Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grand National Grouse Championship

Grand National Grouse Championship

November 6, 2012-Allegheny National Forest, Marienville, Pa.

Judges: George Tracy, Glenville, Pa., Russ Richardson, Guy’s Mills, Pa. Reporters Dave Fletcher and Russ Richardson
Stake Managers Dick Brenneman and Joe Cammisa

Intention is to run 8 hours per day with a starting time as daylight warrants. Courses Loleta 1,2,3,4 every morning regardless of previous day finish. Afternoon Lamonaville, 1,2,3,4,

Brace Name B/S Owner Handler

1. Dew Sweeper PM Straub Straub/Hughes
1. Moss Meadow Traveler ESM Moss Chaffee

2. Terhaar’s Rogue ESF Terhaar Terhaar/Hughes
2. Chip’s Charlie Brown ESM Chiappini/Reeves Forman

3. Chase Hill Little Bud PM Stolgitis Stolgitis
3. Fieldstone Farm Clyde ESM Miller Ecker

4. Rocky Point Lilly ESFIS Swager Hughes
4. Bog Brook Daisy ESFIS Richardson Holliday

5. Lucky Luke Star ESM Najor Ecker
5. Sutter’s Real McCoy ESM Sutter Sutter/Hughes

6. Mains Sunshine Hunter PM Mains Mains
6. Lillyhills Secret Stash ESM Lilly Forman

7. Upper Cove Desert Devil ESM Grassi Forman
7. Sutter’s High Jynx ESF Sutter Sutter/Hughes

8. Iron Lady ESF Bonetti Stolgitis
8. Celtic’s Signature ESFIS Ober Ecker

9. Chips One in a Hundred ESM Chiappini Forman
9. Quail Trap Max ESM Hawk Chaffee

10. Grouse Hills Dixie ESFIS Cappocci Forman
10. Grouse Ridge Sarge ESFIS Johnson Hughes

11. Chase Hill Ben Franklin PM Flewelling Stolgitis
11 My Cousin Vinni PM Cammisa Hughes

12. Rivers Edge Sadie ESFIS Cooke Forman
12. Spitfire ESF Spotts Spotts

13. Mains One Dot PFIS Mains Mains
13. Suemac’s Coventry PF McPherson Hughes

14. Star’s Southern Idol ESM Humphrey Forman
14. Impact Player ESM Brenneman Hughes

15. Chip’s Uncle Buzzy ESM Chiappini Forman
15. Pinehill Silent Echo PF Naus Chaffee

16. Wintergreen Max ESM Fancher Fancher
16. Terhaar’s Elvis ESM Terhaar Terhaar/Hughes

17. Sutter’s Grousewing Rowdie ESF Sutter Sutter/Hughes
17. High Desert Dream PFIS Piperas Forman

18. Kendal Grove Sally ESF Perschke Perschke
18. Pleasant Valley Katie PF Steitler Steitler

19, Hunter’s Clearwater ESF Bressler Bressler
19. Straight Forward ESF Brenneman Hughes

20. Freeze Way ESM Hughes Hughes
20. Bloom’s Ole Dollar ESF Bloom Bressler

21. Gousewoods Reese ESM Brobst Ecker
21. LB Horchen ESM Perschke/Tufts Forman

22. Grouse Hills Bell PF Cappocci Forman
22. Thunderhills Ghost Rider PM Tsepelias Hughes

23. Quail Trap Sadie ESF Hawk Chaffee
23. Long Gone Buckwheat ESM Murray Hughes

24. Richfield Almond Joy PF Guliano/Stolgitis Stolgitis
24. Magic Mist Riley ESF Dahl Dahl

25. Ghost Train Liz ESFIS Ghost Train Kennel Fruchey
25. Upper Cove Billy Babe ESF Grassi Forman

26. Montero’s Rock ESM Henke McCarl
26. Thunderhill’s Zeus PM Tsepelias Hughes

27. Shady Hills Bean ESF SHKennel Forman
27. Jaike ESM Staker Hughes

28. Fernwood Cove’s Bella ESF Gill Dahl
28. Windstar ESM Najor Ecker

29. Grouse Ridge Luckee ESM GR Ken/Roswich Hughes
29. Bull Creek PM Linn Linn

30. Elhew Signature PM Craig Ecker
30. Kendal Hills Dymond Dawg ESM Tufts/Perschke Hughes

31. Autumn Moon PM Harang Chaffee
31. Magic Mist Bandit ESF Dahl Dahl

32. Cas Tiny PF Castagna Ecker
32. Fire Away ESM Hughes Hughes

33. Grouse River Ace PM Wood Forman
33. Grouse Ridge Force ESM GR Kennels Hughes

34. Jumpstart ESF Spotts Spotts
34. Grouse Trails Pride PFIS McKellopIII McKellopIII

35. Meredith’s El Deguello ESM Keysor Chaffee
35. Ridgefield Silver Lining PM McNamee Stolgitis

Saturday, November 3, 2012



Fornear's Outland Ranch, Galatia, Illinois
Oct 27 to conclusion
Judges: Chad Holman, Whittington, Il and Wade Griffin, Holly Springs, MS

Harvey McCowen Memorial Open All Age
1st Outland's Super Sam/Ray Warren
2nd House's Yellow Jacket/Keith Wright
3rd Small's Prime Time/Mike Small

Open Derby
1st Rester's Cajun Special/Cecil Rester
2nd Touch's Break Point/Ike Todd
3rd House's Hawk/Ike Todd

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Southwest Missouri OSD CH

Grovespring, MO

61 starters

Champion Touch's Hard Times Owner John Rosswech Handler Shawn Kinkelaar
Runner Up Coveyrise Offlee Amazin Owners Dr's Morgan and Gary Hertz Handler Shawn Kinkelaar

CH Touch's Hard Times

RU Coveyrise Offlee Amazin