Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Winners of the Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards

2012 Winners of the Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards:
  Top Open Shooting Dog--Our Big Bully handled by Mike Tracy & owned by  Ernie & Karen  Saniga
  Top Amateur Shooting Dog--Neely's Hot Pepper owned & handled by John Neely
  Top Open Shooting Dog Handler--Mike Tracy
Mike placed Our Big Bully in the Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship (last trial of the Purina Point Season) to ease ahead of Perkin's Happy  To Be Here (handled by
Perkins & owned by Mattingly)
Ray Jeffers

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Big Sky Field Trial Club Spring Classic Results

1st MT Poncho Hwyman/K. Inness
2nd Willow Creek Aunt Peg/J. Todd
3rd Cindy/S. Kelly

1st Jango Fett/PM/A. Turley
2nd Manteos’s Levi/PF/P.Falkowsky
3rd withheld

1st Touch’s Match Point/A. Turley
2nd Montana’s Ponchos Replay/K. Inness
3rd Mazie/Isiaih Todd

1st Ben/John M 2b
2nd In Style/C. Kennedy
3rd Sammy/B. McCardle

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championship

Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championship, Ionia Michigan
Starts Tuesday, April 17th
Judges: Ray Wheeler Shelby, OH and Ted Goodyear Centerburg, OH

1a Silver Editon EP - M Grubb, David Paul Tutro
1b Four river's Crusader EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn S. Smith / S. Schrum
2a Huron Creek Mister Twister EP - M Branham, Bill Bill & Julie Branham
2b Island Grove Revenge EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Ron Prewitt
3a Our Big Bully EP - M Tracy, Mike Saniga
3b Doc A's Sixgun EP - F Taylor, Eddy Dr. Bob Anderson
4a Erin's Box Car Willie EP - M Tracy, Mike Strousbaugh / Gatuso
4b Ridge Creek Cody ES - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Larry Brutter
5a Scottish Glory EP - M Grubb, David Esterline
5b Master Addition EP - F Hart, Ed Dr. Bob Canada
6a RJ's Carbon Copy EP - M Tracy, Mike Linder
6b Hot Topic EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Bill Sand
7a Buffalo Bull EP - M Tracy, Mike Saniga
7b Coveyrise Duce EP - M Taylor, Eddy Mike Beech
8a Dimegliago's Bobby EP - M Basilone, Matt Luigi Dimegliago
8b Offlee Amazin EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Gary Hertz / Dr. Morgan
9a Geisha EP - F (IS) Grubb, David Bruce Young
9b Class Act Liz EP - F Ridley, Ted Waters
10a Klee's Shooting Star EP - F Tracy, Mike Clark
10b Miller's Atomic Rain EP - F (IS) Kinkelaar, Shawn Dr. Wade Rosenberg
11a Fazen's Stress Free ES - M Basilone, Matt George Fazen
11b Independence Day Sam ES - M Hart, Ed James Breece
12a Tall River EP - M Hester, Mike Don Frigo
12b A Tar Hill Sunhawk EP - M Turner, JC Roger McGuire
13a Klee's Handsome Hank EP - M Tracy, Mike Durksen
13b Windfall Silver Rain EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. Dan Glaw
14a Aspen Fibrillation EP - F Hart, Ed Ross Vander Boss
14b Merrihill's Dakota EP - F (IS) Kinkelaar, Shawn Jack Harang
15a Calico's Catch n Release EP - M Tracy, Mike Plamer / Calico
15b A Tar Hill Soilder EP - M Turner, JC Roger McGuire
16a Avalon Creek EP - F Tracy, Mike Ruth
16b Covey Rise Rascal EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Dr.Rosenberg / Dr. Morgan
17a Gazzola's Big Bo EP - M Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzola
17b Pine Ridge Sturemon EP - M Ridley, Ted Miller
18a Fazen's Delight ES - F Basilone, Matt George Fazen
18b The Insider ES - M Kinkelaar, Shawn John Fort
19a Prime Suspect EP - M Hester, Mike Lonnie Miller
19b Lick Skillet No Gentleman EP - M Hart, Ed Bob Williamson
20a Great River Ice EP - M Tracy, Mike Sanchez
20b Nemaha Freeway EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn John Roswech
21a Tall River Chico EP - M Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzola
21b A Tar Hill Hytest Sue ES - F Turner, JC Roger McGuire
22a Great River Class EP - F Tracy, Mike Sanchez
22b Merrihill's Carolina EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Ron Prewitt
23a Four River's Megabucks ES - M Basilone, Matt G. Trabeous / D.Beachum
23b Springpond Autumn Grace ES - F Hart, Ed Leeann Parnell
24a Erin's War Creek EP - M Tracy, Mike Linder
24b Merrihill's Bravo EP - M Taylor, Eddy Robert Thomas
25a Double Trouble Joe EP - M Basilone, Matt J. Dempsey / T. Terilizzi
25b Touch's Hard Times EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn John Roswech
26a High Drive Rocky EP - M Tracy, Mike Linder
26b Blackhawk Tex EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Dr. Bill Malolley
27a Gazzola's Little Peppe EP - F (IS) Hester, Mike Adriano Gazzola
27b Hart's Belle EP - F Hart, Ed Bill Darr
28a Octavio ES - M Tracy, Mike McConell
28b Dogwood Meg EP - F Kinkelaar, Shawn Miles Watkins / Clay Nalley
29a Leet's Southern Belle EP - F Leet, Bob Bob Leet
29b Spectacular Attraction EP - M Taylor, Eddy Johnny / Rita Ornsby
30a TS Steel Force EP - M Basilone, Matt Joe Cincotta
30b Windfall Serious Jack EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. Gene Spiotta
31a Big n Rich EP - M Tracy, Mike Hamilton
31b Phillip's White Lightning EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Dr. Bill Malolley
32a Kung Fu EP - M Leet, Bob Bob Leet
32b A Tar Hill Obsession EP - M Turner, JC Roger McGuire
33a Grouse Wood's Skeeter ES - M Basilone, Matt Larry Craig
33b Easy Terms EP - M Taylor, Eddy Luby & Mathieson
34a Herritage EP - M Tracy, Mike Sanchez / Hance
34b Winterset Arriba EP - F Hart, Ed Lori Winters

