jeanette Tracy

4. Lady Luck ` PF Tom Brigman
Enhancement Trey PM Jeanette Tracy

5. Our Big Bully PM Mike Tracy
Double Trouble Joe PM Matt Basilone

6. Brown’s Tiger PM Brown/Malvin
Klee’s Shooting Star PF Mike Tracy

7. Dimeglio’s Bobbi PM Matt Basilone
Heritage PM Mike Tracy

8. Grousewood’s Skeeter SM Matt Basilone
Chiseled in Stone PF Jeanette Tracy

9. Klee’s Handsome Hank PM Mike Tracy
Sukara’s Come Home Jessie SF Jeanette Tracy

10. Ford River Megabucks SM Matt Basilone
Great River Ice PM Mike Tracy

11. Tom Tom PM Tom Brigman
Buffalo Bull PM Mike Tracy

12. The Thrill is Back PF Jeanette Tracy
Calico’s Touch of Class PF Mike Tracy

13. T.S. Steel Force PM Matt Basilone
Great River Razor PM Mike Tracy

14. Enhancement Tess PF Jeanette Tracy
Long Shot PM Tom Brigman

15. Section Hand PM Mike Tracy
Land Cruiser Scout SM Jeanette Tracy

16. Great River Dominator PM Jeanette Tracy
Coosawhatchie Chief PM Mike Tracy

17. Grand Heritage Motion SM Jeanette Tracy
Black River PF Tom Brigman

18. Avalon Creek PF Mike Tracy
Fazen’s Delight SF Matt Basilone

19. Richfield Silver Belle PF Mike Tracy
Maple Valley Cowgirl PF Jeanette Tracy

Eastern Open
Derby Classic
March 8, 2012

Judges: Lee Flanders & Johnny Lewis

1. Easy Motion PM Mike Tracy
Rock The House PM Matt Basilone

2. Porter Meadow Bette PF Pat Casey
Serious Investment PM Mike Tracy

3. Covey Up Woody PM Jeanette Tracy
Ironstone King’s Ransom SM Eli Richardson

4. Blue SF Pat Casey
I’m Pistol Pete PM Mike Tracy

5. Annabelle PF Bill Pellechia
Dominator’s Legacy PM Jeanette Tracy

6. Attitude’s Iron Will SM Mike Tracy
Steel City Maven PF Matt Basilone

7. Silver Hill Suzie Q PF Pat Casey
Covey Up Nate PM Jeanette Tracy

8. Brown’s Bud PM Brown/Malvin
Blaze’s Isis PF Mike Tracy

9. Ruffwing Destiny SF Jeanette Tracy
Ironstone Rolex SM Eli Richardson

10. Jetsetting Jenny PF Mike Tracy
Silver Hill Big Brute PM Pat Casey

11. Calico’s Touch of Class PF Mike Tracy
Deerfield Belle PF Matt Basilone


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