Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 NBHA National Championship

2012 NBHA National Championship - Open Shooting Dog
H. Cooper Black WMA Patrick, SC
Wednesday (2/29) - 6 braces and Thursday (3/1) - 6 braces. Callbacks announced Thursday night. Handlers supper will be on Thursday night, along with Calcutta and Auction.

1 Mattie Morgan PF – Lewis/Whitt
1 Phanton Wild Bill PM – Stephenson/Raynor
2 Lumber River Buck PM – Culbertson/Bingham
2 Moehill’s Carolina Ruby PF – Moehill Kennels/Raynor
3 Attitude River Kate PF – Robinson/Whitt
3 Class Act Liz PF – Riley/Riley
4 HiRollin Main Contender PM – Parrot/Raynor
4 Triple L Brute PM – Laymon/Bingahm
5 Jim Forks Jackson PM – Cumbie/Cumbie
5 Sand Mountain Spirit PF – Otinger/Whitt
6 Rocking Kate PF – Moehill Kennels/Raynor
6 Miss Anna PF - Walker, Cook, Timberman/Bingham
7 Skydancer’s Skyview Ace SM – Beauford/Beauford
7 White Power Boy PM – Forman/Forman
8 Browntown Johnny Reb PM – Brown/Raynor
8 Pine Ridge Sturemo PM – Riley/Riley
9 Going for Broke PF – Robinson/Whitt
9 Hobb’s Silver Belle PF – Forman/Forman
10 Miss Fibber McGee PF – Beauford/Beauford
10 Raynor’s Elhew Lady PF – Raynor/Raynor
11 Iron Will Nate PM – Boone/Bingham
11 Carolina’s Rose PF – Forman/Forman
12 Browntown Wynot Hank PM – Hardison/Raynor
12 Remlap Feel Good Doc PM – Gardner/Whitt

Open Derby
1 Palmettos Auctioneer PM – Poston/Raynor
1 Misty Lee PF – Norris/Whitt
2 Moehill’s Carolina Nikki PF – Moehill Kennels/Raynor
2 Attitude Night Hawk PM – Beauford/Beauford
3 Pinnacle Dream PF – Gardner/Whitt
3 Santee Running Ranger PM – McKinney/Raynor

Open Puppy
1 Baldwin Rawhide PM – Baldwin/Baldwin
1 Hardrayn Ray Ray PM – Doyle/Raynor
2 Decoy’s Lake Jake PM – Wade/Wade
2 Hardrayn Blaze PM – Hardison/Raynor
3 McKinney Little Buster PM – McKinney/Raynor
4 Hardrayn Hot Rod PM – Hardison/Raynor

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hall Of Fame OSD

63 entries Judges Rich Barber Paul Deloach

1st Merrihill Carolina Handler Shawn Kinkelaar

2nd The Insider Handler Shawn Kinkelaar

3rd Calico's Catch N Release Handler George Tracy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

West TN Derby

West TN Derby

1st House's Yellow Jacket; Keith Wright
2nd Game Master; Randy Downs
3rd House's White Wine; Austin Mann

National Bird Dog Championsip

Winner and New National Champion

Connor's E Z Button
handled by Steve Hurdle
owned by David O'Connor
scouted by Nick Thompson

Thanks to Vera Courtney for the photo.

Monday, February 20, 2012

National Shooting Dog Invitational

Champion Coveyrise Offlee Amazing PM Kinkelaar handler owned by Dr.'s Morgan and Gary Hertz

This is the fifth time Shawn has won this Championship with four different dogs.  Also this is only the second time a dog has won the National Open Shooting Dog Championship and the Invitational in a career.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jack Carter Classic

The Jack Carter Classic will be held in KY this spring.  Click the link for more info. 

West Tennessee All Age

Thanks to Vera Courtney for the picture
West Tennessee All Age
Dancyville Grounds
Judges: Leland Fischer & Joe Hughes
36 dogs
1st Touch’s Adam County:  O/Keith Wright, H/Ike Todd (qualifying him for the Nat Ch next yr)
2nd Whippoorwill Wild Speck: O/Earl Connolly, H/Larry Huffman
3rd Erin’s Dog Soldier: O/Dr. William Bruchey, H/Luke Eisenhart

Monday, February 13, 2012

NBHA National Amateur Championship

National Amateur Champion Du'More Back In Black. L.G. Barnard.
Runner Up Jayhawk. Tony King.

National Open Shooting Dog Championship

Sugarknoll’s Snow Warning
George Tracy - Handler
Owner - Pete Del Collo

NBHA Northeast Regional Championship

The 12 O'clock FTC would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming NBHA Northeast Regional Championship. . The attached ad is scheduled to be in the March 3rd issue of the American Field.

Trial dates are April 3rd - conclusion. We understand this is an early announcement, but we want to get this on your radar screen. We also realize this is the week of Easter so (depending on entries) we will do our best to get you home for the weekend!

I am the chairman so feel free to email or call your entries (as well as any questions) to me. Please include the dog's registered name, owner name, handler name and your phone number.

We look forward to this trial and with the help of our sponsors - , , and feel it will be a great success!

Even if you do not have a dog to run, stop on out and enjoy the trial, ask some questions and see what it is all about.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Blair
Vice President
(262) 939 2775

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


FEB . 10-12, 2012
Whetstone Creek CA, Mo.

1. Greypointe Gladiador P M Meyer
1. White Powder Boy P M Foreman

2. Mississippi Dan P M Martin
2. Hortin’s Sir Arthur Eaton P M Hortin/Barnard

3. Hobb’s Silver Belle P F Foreman
3. Easy Attitude Buddy P M Mandernach

4. Gailen’s Lotto Kip P M Shields
4. Brittania P M Gebhardt

5. Island Grove Threat P M Black
5. Penrosa Stoneyox S M Penn

6. Treeline Sandra P F McClellan
6. Ace of Sinbad P M Duncan

7. Bittercreek Top Grade P M Schoenborn
7. Southern Comfort Jack p M Foreman

8. Crow Creek Redbud P F Black
8. Jayhawk P M King

9. Lady Victoria P F Foreman
9. Penrosa Knox S M Penn

10. Sir Lancelot Honest Abe P M Pethan
10. Whippoorwill Wild Kate P F Hainline

11. Du’More Back In Black P F Barnard
11. Greypointe Hasta Lavista P M Meyer

12. Carolina Rose P F Foreman
12. BYE


1. Jack P M Draffen
1. Bob S M Wright

2. Spike P M Wirth
2. Susan S F Carpenter

3. Jake P M Neer
3. Sunny S F Wright


1. Jill S F Carpenter
1. George S M Zimmer

2. Daisy S F Carpenter
2. Mason P M Alton

3. Amy S F Carpenter
3. Belle P F Alton

Thursday, February 2, 2012

National Derby Championship

Champion Miller’s Dialing In; O/H Gary Lester
RU Champion Touch’s Pond Dam; O/Keith Wright, H/IkeTodd