Derby: Starts Monday April 16th

1a Huron Creek Union Jack EP - M Branham, Bill Bill & Julie Branham
1b Jaxson EP - M Kinkelaar, Shawn George Hickox
2a Glenmere's Gentleman Jake EP - M Haggis, Jeff Jeff Haggis
2b Blue Mountain Albert EP - M Taylor, Eddy Dr. Gene Spiotta
3a Scottland the Brave EP - M Grubb, David Kline
3b Sarge EP - M Taylor, Eddy Brent Hall
4a Glenmere's Sentinel EP - M Haggis, Jeff Jeff Haggis
4b Pepsi Polo EP - M Klenner, Bill Bill Klenner
5a Pepsi Dandy EP - M Klenner, Bill Bill Klenner
5b Dancing Bell ES - M Kinkelaar, Shawn Christen & Connor Moisson
6a Hammerin Hank EP - M Merrimen, Kent Merrimen

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Region 2 AA CH

Starts Saturday- 4-14-2012 

1.Microcity Sue- ESF- Brown
1.Bittersweet Alibi- Gilotta

2.Mohawk Mill Jacob- ESM Winall
2.Mac's Lilly White-EPF McClurg

3.Shadows Miss America-EPF Kukar
3.Mohawk Mill Blaze-EPM Winall

4.Buckeye Express-EPM Wheeler
4.Survivors Little Bill- EPM Kukar

5.More Than Words-EPM Wilcox
5.Arcanum's High Maintenance- EPF Morgan

6.B & E Comanche Moon- EPF Brown
6.Mac's Silver Dollar-EPM McClurg

7.Mohawk Mill Pirate-EPM Winall
7.Reba's Second Choice-EPM Brown

8.Ben Adams- EPM Kukar
8.Smalls Prime Line-EPM Small

9.Molina's Miss Matrix-ESF Brown
9.Arcanum's Sir Winston-EPM Morgan

10.Lilac- ESF Brigman
10.Small's CD-EPM Small

11.Wideopen-EPM Wilcox
11.Creekside Will-EPM Wohlgamuth

12.Miss Lightfoot -EPF Wheeler
12.R J's Long Shot-EPM Brigman

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Open Derby Egyptian OSD CH

Winner - Skydancer Dancing Bell SM     Kinkelaar/ Jerry Moisson

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 NBHA North Central Championship

Champion Sand Mountain Spirit

Owner Mike Otinger

Handler Oscar Whitt

Runner Up Vitali Grouseringer Sam I Am

Owner Gary Vitali

Handler Gary Vitali

Derby Winners

1st Stogie owner&handler Gary Vitali

2nd Pinnacles Elhew Dream
owner Bill Garner handler Oscar Whitt

3rd Prickley Ash Little Man
Owner Taylor Purvis handler Sam Purvis

Saturday, April 7, 2012

2012 NBHA Northeast Championship

2012 NBHA Northeast Championship
Champion: Dale Creek Rail (right) - Tom Waite
Runner-up CH: Romeo's Attitude (left - Tom Waite

The Derby
1st: "Reed" - V - Donze
2nd: "Jack" - P - Bazen
3rd: Abby" - P - DuVall

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egyptian OSD Championship

Win of the 2012 Egyptian Open Shooting Dog CH makes Championship win NUMBER 100 for Kinkelaar!

CHAMPION - Merrihills Dakota - Kinkelaar
RU - Blazes Bad River Flo - Wagoner

CH Merrihills Dakota

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Winners

Champion: TerHaar's Elvis

Runner-Up Upper Cove Desert Devil 

CH TerHaar's Elvis

Monday, April 2, 2012

NBHA National Open Invitational Championship

NBHA National Open Invitational Championship
Champion Texas Honey Bee, Garry Malzone
R-U Browntown Wynot Hank, Jerry Raynor

Jerry Kilgore Puppy Classic
1st Hardrayn Hotrod, PM, Doyle Hardison owner, and Jerry Raynor handler
2nd Casey's Carolina Blue, PM, Casper Johnson owner, and Larry Wade handler
3rd Indian Creek Savannah, PF, Jillian Steuhr owner, and Garry Malzone handler
4th Decoy Lakes Smoke, PM, Larry Wade owner and handler

The 26th NBHA Futurity
1st Bob's Elhew Jill, PM, Bobby Phillips owner and handler
2nd A Carolina Shadow, PM, Jerry Roswech owner and Garry Malzone handler
3rd Merritt's Spud, SM, Terry Merritt owner and Garry Malzone handler
4th Royal Return, PF, Ed Cooley owner and handler

Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Draw

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Invitational Draw

Draw for the Invitational

1A Wild Apple Jack

1B Groused River Ace

2A Needlepoint Tiger Lilly

2B High Desert Dream

3A Tehaar’s Elvis

3B Autumn Moon

4A Quail Trap Sadie

4B River’s Edge Sadie

5A Wintergreen Max

5B Bloom’s Ole Dollar

6A Tehaar’s Rogue

6B Moss Meadow Traveler

7A Upper Cove Desert Devil

7B Upper Cove Billie Babe

Day Two

1A Upper Cove Desert Devil

1B Wintergreen Max

2A Upper Cove Billie Babe

2B Tehaar’s Rogue

3A Bloom’s Ole Dollar

3B Moss Meadow Traveler

4A River’s Edge Sadie

4B High Desert Dream

5A Quail Trap Sadie

5B Needlepoint Tiger Lily

6A Wild Apple Jack

6B Autumn Moon

7A Tehaar’s Elvis

7B Grouse River Ace

NBHA Northeast CH Draw

We are starting at NOON tomorrow (Tuesday 4/3). We will run 3 braces tomorrow, 7 braces Wed., and 6 braces on Thursday. We ask that the first two braces of derbies "be ready" in the event the judges want to start them Thursday afternoon. Derbies will complete on Friday.

Handler Dinner: Please let me or one of the club members know if you can join us Wed. night, at the grounds clubhouse, for the dinner - tenderloin steaks are planned.

NBHA Northeast Shooting Dog CH
1.1 Stoney Runs Amy P F Black/McAfee
1.2 Skydancer's Swift Current S M Lutynski
2.1 Rebellious Rotten Ralph S M Luebke
2.2 Pee's Tater P M Waite
3.1 Erin's California Girl P F Daniels
3.2 Tims Setter Rosie S F Waite
4.1 Redbud's Raging River P M Black/McAfee
4.2 unning Woods Cree S F Waite
5.1 Dale Creek Rail P M Waite
5.2 Madtowns Setemup Joe P M Daniels
6.1 Crow Creek Redbud P F Black/McAfee
6.2 Dale Creek Chelsea P F DuVall
7.1 Dale Creek Cowboy Up S M Waite
7.2 Nehawka Bodacious P M Daniels
8.1 Jans Ultimate Cash S M Waite
8.2 King P M Mader
9.1 Hidden Hollow Sammy S M Waite
9.2 All That Jazz Jasmine P F DuVall
10.1 Dale Creek Rollin Rock P M Waite
10.2 Cameos Dixie Chick P F Daniels
11.1 Royal Rock Mr Thumper P M Daniels
11.2 Dale Creek Pebbles P F Waite
12.1 Dale Creek Phatt Boy S M Waite
12.2 Browns Brute Justice P M Daniels
13.1 Four Rivers Playgirl P F Alfaro
13.2 Shadow's Attitude P M Thao
14.1 Blair's Bella Dancer P F Waite
14.2 Dale Creek Jack S M Donovan
15.1 Romeo's Attitude P M Waite
15.2 Daniels Creek White Hawk P M Daniels
16.1 Dale Creek Addit Up P F Waite
16.2 Madtowns Bad Boy P M Daniels

1.1 Mickey S M Waite
1.2 Mac P M Mader
2.1 Carmen P F Waite
2.2 Sunnie P F Daniels
3.1 Red S M Waite
3.2 JD's Hawk's Phoenix B F Doperalski, Sr.
4.1 Jack P M Waite
4.2 Reed V M Donze
5.1 JD's Hawk's Eagle B F Doperalski, Sr.
5.2 Harry P M Daniels
6.1 Fella P M Waite
6.2 Abby P F DuVall